age author revision description
2009-08-24 tamura 964:bfaea2f26ca6 Merge with upstream.default tip
2009-08-19 Keir Fraser 963:ccfe24b79bb4 ixgbe: memset size in netif_napi_del()
2009-08-16 Keir Fraser 962:a65005adb3ed Revert 927:56df01ffed10
2009-08-14 Keir Fraser 961:56df01ffed10 drivers/xen/blkback: Add the kernel side of the blkback queueing feature.
2009-08-14 Keir Fraser 960:74e670203038 net: Fix NULL pointer deref of sock->ops->Sendpage in sock_sendpage().
2009-08-14 Keir Fraser 959:829e4ede647c PCI x86: always use conf1 to access config space below 256 bytes
2009-08-14 Keir Fraser 958:2846a6cde181 mmconfig: Fix x86_64 ioremap base_address
2009-08-07 tamura 957:d44b85c45185 Merge with upstream.
2009-08-05 Keir Fraser 956:f9bc83a42799 xen/x86-64: fix Dom0 boot on AMD K8 CPUs
2009-07-29 tamura 955:ad2e6d647363 Merge with upstream.
2009-07-29 Keir Fraser 954:56ba8bd8093e xen-blkfront: beyond ARRAY_SIZE of info->shadow
2009-07-28 Keir Fraser 953:15da3cf243a3 blktap2: properly suppress compiler warning
2009-07-24 Keir Fraser 952:899d28ee5c7d blktap2: make blktap2 work for auto translated mode with hvm domain.
2009-07-22 tamura 951:33ded08a4716 Merge with upstream.
2009-07-20 Keir Fraser 950:5a2b46dfeef8 linux/x86-64: MCE: truely do Dom0 stuff only on Dom0
2009-07-20 Keir Fraser 949:71a61b393cdf blkback: pagemap bug fixes
2009-07-15 Keir Fraser 948:b420e936c022 buildconfigs: INPUT_EVDEV=y as default for xen0_x86
2009-07-14 tamura 947:40dfc2af4985 Merge with upstream.
2009-07-13 Keir Fraser 946:b521aaf8895f xen: fix missing Crash note in /proc/iomem
2009-07-10 Keir Fraser 945:199c5c9a5a5e xen/x86: allow non-SMP builds of blktap2 to succeed
2009-07-06 Keir Fraser 944:c27fe3158f21 x86: Handle dynamic Cx state changes correctly.
2009-07-09 yanagisawa 943:04a8dc1908e2 Bug fix: use BACK_RING_ATTACH instead of BACK_RING_INIT.
2009-07-08 tamura 942:02a2596ba391 Modify to support attach in both 32/64 bit.
2009-07-07 tamura 941:805f9972db5b Backport cciss support for HP Smart Array P410i and more.
2009-07-07 tamura 940:f5edf57f420c [net] bnx2: Add PHY workaround for 5709 A1
2009-07-08 tamura 939:31bdbb8a6d7e [net] bnx2: update to driver version 1.5.11
2009-07-07 tamura 938:05dee8b07190 bnx2: update firmware to correct rx problem in promisc mode
2009-06-29 tamura 937:3bf79b6b2d1f Merge with upstream.
2009-06-29 Keir Fraser 936:b086278a4406 blktap2: remove warnings.
2009-06-29 Isaku Yamahata 935:dd42cdb0ab89 [IA64] Build blktap2 driver by default in x86 builds.
2009-06-29 Isaku Yamahata 934:92a119f247f7 [IA64] xencomm: tmem support.
2009-06-29 Isaku Yamahata 933:5bb4e5dd1abc [IA64] xencomm: add XENVER_commandline support.
2009-06-24 tamura 932:d0c222c097ca Merge with upstream.
2009-06-23 Keir Fraser 931:865707f40531 xenbus: fix timeout with PV guest and physical CDROM
2009-06-22 tamura 930:7057ad531a1f Merge with upstream.
2009-06-18 Keir Fraser 929:baeb818cd2dc x86-64: do not pass unmanageable amounts of memory to Dom0
2009-06-18 Keir Fraser 928:cad6f60f0506 Transcendent memory ("tmem") for Linux
2009-06-17 Keir Fraser 927:3776d277956f xen/x86: Fix build failure after platform_op header changes.
2009-06-17 Keir Fraser 926:fa8587c4b535 linux: follow-up adjustments for platform.h interface header change
2009-06-17 Keir Fraser 925:db9d21711a03 Sync Xen public interface headers with 19775:bda5ab0cb387
2009-06-17 tamura 924:8159293793e7 Merge with upstream.
2009-06-16 Keir Fraser 923:e4790de3234a video/sstfb: Fix #elif->#else typo
2009-06-16 Keir Fraser 922:75e5bfa7fbdc x86: add MCA logging support in DOM0
2009-06-16 Keir Fraser 921:9242c5b965c1 blktap: Indirection in vm_area_struct->vm_private_data
2009-06-16 Keir Fraser 920:046a6eabd4dc blktap2: fix compiler further warnings
2009-06-16 Keir Fraser 919:214ff2a7c990 Fix Makefile.xen generation when building external modules
2009-06-08 Keir Fraser 918:ca12928cdafe pci: fix pcie-aer recovery mechanism defects.
2009-06-08 tamura 917:d9dc6ba1d215 Merge with upstream.
2009-06-05 Keir Fraser 916:329ea0ccb344 balloon: try harder to balloon up under memory pressure.
2009-06-04 Keir Fraser 915:f59c5daed527 blktap2: use blk_rq_map_sg() here too
2009-06-04 Keir Fraser 914:20be7f6d414a pci/guestdev, iomul: use strlcpy()
2009-06-04 Keir Fraser 913:4e5cd2fc45a7 linux: fix blkback/blktap2 interaction
2009-06-04 Keir Fraser 912:f994bfe9b93b linux/blktap2: reduce TLB flush scope
2009-06-04 Keir Fraser 911:485fe5efa4ff linux/blktap2: allow to build as module
2009-06-03 Keir Fraser 910:104b6ae6b257 Dom0 PCI: fix SR-IOV function dependency link problem
2009-06-03 Keir Fraser 909:2e94884f0e8d Dom0 PCI: fix a regression introduced by the SR-IOV change
2009-06-02 Keir Fraser 908:97e0d58411d4 Build blktap2 driver by default in x86 builds.
2009-06-01 tamura 907:09ec2db80728 Merged with upstream.
2009-05-29 Keir Fraser 906:9090872bac23 xen/x86-64: fix phys_pmd_init() (regression from c/s 547)
2009-05-29 Keir Fraser 905:85a4c18ad9aa linux/blktap2: fix compiler warnings