age author revision description
2010-04-14 Keir Fraser 21216:dca0baecc909 credit2: Add a scheduler-specific schedule trace class
2010-04-14 Keir Fraser 21215:0387e6ce1540 credit2: Flexible cpu-to-schedule-spinlock mappings
2010-04-14 Keir Fraser 21214:5cd44772fd21 credit2: Add context_saved scheduler callback
2010-04-14 Keir Fraser 21213:ae08db793feb Port latest grub zfs boot code to pygrub
2010-04-14 Keir Fraser 21212:07befd9cf6d3 Architecture-independent, and tasklet-based, continue_hypercall_on_cpu().
2010-04-14 Keir Fraser 21211:5057604eeefc Per-cpu tasklet lists.
2010-04-13 Keir Fraser 21210:c02cc832cb2d xentrace: Add missing help option
2010-04-13 Keir Fraser 21209:b4fce8f4ec37 xentrace: Add an option not to enable tracing
2010-04-13 Keir Fraser 21208:e2ec5cd8b396 xentrace: Skip to low cpu when throwing away portions of the circular buffer
2010-04-13 Keir Fraser 21207:0bebb5fa4f05 Make c/s 21089 work again with c/s 21092
2010-04-13 Keir Fraser 21206:859a372efa66 sysctl: Fix XEN_SYSCTL_debug_keys error path.
2010-04-13 Keir Fraser 21205:da90dd1a09b9 Clean up numa-info sysctl.
2010-04-13 Keir Fraser 21204:6bcd9677f413 libxl: <sys/signal.h> -> <signal.h>
2010-04-13 Keir Fraser 21203:45f31ff01c12 Update QEMU_TAG to b5160622517fb2d16d0836172a2e34633c9d94bf
2010-04-13 Keir Fraser 21202:f7265414c27f libxl: build fix for netbsd
2010-04-13 Keir Fraser 21201:de7a50eb4854 p2m: merge ptp allocation
2010-04-13 Keir Fraser 21200:2a4970daad74 Topology-info sysctl cleanups.
2010-04-13 Keir Fraser 21199:d2d8805868f1 sysctl: Remove sockets_per_node field from physinfo command.
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21198:9471200daee4 xentrace: fix lost records resume
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21197:94cae4dfa25b xentrace: Bounds checking and error handling
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21196:78488a63bbc2 x86, shadow: Fix read-to-use race condition
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21195:b010b792c0f8 xl: Migration support
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21194:f0c305aaa6a2 xl: Domain creation logging fixes
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21193:4405b50cb183 xl: New savefile format. Save domain config when saving a domain.
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21192:117c79b7066d libxl,xl: Fix two minor bugs in domain destruction
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21191:be6e58cc2475 xl: Remove some duplicated boilerplate. (Improves logging slightly.)
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21190:5d96ac36d97e libxl: Per-domain data storage for the convenience of the library user
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21189:fd0fd3612eb8 libxl: New function libxl_domain_info
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21188:cd05b6aa8c0a xl, libxl: xl list -v shows the uuid too
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21187:e226618aa715 libxl: Expose libxl_report_exitstatus
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21186:d005aa895b5a xenstore,libxl: cleanup of xenstore connections across fork()
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21185:86e82ab8d4de libxl: Expose functions for helping with subprocesses.
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21184:5b8362505256 libxl: Provide libxl_domain_rename
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21183:c031244c190e libxl: libxl_domain_restore: Put fd back to blocking mode
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21182:df34011884a3 libxl: New utility functions in for reading and writing files.
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21181:37e4d8e11554 libxl: Report error if logfile rotation fails
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21180:5993c6b9f4e5 libxl: Make logging functions preserve errno
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21179:7eeb131880b2 Fix bug in 21089:4f796e29987c
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21178:b65a41dc6c6a Better gcc error message if GUEST_PAGING_LEVELS is undefined.
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21177:5d4038d41fd8 cpufreq: fix racing issue for cpu hotplug
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21176:1d3bec665289 xen: 'make clean' really cleans unconfigured subdirs.
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21175:bf74d9c31674 blktap2: a little fix to xen-hotplug-cleanup
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21174:b5f9c6274d91 libxc: Flush I/O before xc_domain_save completion
2010-04-12 Keir Fraser 21173:5bc70100b514 pygrub: fix 64b Solaris PV guest boot on 32b Linux dom0 & 64b Xen
2010-04-09 Keir Fraser 21172:aae7cb2f1841 xm: Fix string index out of range in 'vcpu-pin' command
2010-04-09 Keir Fraser 21171:b44a4f9b9a62 Add support for AMD MPERF/APERF
2010-04-09 Keir Fraser 21170:b432d7d9be92 Add Xen support for AMD Turbo/Boost
2010-04-09 Keir Fraser 21169:6c3db6c83a02 Refactor Xen Support for Intel Turbo Boost
2010-04-08 Keir Fraser 21168:f12db0ad5f45 libxl: Fix the build by reinstating some sysctl.physinfo fields.
2010-04-08 Keir Fraser 21167:c9e8369e49be Fix two issues for CPU online/offline.
2010-04-08 Keir Fraser 21166:a33909be109c tmem: fix ia64 build
2010-04-08 Keir Fraser 21165:5fdfbdd6ca41 xen: allow guests to set caching attributes for MMIOs
2010-04-07 Keir Fraser 21164:28e5409e3fb3 Host Numa information in dom0
2010-04-07 Keir Fraser 21163:f0ef396d8c33 Revert 21110:d791173ca65b and 21111:986d3b1d30fb
2010-04-07 Keir Fraser 21162:3376c90960e8 x86: Fix caller of p2m_init(): cannot use paging_mode_hap() yet.
2010-04-07 Keir Fraser 21161:6c833a9ee3c4 mini-os: Fix xenbus_switch_state's transaction retry
2010-04-07 Keir Fraser 21160:d7ee309d0e01 mini-os: Fix crash on frontend shutdown failures
2010-04-07 Keir Fraser 21159:3895f8e0e633 mini-os: Fix frontend shutdown wait loop
2010-04-07 Keir Fraser 21158:f46055ab176a Fix 32bit PAE compilation error introduced by 1GB patches
2010-04-07 Keir Fraser 21157:986d3b1d30fb Update git clone command