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2011-01-14 Keir Fraser 22804:d276f4528b32 x86: On CPU online/offline from dom0, try flushing RCU work on EBUSY.
2011-01-14 Keir Fraser 22803:0e693052c791 x86 acpi: Fix crash in enable_nonboot_cpus() on wakeup from S3/S4
2011-01-14 Keir Fraser 22802:bb0d0141ebf7 rcupdate: Implement rcu_barrier() to synchronously flush RCU work.
2011-01-14 Keir Fraser 22801:2d4fe1a048cd stop_machine: Allow specified function to run on all CPUs.
2011-01-14 Keir Fraser 22800:6c9bcfb0fb84 x86 sysctl: Remove unused CPU hotplug status stuff.
2011-01-14 Keir Fraser 22799:c3b5924919e3 tools/misc/xen-hptool: Silently retry on CPU hotplug EBUSY failure.
2011-01-14 Keir Fraser 22798:ff97273750b8 cpu hotplug: Core functions are quiet on failure.
2011-01-14 Keir Fraser 22797:58304c1cc725 x86 fpu: Code clean up. Eliminate per-cpu xsave init verbosity.
2011-01-14 Keir Fraser 22796:4b7cb21caf0e x86: Avoid calling xsave_alloc_save_area before xsave_init
2011-01-14 Allen Kay 22795:93e7bf0e1845 vt-d: quirks for Sandybridge errata workaround, WLAN, VT-d fault escalation
2011-01-14 Keir Fraser 22794:47713825a3f9 vt-d: Fix crash issue when not sharing EPT and VT-d tables.
2011-01-14 Keir Fraser 22793:7bc5e072d986 pv-drivers: use PCI interfaces to request IO and MEM resources on platform device
2011-01-13 Keir Fraser 22792:f1a5ac39c15e Update Xen version to 4.1.0-rc2-pre
2011-01-13 Tim Deegan 22791:32b7a4f2d399 x86/mm: make page-sharing use the proper typecount functions
2011-01-13 Tim Deegan 22790:b01ef59c8c80 x86/mm: fix EPT PoD locking to match the normal p2m case.
2011-01-13 Keir Fraser 22789:54e91dcae649 Added signature for changeset 2a60be40e2cb
2011-01-13 Keir Fraser 22788:e8987ea2c611 Added tag 4.1.0-rc1 for changeset 2a60be40e2cb
2011-01-13 Keir Fraser 22787:2a60be40e2cb Update Xen version to 4.1.0-rc14.1.0-rc1
2011-01-13 Ian Jackson 22786:ce208811f540 xl: correct test for domid on error exit from domain_create
2011-01-13 Ian Jackson 22785:d839631b6048 xl: save domain config (userdata) under correct domid/uuid
2011-01-12 Ian Jackson 22784:20b0f709153e libxl: config parser: Rebuild config file parser scanner (rerun flex)
2011-01-12 Keir Fraser 22783:c3e478eafabc Revert 22706:ca10302ac285 "xenpaging: update machine_to_phys_mapping[] during page deallocation"
2011-01-11 Ian Jackson 22782:548c29920f68 Merge
2011-01-11 Ian Jackson 22781:cb94dbe20f97 libxl: config parser: print warning for apparent arbitrary python
2011-01-11 Ian Jackson 22780:1434b8515233 libxl: config parser: rerun flex (Debian lenny 2.5.35)
2011-01-11 Ian Jackson 22779:0b04aea87667 libxl: config parser: make CfgParseContext initialisation common
2011-01-11 Ian Jackson 22778:b80c530dac8c libxl: config parser: do not segfault in some error paths
2011-01-11 Gianni Tedesco 22777:ea6f92a479da tools/python/pyxl: Updates to builtin-type marshalling functions
2011-01-11 Gianni Tedesco 22776:aa3d665e3bb7 tools/python/pyxl: Export PCI passthrough related libxl functions
2011-01-11 Gianni Tedesco 22775:659ffaf66e88 tools/python/pyxl: Allow subclassing of auto-generated python types
2011-01-11 Gianni Tedesco 22774:f80eeb755b15 tools/python/pyxl: Export relevant integer constants from python wrapper
2011-01-11 Gianni Tedesco 22773:99da390ace2e tools/python/pyxl: Un-muddle libxl_domain_(pause|unpause) wrappers
2011-01-11 Gianni Tedesco 22772:00ed5639701a tools/python/pyxl: Fix reference counting of Py_(None|True|False)
2011-01-11 Ian Jackson 22771:b0c06d6e176d QEMU_TAG update
2011-01-11 Michal Novotny 22770:4970452f21b6 tools/xend: check for device model if path is not specified
2011-01-11 Christoph Egger 22769:0bb8685eab9b libxl: fix missing include of <signal.h>
2011-01-11 Gianni Tedesco 22768:77e8775fccef libxl: move domain struct init functions from xl to libxl
2011-01-11 Gianni Tedesco 22767:ca75ceb02221 libxl: Introduce libxl_domain_create_new() and libxl_domain_create_restore()
2011-01-11 Ian Campbell 22766:5b8034ce8b8c libxl: refactor code which adds per-PCI device backend nodes in xenstore
2011-01-11 Ian Campbell 22765:fd6239cbac00 libxl: log which PCI device could not be reset.
2011-01-11 Ian Campbell 22764:ee3a97548604 libxl: do not leak front flexarray on error in libxl_create_pci_backend
2011-01-11 Ian Campbell 22763:76ad4bb4c583 libxl: write PCI frontend xenstore nodes to the frontend directory.
2011-01-11 Tim Deegan 22762:3c78729b6f06 tools: remove fs-front/fs-back
2011-01-11 Ian Jackson 22761:ae3567ccf524 tools/xenpaging: fix return value from xc_mem_paging_flush_ioemu_cache
2011-01-11 John Weekes 22760:6852e3e7ef58 stubdom: Fix stubdom-dm using "grep" improperly
2011-01-11 Gianni Tedesco 22759:7674b78a6c0d stubdom/minios: don't retrieve the address of void variable
2011-01-11 Samuel Thibault 22758:81899ff36e21 stubdom/minios: use correct sized types for software floating point
2011-01-11 Daniel De Graaf 22757:4f6fee3a456e libxl: Add gfx_passthru parameter
2011-01-11 Keir Fraser 22756:9ee86e8cfd78 xentrace: build fix "array subscript has type 'char'"
2011-01-11 Keir Fraser 22755:ae51abc964ee tools: Fix flask does not build because linking fails with
2011-01-11 Keir Fraser 22754:7926538a6332 xenctx: misc adjustments
2011-01-11 Keir Fraser 22753:2ff199e2842b x86: restore x2apic pre-enabled check logic
2011-01-11 Keir Fraser 22752:ca10302ac285 xenpaging: update machine_to_phys_mapping[] during page deallocation
2011-01-11 Keir Fraser 22751:c5b42971234a xenpaging: drop paged pages in guest_remove_page
2011-01-11 Keir Fraser 22750:ca590ccc7a0b xenpaging: update machine_to_phys_mapping[] during page-in
2011-01-11 Keir Fraser 22749:611e46390bf6 xenpaging: make three functions static
2011-01-11 Keir Fraser 22748:c89a28b70b62 xenpaging: print page-in/page-out progress
2011-01-11 Keir Fraser 22747:af807bf09d1f xenpaging: mkdir /var/lib/xen/xenpaging during make install
2011-01-11 Keir Fraser 22746:f87b1c194eb8 xenpaging: specify policy mru_size at runtime
2011-01-11 Keir Fraser 22745:f84ae053b7da xenpaging: remove domain_id and mfn from struct xenpaging_victim