age author revision description
2009-08-14 Keir Fraser 20096:c8beb04afbf0 hvm: handle access to MSR_AMD64_NB_CFG
2009-08-14 Keir Fraser 20095:f4601471c59b x86: Remove EF_* duplicate defs for X86_EFLAGS_*.
2009-08-14 Keir Fraser 20094:042e2103c3a2 x86: Do not clear EF.TF in crash-debug mode.
2009-08-13 Keir Fraser 20093:da620c454916 gdbstub: Fix the build and make a few cleanups.
2009-08-12 Keir Fraser 20092:8a9f81672c76 gdbstub: Small fixes.
2009-08-12 Keir Fraser 20091:ebb07c5934c8 x86 numa: fix nodes' memory parsing when SRAT table includes future-hotplug memory range
2009-08-12 Keir Fraser 20090:b3893b54d885 x86 svm: Fix PAT MSR handling when using Nested Paging.
2009-08-12 Keir Fraser 20089:481f730c9446 x86 svm: Fix the build: vlapic_get_reg() takes two arguments.
2009-08-12 Keir Fraser 20088:43f708d7a64e tmem: one-liner correcting stat parsing ordering
2009-08-12 Keir Fraser 20087:f1dbddb69cc6 x86 svm: Fix checked builds of Windows running on AMD SVM
2009-08-11 Keir Fraser 20086:e35a1c004fc2 xentrace: fix "%016x" format
2009-08-11 Keir Fraser 20085:01fe7054b335 libxc: Include private Xen headers in stubdom libxc build
2009-08-10 Keir Fraser 20084:07fe52b0b2e0 Update QEMU_TAG to a83d119cfcc20bc7edb427992d6e31b3e99430be
2009-08-10 Keir Fraser 20083:db1890f07661 Revert alloc_idle_vcpu() to support multiple idle domains where max
2009-08-10 Keir Fraser 20082:6d37f9be5fdf x86: make mce debug output more verbose
2009-08-10 Keir Fraser 20081:c3877fd103ef x86: Remove cpumask.h inclusion from mm.h
2009-08-10 Keir Fraser 20080:74050fa8981a pygrub: Remove bogus log.debug line.
2009-08-10 Keir Fraser 20079:03063e309356 tmem: expose freeable memory
2009-08-07 Keir Fraser 20078:57033bc8cd30 tools: Fix iptables failure test in
2009-08-07 Keir Fraser 20077:5998795faa6e x86: replace PAT initialisation magic value with a #define
2009-08-07 Keir Fraser 20076:1197585e32b7 x86: Increase default max CPUs to 64.
2009-08-07 Keir Fraser 20075:3e8576d2b5d4 x86 p2m: use common p2m ops in common p2m code path
2009-08-07 Keir Fraser 20074:f3aaaf764bb8 xend: Rename device backend value when xm save/migrate
2009-08-07 Keir Fraser 20073:3fe64f43944f x86_emulate: Fixes for 'mov rm16,sreg'
2009-08-07 Keir Fraser 20072:71d6d6f2ecd6 x86_emulate: protmode_load_seg() cannot load system segments in long mode.
2009-08-06 Keir Fraser 20071:b9cdcf502aa3 hvmloader: Regression tests need 16MB to run. Check for this.
2009-08-06 Keir Fraser 20070:c8cbe3033352 ept: code clean up and formatting.
2009-08-06 Keir Fraser 20069:34bdb5a29963 x86_emulate: Remove cmpxchg retry loop from protmode_load_seg().
2009-08-06 Keir Fraser 20068:fb4b7032a9bc tmem: Remove bogus variable decl, fixing build.
2009-08-06 Keir Fraser 20067:c98fd816db85 tmem: save/restore/migrate/livemigrate and shared pool authentication
2009-08-06 Keir Fraser 20066:f57cc4a7c853 ept mtrr: replace unsigned long with mfn_t for mfns.
2009-08-06 Keir Fraser 20065:40394af11554 ept p2m: replace unsigned long with mfn_t for mfns.
2009-08-06 Keir Fraser 20064:1e436b3752b4 ept p2m: set rwx flags to 0 for invalid and mmio_dm types.
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20063:4523048f6fab Revert 20006:edf21ab7d7a4 and 20023:2b28320c6f8c.
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20062:88e69c887df8 Revert to pulling QEMU GIT repo via HTTP.
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20061:2b28320c6f8c xend: Remove _setSchedParams
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20060:194c2be92084 x86 vmx: Accelerate VLAPIC EOI writes
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20059:cd46b418d171 x86: CPU synchronization while doing MTRR register update
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20058:f1b10de90679 x86: Enable GNTTABOP_copy hypercall for HVMs
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20057:70ead50fabfd xm-test restore: use ext3 (instead of ext2) and xvda (instead of hda)
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20056:5358847f9b3f xm-test: Disable DEBUG_STACK_USAGE which breaks test cases
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20055:1c3317e2a8eb xm-test: fix network13 test (protocol and extensions)
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20054:e6a18d33879d xm-test: Adapt memory setting to up-to-date kernel memory consumption
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20053:1136d7b74c26 xm-test: 10_block_attach_detach_multiple_devices fixed
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20052:8f2ee72433cc xm-test block-create: use ext3 as filesystem
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20051:e41d42ef4cd2 xend: fix memory leak resulting in long garbage collector runs
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20050:3242351f9c67 xend: pass-through: Extend multi-function mapping
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 20049:30de3f3dbd4b xend: passthrough: add checking when a device is hotplugged into pv guest.
2009-08-02 Keir Fraser 20048:68e8b8379244 Add a single trigger for all diagnostic keyhandlers
2009-08-02 Keir Fraser 20047:a23057f52f14 Make ACPI Cx keyhandler always print something
2009-08-02 Keir Fraser 20046:091209f1b95c xend: pci: Use PCIe FLR for VF of Intel 82599 10GbE Controller
2009-08-02 Keir Fraser 20045:9a5e12b150b5 xend: passthrough: loosen the pci co-assignment for pv guest
2009-08-02 Keir Fraser 20044:edf21ab7d7a4 xend: save/restore cpu_weight and cpu_cap
2009-08-02 Keir Fraser 20043:3bf7ab30e537 Compile the kernel by default with bridge support
2009-08-02 Keir Fraser 20042:fea4b1567fcf xm-test: ramdisk fs type is changed to ext3 if needed
2009-08-02 Keir Fraser 20041:c5d518a7c1a9 tools/tests/regression/: Fix some paths and scripts.
2009-07-30 Keir Fraser 20040:e6c966b3a4d8 i386: fix full-value calculation of wrmsr handling for pv guests
2009-07-29 Keir Fraser 20039:41b2c4e4f674 xm-test: Fix memset 01 and 02 tests: add support for sysfs memory interface
2009-07-29 Keir Fraser 20038:035857a72413 xend: pci: fix a typo in do_Dstate_transition
2009-07-29 Keir Fraser 20037:92eec6f672fe xend: pass-through Use pci_dict_to_bdf_str() in hvm_pci_device_create()