age author revision description
2009-08-26 Keir Fraser 20163:ed672a604cc7 xend: Do not pass pointer to a 16-bit domid_t to PyArg_ParseTuple()
2009-08-26 Keir Fraser 20162:71389988f5d4 xend: Flask MLS security label handling
2009-08-25 Keir Fraser 20161:49bfec374baf stubdom: Backport fix for SIZE_MAX from newlib 1.17.0
2009-08-25 Keir Fraser 20160:8faef78ea759 Accurate accounting for credit scheduler
2009-08-25 Keir Fraser 20159:9cab2b654cb4 xend: Fix typos in configure_vtpm
2009-08-25 Keir Fraser 20158:50a5950e6a24 x86 numa: Fix SRAT check for discontig memory
2009-08-25 Keir Fraser 20157:dc2aebb0e1d0 xen/xsm/flask: Fix Flask MLS context generation
2009-08-25 Keir Fraser 20156:34c489308d45 pygrub: Set path in #! line of pygrub, too
2009-08-25 Keir Fraser 20155:4fc6ff1e1141 xend: Add support for URI ('file:' and 'data:' scheme) for PV/kernel
2009-08-24 Keir Fraser 20154:c5125c0ea051 libxc: More LZMA/BZIP fixes.
2009-08-24 Keir Fraser 20153:4e67ba3c321a vtpm: Upgrade to using tpm_emulator-0.5.1
2009-08-24 Keir Fraser 20152:dde06d43143b xend: Allow vtpm instance uuid to be specified on domain creation
2009-08-24 Keir Fraser 20151:3a6aaadaa035 vtpm: Fix hashed-memory file writing.
2009-08-24 Keir Fraser 20150:7e1943203942 x86: run timers when populating Dom0's P2M table
2009-08-21 Keir Fraser 20149:9189afa1f1e6 x86: Ensure irq is disabled before taking vector_lock.
2009-08-21 Keir Fraser 20148:6e83b0ec2d70 ia64: Fix ia64 build issue introduced by per-cpu vector changes.
2009-08-21 Keir Fraser 20147:5a23b38b970d Update .hgignore for tools/libxc/.zlib.deps
2009-08-21 Keir Fraser 20146:303a5246bfb3 docs/misc: Update XSM Flask documentation
2009-08-21 Keir Fraser 20145:168f0cfeded0 pygrub: Fix elilo handling after password patch.
2009-08-21 Keir Fraser 20144:4207d83fc78e Revert 20105:979fd420311b
2009-08-21 Keir Fraser 20143:979fd420311b libxc: Remove minios-specific hack for generating .zlib.deps file
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20142:7dad2e23bf89 libxenguest: Fix libbz2/liblzma dependency computation.
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20141:a687c4d35fdd domain builder: Implement bzip2 and LZMA loaders
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20140:29fe6ba28490 tools/flask/policy: Updates to policy and policy build infrastructure
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20139:100699877583 x86_64 hvm: Adjust COMPAT_VIRT_START for 32-bit HVM guests.
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20138:280fff79f737 xm-test: Fix testcase '11_block_attach_shared_dom0' for up-to date
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20137:8f783adc0ee3 pygrub: Add password support
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20136:4b30cfb85529 x86: shadow_alloc_p2m_page() should call shadow_prealloc() before shadow_alloc()
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20135:1cdf9f96e3c1 x86 vmx: Update EIP when appropriate during task switch
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20134:6c2362ce82c9 Fix xapi xm-tests.
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20133:5126f0847654 xm-test: Add status section to xm-test/README
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20132:974260bfd3d8 x86: Remove global percpu_mm_info structure, to make dataflow through
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20131:e83bb28d48fe x86: teardown_msi_irq is not needed.
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20130:37dcd9c7877c x86: calculate nr_irqs_gsi correctly.
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20129:fb2dc2506ace xend: Fix error caused by VT-d ACS patch.
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20128:3509276d8ad6 pygrub: Revert 19322:3118041f2259, as it breaks timeout=0 behaviour
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20127:a3ae60f8b546 x86: Fix arch/x86/ dependencies.
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20126:4e2ffbd99aeb AMD IOMMU: support "passthrough" and "no-intremap" parameters.
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20125:001a99da1294 Update Xen Flask module to policy.24.
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20124:b79da5f5ffe7 xen-hvmctx: don't compile for ia64.
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20123:49ba52281a4f [IA64] define BYTES_PER_LONG to fix compilation error.
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20122:017762c75beb x86 hvm: Clean up vlapic/vioapic/vmsi delivery.
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20121:902f4ae65123 xen pm trace utility cleanup
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20120:9001528d987e x86 hvm: Remove vendor-specific feature masking of 0x1:ECX.
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20119:4a517458406f xend: passthrough: check if a device is behind PCIe switch that lacks ACS
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20118:c0576bd2ddfd hotplug scripts: better same_vm checks
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20117:23678c44c3d3 x86: miscellaneous emulator adjustments
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20116:429ef4f4fe37 x86-64: adjust emulation of control transfers
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20115:456b4ec00244 x86: extend runstate area updates
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20114:2b8b6ee95c93 x86: Fix max_gsi calculation on systems with discontiguous GSI space.
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20113:61c84f478e4d xm,xend: Remove tab indents
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20112:2681155bcb8b x86: Only allocate vpid for initialised vcpus.
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20111:d33e9aae74c6 x86: Implement per-cpu vector for xen hypervisor
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20110:722c7e94e764 x86: Change Xen hypervisor's interrupt infrastructure
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 20109:1afd9142eed3 x86: Change nr_irqs to nr_irqs_gsi.
2009-08-16 Keir Fraser 20108:8b0f1f37e145 gdbstub: Remove noisy message on every gdbstub entry.
2009-08-16 Keir Fraser 20107:00dfe0ea59e8 stubdoms: parse bridge informations
2009-08-16 Keir Fraser 20106:5079dd1ff24c Revert 20066:135b350496fb
2009-08-14 Keir Fraser 20105:5619bed51ec4 xen-hvmctx: a tool to print the HVM state of a running domain
2009-08-14 Keir Fraser 20104:135b350496fb xend: VBD QoS policy bits