age author revision description
2006-07-18 chrisw 114:95755890eb02 drop clearsegment. it's really noisy with a debug build, but it should bedefault tip
2006-07-18 chrisw 113:0f92903cfb4e update diffstat and signed-off-by
2006-07-18 chrisw 112:1f2f7cd251e0 move some generic patches to the front
2006-07-18 chrisw 111:17c283c924c7 move xen-time (fold in stolen_time), and move i386-idle
2006-07-18 chrisw 110:5d7715d2d6e7 fold early_printk into xen-console
2006-07-18 chrisw 109:428263a009fa fold xenbus-remove-dev, xenbus-remove-register-mutex, and xenbus-probe-init
2006-07-18 chrisw 108:f354e504ed1a fold asm-offset-sizeof_vcpu patch into i386-entry.S
2006-07-17 chrisw 107:0bd4a4cddfc8 disable CONFIG_KEXEC
2006-07-17 Jeremy Fitzhardinge 106:a651c93f08db clean out unused/obsolete patches
2006-07-17 jeremy 105:c49319770699 use xen-time rollup patch
2006-07-17 jeremy 104:96a394766c47 roll up time patches into one
2006-07-17 jeremy 103:7448edbb4984 set system time from xen clock
2006-07-16 jeremy 102:57164fb3b239 update series
2006-07-16 jeremy 101:ee74cee5333f update patch to fix conflicts
2006-07-16 jeremy 100:604ce33cbe5f Moved update_process_times into i386-idle
2006-07-16 jeremy 99:f7021269e687 Need to call update_process_times to make sure that synchronize_rcu()
2006-07-16 jeremy 98:ee7597d9a2c5 series update
2006-07-16 jeremy 97:335db3cc8eed Fix a nasty little boobytrap in cpu_init()
2006-07-16 jeremy 96:d3d158316603 Implement early-printk in terms of dom0 console IO. Doesn't seem to
2006-07-16 jeremy 95:b1e0c0ef709e Make sure the interrupt gets set up after we're using bootmem.
2006-07-15 jeremy 94:4cd1bdb3c6ac fix wrong error-return goto label
2006-07-14 jeremy 93:2da2d41c143e Update the Xen time patch. This rearranges the single "time" patch
2006-07-13 Jeremy Fitzhardinge 92:a39b325a9b78 export interrupt functions for modules
2006-07-13 Jeremy Fitzhardinge 91:19293939c794 add linux/vt.h to xen-console
2006-07-13 Jeremy Fitzhardinge 90:b7f60426b828 Fix up i386-processor to apply to linux tip.
2006-07-08 jeremy 89:734334c1be61 Add some experimental patches, but comment them out of series
2006-07-07 jeremy 88:6b9e058c4352 Update patches to work with current kernel (2.6.18-rc1).
2006-07-06 jeremy 87:1005593bb5d8 merge
2006-07-06 jeremy 86:aeb29cb97807 Various experiments with xenbus
2006-06-22 jeremy 85:77a08b0cc9fe merged
2006-06-22 jeremy 84:69e3f88eef6c adjust includes in cleanup-csli
2006-06-22 jeremy 83:3eaba93f542f Move reboot to fix incremental build.
2006-06-30 chrisw 82:9fd2a773e218 hacked time to pieces, it's very broken, but it boots, and lets us keep
2006-06-30 chrisw 81:6c6268cee835 update evtchn to genirq, I suspect we can do better with this new
2006-06-30 chrisw 80:d020cc9ec08e update to latest linux tree, devfs is gone
2006-06-30 chrisw 79:5fcd4214fefb update asm-offset-sizeof-vcpu to latest kernel (vdso, some header changes)
2006-06-30 chrisw 78:676897a5e04b refresh against a more current upsteam tree
2006-06-22 chrisw 77:84c1e31f9863 move CPUID fix from i386-head.S to i386-cpuid to keep native build working
2006-06-22 chrisw 76:ce43a437bcca fix native build, was missing #include <linux/init.h>
2006-06-22 chrisw 75:262ca92dedb4 make sure to pickup arch specific CPUID via #include <mach_processor.h>
2006-06-22 chrisw 74:48c61a143c46 refresh i386-fixmap for current Linux
2006-06-21 jeremy 73:517573513081 i386-idt depends on i386-desc
2006-06-21 jeremy 72:430ef76a4b8a Update to submitted versions.
2006-06-20 Jeremy Fitzhardinge 71:f6e40139337f EXPORT_SYMBOL kasprintf, and add diffstat.
2006-06-16 Jeremy Fitzhardinge 70:6beacb7afc08 Progress on trying to make the patch series compile after each patch
2006-06-14 Jeremy Fitzhardinge 69:2949403d06d4 Fix comment on asm-offset-sizeof_vcpu
2006-06-14 jeremy 68:5d856c2827ca Update comment on cleanup-mach-setup
2006-06-14 jeremy 67:eaf468ae37f8 Update todo
2006-06-14 jeremy 66:c39a28027072 Fix up all Xen patches to match refectored subarch setup.
2006-06-13 jeremy 65:82dd5f26474c Rearrange the subarch setup code, to eliminate ugly setup_arch_pre/post.h, and
2006-06-13 jeremy 64:67cdd9fa5376 Clean up the interrupt control code by moving macros to out of line code.
2006-06-13 jeremy 63:32ad1dbb6d36 Use asm-offsets for sizeof(struct vcpu_info)
2006-06-10 chrisw 62:8baab64516b7 fold kasprintf-add-gfp changes in
2006-06-09 chrisw 61:3d7d3355e3f3 fold Jeremy's xenbus-opaque-transactions into base patches now that it's been
2006-06-09 chrisw 60:39e7e162485f fold cleanup-xenbus_device-data back into base patches now that it's submitted
2006-06-09 chrisw 59:c61c11511285 Fix cleanup-xenbus_device-data to include fixes for netfront and blkfront.
2006-06-08 chrisw 58:6429f7ee1116 Disable cleanup-xenbus_device-data until it builds properly
2006-06-08 chrisw 57:98b99d5fa332 Grant table updates to match xen-unstable (few extra cleanups added)
2006-06-08 chrisw 56:d11167c78905 netfront error cleanup that went to xen-unstable
2006-06-08 chrisw 55:7caa9e8fe450 Fixup from last commit, hadn't refreshed this patch