age author revision description
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 19940:d768628c28a4 x86, hvm: fix get msix entry error
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 19939:0ab211e699e6 AMD IOMMU: Add suspend and resume support for amd iommu.
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 19938:ff5bc91d0057 AMD IOMMU: Make iommu suspend & resume functions more generic.
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 19937:7d5433600932 AMD IOMMU: Clean up hardware initialization functions to make them
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 19936:100b05eed0d5 32on64: increase size of compat argument translation area to 2 pages.
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 19935:3313efd1c367 x86: PERCPU_SHIFT can be reduced to 12 now compat_arg_xlat_area is not
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 19934:bcee82a0e9d6 Avoid compat_arg_xlat to be a large per-CPU object
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 19933:83b37290ed5d x86 shadow: disable fast np path in OOS.
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 19932:3a5d8601293c x86 shadow: Fix lock-less race between resync and fast path.
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 19931:d33a665b2c05 xend: allow pv_ops kernel driver pci-stub to hide devices for assignment
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 19930:8f6dd1671599 blktap2: fix save/restore/migration
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 19929:07dd575147b0 blktap2: seperate blktap1/blktap2 disk types
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 19928:7605b318619f x86: Process only pending timers in acpi idle handler, not all
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 19927:88627284ec29 libfsimage: Support for zfs version 16.
2009-07-03 Keir Fraser 19926:c23d71600634 Fix c/s 19886: Must free pages after synchronously scrubbing them
2009-07-02 Keir Fraser 19925:d461c4d8af17 tools: Always check for __linux__ not __Linux__
2009-07-02 Keir Fraser 19924:8fecba36bc63 Remove page-scrub lists and async scrubbing.
2009-07-02 Keir Fraser 19923:863ae334467c kexec: switch to a known good/static GDT before kexec
2009-07-02 Keir Fraser 19922:653c2c5f4594 gtraceview: compile fixes for NetBSD.
2009-07-02 Keir Fraser 19921:8d525e5f50dc xend: Remove disused constants
2009-07-02 Keir Fraser 19920:027ea5843623 xend: fix an undefined name error: mac may be referenced before definition.
2009-07-02 Keir Fraser 19919:01275396910a libxc: Fix bugs in xc_exchange_page: pfn_type indexed by gpfn.
2009-07-02 Keir Fraser 19918:7c04fe03b87f xend: Restore uname of blktap for managed domains
2009-07-02 Keir Fraser 19917:fc784f1479a6 x86 hvm: Remove assertion that PIC IRQs are delivered only to VCPU0.
2009-07-02 Keir Fraser 19916:c964dd391c7d buikd: Fix the detection of udev with udevadm version < 128
2009-07-01 Keir Fraser 19915:80839a223746 x86 hvm: Allow delivery of legacy 8259 interrupts to VCPUs != 0.
2009-07-01 Keir Fraser 19914:479f1fa084d6 x86 hvm: Fix #UD interception.
2009-07-01 Keir Fraser 19913:945232b8e226 Remove redundant semicolons
2009-07-01 Keir Fraser 19912:72db35d854f3 blktap2: add blktap2 device class and device controller
2009-06-30 Keir Fraser 19911:238a148b1447 Update QEMU_TAG to b471f03d51cde3976b6d52179ca2a86d8906a587
2009-06-30 Keir Fraser 19910:7471248f83a5 VT-d: Remove the dprintk() in alloc_pgtable_maddr()
2009-06-30 Keir Fraser 19909:7bbbc57163d5 x86 hvm mce: Support HVM Guest virtual MCA handling.
2009-06-30 Keir Fraser 19908:00502df38143 xend: get rid of hardcoded path in xend config file
2009-06-29 Keir Fraser 19907:7397608bce87 x86 svm: Fix svm_update_guest_efer() after c/s 19856.
2009-06-29 Keir Fraser 19906:388578e1626e x86 Cx tracing: adds gtraceview & gtracestat utilities
2009-06-29 Keir Fraser 19905:41317562d332 x86 Cx tracing: export the Cx exit reason (pending interrupt during Cx)
2009-06-29 Keir Fraser 19904:15cf6f0009d3 x86 Cx tracing: export expected/predicted Cx to xentrace
2009-06-29 Keir Fraser 19903:48710482a4e5 x86 tboot: Fix c/s 19577
2009-06-29 Keir Fraser 19902:2a3c2ce9521a Merge with ia64 tree
2009-06-29 Isaku Yamahata 19901:5839491bbf20 [IA64] replace MAX_VCPUS with d->max_vcpus where necessary.
2009-06-29 Isaku Yamahata 19900:772e809e58ce [IA64] plumb tmem hypercall entry point on ia64.
2009-06-29 Isaku Yamahata 19899:5d35b3f7898b [IA64] remove a warning
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19898:53b3857e5705 fs-backend: fix default export and filename checks
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19897:ef67f5916453 tmem: extra stats
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19896:126ab934b38c minios: fix free_fbfront
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19895:65d2fc50fa28 docs: Add network_setup.txt file explaining bridge setup.
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19894:49ae55a9c442 x86 svm: Make 32bit legacy guests boot again
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19893:43523102a8e9 Update QEMU_TAG for d67e46f6860bfbd8991b7691efc1f67b7bc413bc
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19892:22067ba1de0d xend: pass-through: Implement least-mapping of virtual functions
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19891:4926b30ed56d xend: pass-through: rename vslot to vdevfn and vslots to vdevfns
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19890:f5f5905e6e1c xend: pass-through: Parse command line for multi-function hot-plug and unplug
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19889:7bbc4433f2ef xend: pass-through: Add key to pci device dictionary
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19888:d14fac3900a7 xend: pass-through: Add pci_dict_bin_to_str()
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19887:e58e4d2e5ced xend: pass-through: Only tell qemu-xen to unplug function 0
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19886:6966404d2cb8 xend: pass-through: Allow multi-function device specifications to be parsed
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19885:4caca5bd2b17 hvmloader: pass-through: multi-function PCI hot-plug
2009-06-27 Keir Fraser 19884:ce01af317923 xend: pass-through: use devfn instead of slots as the unit for pass-through
2009-06-25 Keir Fraser 19883:02003bee3e80 Update QEMU_TAG for f2e0a24d00b2f0c591719bab088fbe3654955066
2009-06-25 Keir Fraser 19882:aad8bb7f5e10 p2m hap: Fix dirty vram tracking function
2009-06-25 Keir Fraser 19881:d5c97cd22d6f minios: add few missing constants in limits.h