age author revision description
2010-09-07 Gianni Tedesco 22156:fc00d97c84a3 libxl: Fix NULL deref in libxl_ctx_free()
2010-09-07 Gianni Tedesco 22155:af3d0b44ebdc libxl: ship libxl_uuid.h, to unbreak out-of-tree libxl builds
2010-09-07 Ian Campbell 22154:a515de547943 libxl: include domain id in userdata path.
2010-09-07 Ian Campbell 22153:07294dbc4bb2 libxl+xend: use correct paths for PV console when running bootloader
2010-09-03 Ian Campbell 22152:5f53805b349e xl: do not run bootloader on restore.
2010-09-03 Ian Campbell 22151:fc29ec187604 libxc: use a switch statement in xc_domain_restore.c::pagebuf_get_one.
2010-09-03 Ian Campbell 22150:30c74192c361 libxc: logger: add newline when progress is complete
2010-09-03 Ian Campbell 22149:9aa2e9cc1b24 libxc: document save/restore protocol
2010-09-03 Miroslav Rezanina 22148:4e9869836091 xend: reserve vtd_mem on guest restore
2010-09-02 Ian Jackson 22147:1831912d4109 QEMU_TAG update
2010-09-02 Stefano Stabellini 22146:fde833c66948 xl: do not continue in the child and exec xenconsole in the parent
2010-09-02 Ian Campbell 22145:12558dbef034 libxl: do not log lack of guest support for suspend event channel
2010-09-02 Ian Campbell 22144:758154658bf8 xl: support console autoconnect on restore
2010-09-02 Gianni Tedesco 22143:22366e13f76d xl: randomly generate UUIDs
2010-09-02 Stefano Stabellini 22142:d37dc6401a1f xl: parse the maxvcpus config file parameter
2010-09-02 Ian Jackson 22141:81da889f671f Merge
2010-09-01 Daniel De Graaf 22140:20e01ec42aab tools/xenstore: correctly handle errors from read_message
2010-09-02 Keir Fraser 22139:0ac7307a2501 [IA64] Rename irq_cfg->domain to irq_cfg->cpu_mask
2010-09-02 Keir Fraser 22138:e0ec7b10f8ce VT-d: fix ia64 build
2010-09-02 Keir Fraser 22137:b3b6a65e75cf Disable ACPI APEI feature for ia64
2010-09-02 Keir Fraser 22136:4a628af0355c hvm_op: Remove use of uint64_aligned_t from guest header file.
2010-09-02 Keir Fraser 22135:b5deda1c6bc4 Revert 5b03813d8d6e "Make uint64_aligned_t and GUEST_HANDLE_64 visible to guests."
2010-09-01 Tim Deegan 22134:eff592364826 x86 shadow: allocate all shadow memory in single pages
2010-09-01 Tim Deegan 22133:ec9caff0adc6 x86 shadow: remove the assumption that multipage shadows are contiguous
2010-09-01 Tim Deegan 22132:89d04df0a391 x86 shadow: explicitly link the pages of multipage shadows
2010-09-01 Tim Deegan 22131:14fcf5b87344 x86 shadow: for multi-page shadows, explicitly track the first page
2010-09-01 Keir Fraser 22130:ae0cd4e5cc01 x86 intel: Disable XSAVE support.
2010-09-01 Keir Fraser 22129:972d90ff3134 x86_64: Ensure frame-table compression leaves MAX_ORDER aligned
2010-09-01 Keir Fraser 22128:0eb89b465e46 hvm: Fix merging error in hvm_op.h
2010-09-01 Keir Fraser 22127:5b03813d8d6e Make uint64_aligned_t and GUEST_HANDLE_64 visible to guests.
2010-09-01 Keir Fraser 22126:2c2b177f8b71 x86 p2m: Fix comment regarding mfn_valid().
2010-09-01 Allen Kay allen m kay 22125:73b131807d87 x86 mm: revert check in clear_mmio_p2m_entry() changed in 21940:e7afe98afd43
2010-08-31 Ian Campbell 22124:573ddf5cc145 libxl: builtin list types should be pass-by-reference
2010-08-31 Ian Campbell 22123:e363e0a285f5 libxl: correct indentation of _libxl_types.c
2010-08-31 Ian Campbell 22122:27540adca386 libxl: correctly free Reference types in autogenerated destroy functions
2010-08-31 Stefano Stabellini 22121:de4a22b6f582 libxl: drop libxl_set_vcpucount, introduce libxl_set_vcpuonline
2010-08-31 Christoph Egger 22120:2d30f5845cb2 libxl: run libxlgentypes with $(PYTHON)
2010-08-30 Daniel De Graaf 22119:32c9a19ac98b Missing include in libxl_pci.c
2010-08-30 Daniel De Graaf 22118:cd2ca6c3f2e4 libxl: fix xenstore connection when run in domU
2010-08-30 Keir Fraser 22117:c5aed2e049bc ept: Put locks around ept_get_entry
2010-08-30 Keir Fraser 22116:20920c12bc48 Rename irq_cfg->domain to irq_cfg->cpu_mask
2010-08-30 Keir Fraser 22115:1a2731fb447e Update MAINTAINERS file with AMD maintainers
2010-08-26 Keir Fraser 22114:3c4c3d48a835 VT-d: Hardware require RH bit to be set in IRTE when delivery mode is LPR
2010-08-26 Keir Fraser 22113:3eb5127e4636 Fix bind_irq_vector() destination
2010-08-24 Ian Campbell 22112:eccfdeb41b80 # HG changeset patch
2010-08-24 Ian Campbell 22111:d7a4adad9c32 libxc: remove xc_ptrace
2010-08-24 Olaf Hering 22110:1bd1ba6f1aa4 tools/xenpaging: call pageout policy function in xenpaging_evict_page
2010-08-24 Ian Campbell 22109:1deee01bbfa4 xl: treat sub-command main function like a regular C main() function
2010-08-24 Ian Campbell 22108:aaeeed47c52b xl: correct argument parsing for some sub-commands.
2010-08-24 Ian Campbell 22107:d8af5a8bae8e libxl: do not leak path to dom0 attached disk after running bootloader
2010-08-24 Ian Campbell 22106:d545371bc3ad libxl: xc_domain_restore returns 0 on success, 1 on error
2010-08-24 Andre Przywara 22105:a487392e93a8 xl: improve vif2 parsing
2010-08-24 Andre Przywara 22104:b1801cce5138 xl: fix strtok() call in vif2 parsing
2010-08-24 Keir Fraser 22103:a67b98978f5b Fix typo in audit_p2m(), SHARED_P2M_ENTRY does not exist.
2010-08-24 Keir Fraser 22102:c0e578dc921c Fix mce erst bug to pass build under i386.
2010-08-24 Keir Fraser 22101:143eb656084b buildconfigs: update enable-xen-config
2010-08-22 Keir Fraser 22100:81503caeb439 Document how 4gb_segment_notify notifys
2010-08-22 Keir Fraser 22099:3bd6d29f1435 mce: Provide ERST interface
2010-08-22 Keir Fraser 22098:1666addd3d95 Implement ACPI APEI ERST feature
2010-08-22 Keir Fraser 22097:59ff5820534f x86: Automatically EOI guest-bound interrupts if guest takes too long.