age author revision description
2009-09-04 Keir Fraser 20196:f9ce5858f7ea xend: Support "bootloader" mode for "drbd:" devices
2009-09-04 Keir Fraser 20195:b4b79f3e3118 xend: fix domain_migrate
2009-09-03 Keir Fraser 20194:8f81bdd57afe vt-d: fix Dom0 S3 resume.
2009-09-03 Keir Fraser 20193:372feb56b6da x86 vpt: Small performance fixes.
2009-09-03 Keir Fraser 20192:b951df6d6c8f xm: Add "tap2" to attach blocktap disks to VM
2009-09-03 Keir Fraser 20191:74bbd1eb7598 x86: com devices's irqaction shouldn't free.
2009-09-03 Keir Fraser 20190:cfcfc0856b2f [IOMMU] dynamic VTd page table for HVM guest
2009-09-02 Keir Fraser 20189:52fd5baad593 libxenguest: Remove unused static inline function is_loadable_phdr()
2009-09-02 Keir Fraser 20188:417161cd2531 Enable some SCSI drivers in pvops kernel config
2009-09-02 Keir Fraser 20187:afbeaea4ada1 x86: Remove the redundant logic in set_msi_affinity
2009-09-02 Keir Fraser 20186:2375b4ac35bd xm: Make cpu_{cap|weight} available when using XenAPI
2009-09-02 Keir Fraser 20185:a787b0053395 x86: rdtsc emulation (PV and HVM) must be monotonically increasing
2009-09-02 Keir Fraser 20184:e513d565c8f1 pygrub: Match bare-metal GRUB behavior for passwords
2009-09-01 Keir Fraser 20183:8fc927798476 x86 hvm: remove pt_reset()
2009-09-01 Keir Fraser 20182:05f3ca68f62d x86 passthru:: graphics passthrough
2009-09-01 Keir Fraser 20181:a7de5bd776ca x86: Make the hypercall PHYSDEVOP_alloc_irq_vector hypercall dummy.
2009-09-01 Keir Fraser 20180:a020d0cdf594 [IA64] Further irq-vector fix.
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20179:b4fcb5f632dc xend: Fix c/s 20137 -- do not redefine built-in name 'str'.
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20178:3b7cbf32fee9 x86 hvm: Clean up VLAPIC interfaces a little, and fix vlapic_ipi().
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20177:843835ef0fc1 [IA64] Fix serial console freeze issue
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20176:cce683039b70 libxc: Avoid a constant-zero-sized memset().
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20175:f86c46e01f07 xend: Greater verbosity on domain creation failure
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20174:27b3bd0a47fd x86/numa: fix c/s 20120 (Fix SRAT check for discontig memory)
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20173:cf95641ba1d0 properly __initdata-annotate command line option string buffers
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20172:030fb43b848a x86: properly __init-annotate time.c
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20171:709a42e85146 introduce size_param()
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20170:f974a04432fc x86_emulate: honor failure of in_longmode()
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20169:af2fbc4d5311 x86, ept: remove execute permission for granted pages' P2M entries
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20168:bff9f3e5ad94 Adjust non-default sized console ring allocation
2009-08-31 Keir Fraser 20167:eae7b5ee7897 x86: fix get_free_pirq
2009-08-27 Keir Fraser 20166:e8004f6c254a x86: softtsc for PV domains
2009-08-27 Keir Fraser 20165:b63b1db5b388 x86: fix msi_free_irq().
2009-08-27 Keir Fraser 20164:442bc6f82cf3 [HVM] add super page support for HVM migration
2009-08-26 Keir Fraser 20163:ed672a604cc7 xend: Do not pass pointer to a 16-bit domid_t to PyArg_ParseTuple()
2009-08-26 Keir Fraser 20162:71389988f5d4 xend: Flask MLS security label handling
2009-08-25 Keir Fraser 20161:49bfec374baf stubdom: Backport fix for SIZE_MAX from newlib 1.17.0
2009-08-25 Keir Fraser 20160:8faef78ea759 Accurate accounting for credit scheduler
2009-08-25 Keir Fraser 20159:9cab2b654cb4 xend: Fix typos in configure_vtpm
2009-08-25 Keir Fraser 20158:50a5950e6a24 x86 numa: Fix SRAT check for discontig memory
2009-08-25 Keir Fraser 20157:dc2aebb0e1d0 xen/xsm/flask: Fix Flask MLS context generation
2009-08-25 Keir Fraser 20156:34c489308d45 pygrub: Set path in #! line of pygrub, too
2009-08-25 Keir Fraser 20155:4fc6ff1e1141 xend: Add support for URI ('file:' and 'data:' scheme) for PV/kernel
2009-08-24 Keir Fraser 20154:c5125c0ea051 libxc: More LZMA/BZIP fixes.
2009-08-24 Keir Fraser 20153:4e67ba3c321a vtpm: Upgrade to using tpm_emulator-0.5.1
2009-08-24 Keir Fraser 20152:dde06d43143b xend: Allow vtpm instance uuid to be specified on domain creation
2009-08-24 Keir Fraser 20151:3a6aaadaa035 vtpm: Fix hashed-memory file writing.
2009-08-24 Keir Fraser 20150:7e1943203942 x86: run timers when populating Dom0's P2M table
2009-08-21 Keir Fraser 20149:9189afa1f1e6 x86: Ensure irq is disabled before taking vector_lock.
2009-08-21 Keir Fraser 20148:6e83b0ec2d70 ia64: Fix ia64 build issue introduced by per-cpu vector changes.
2009-08-21 Keir Fraser 20147:5a23b38b970d Update .hgignore for tools/libxc/.zlib.deps
2009-08-21 Keir Fraser 20146:303a5246bfb3 docs/misc: Update XSM Flask documentation
2009-08-21 Keir Fraser 20145:168f0cfeded0 pygrub: Fix elilo handling after password patch.
2009-08-21 Keir Fraser 20144:4207d83fc78e Revert 20105:979fd420311b
2009-08-21 Keir Fraser 20143:979fd420311b libxc: Remove minios-specific hack for generating .zlib.deps file
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20142:7dad2e23bf89 libxenguest: Fix libbz2/liblzma dependency computation.
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20141:a687c4d35fdd domain builder: Implement bzip2 and LZMA loaders
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20140:29fe6ba28490 tools/flask/policy: Updates to policy and policy build infrastructure
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20139:100699877583 x86_64 hvm: Adjust COMPAT_VIRT_START for 32-bit HVM guests.
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20138:280fff79f737 xm-test: Fix testcase '11_block_attach_shared_dom0' for up-to date
2009-08-20 Keir Fraser 20137:8f783adc0ee3 pygrub: Add password support