age author revision description
2006-10-03 chrisw 35873:e5a7f30e1db3 Make sure no_iommu_init is called when needed on x86_64. Thanksdefault tip
2006-09-20 chrisw 35872:6cd0fae5d84c Merge with linux-2.6-xen cset d8ae02f7df05
2006-09-13 kaf24 35871:d8ae02f7df05 Add new operation XENOPROF_get_buffer in xenoprof hypercall. Also
2006-09-12 awilliam 35870:bd07e175d707 [IA64] swiotlb clash fix
2006-09-12 awilliam 35869:5ae353b6ac95 [IA64] machvec cleanups
2006-09-10 awilliam 35868:4df5ca0a181d [IA64] Cleanup for PV-on-HVM for IPF
2006-09-01 awilliam 35867:0dd7c5799d6c [IA64] update buildconfigs
2006-09-09 Ian Campbell 35866:463991987661 [LINUX] Move .bss declaration after .data.* in x86_64 linker script.
2006-09-08 kfraser 35865:efecf1da96d5 Build fix.
2006-09-08 kfraser 35864:56458b657556 [LINUX] console: ensure virtual console is disabled if mfn/evtchn
2006-09-04 ssmith 35863:293b95e40f6a Add support for netif frontends which don't support checksum offload.
2006-09-01 kaf24 35862:b6bbd5410dec [LINUX] xenoprof: use alloc_vm_area instead of get_vm_area. The former
2006-09-01 kaf24 35861:030a76d12047 [XENBUS] Make frontend drivers shutdown cleanly.
2006-09-01 kaf24 35860:d167aafec741 [XENBUS] Introduce new "online" node for backend drivers.
2006-09-01 kaf24 35859:147d5efdd18a Add xenbus_strstate() helper function for more readable debug output.
2006-08-31 kaf24 35858:7cc733cd6a2c [XEN] interfaces: Remove explicit alignment/padding from domctl/sysctl hypercalls.
2006-08-31 kaf24 35857:a1bad0090b3d [LINUX] Remove vm_map_xen_pages(), clean up __direct_remap_page_range.
2006-08-31 kaf24 35856:52fd11e8954e [LINUX] /proc/iomem should not be initialised from pseudophysical e820 map.
2006-08-29 awilliam 35855:57e8e40237b7 [IA64] revert xen-ia64-unstable.hg 11271:c232365128cf
2006-08-28 awilliam 35854:4e57f12c8b11 [IA64] Modify sparse headers for PV-on-HVM/IPF
2006-08-25 awilliam 35853:27efaf627df9 [IA64] Expand hvm_op hypercall for PV-on-HVM/IPF
2006-08-24 awilliam 35852:55c0d4658aaa [IA64] Clean up: change asm constraints and remove _hypercall_imm*
2006-08-23 awilliam 35851:631edd7c1e1a [IA64] PV-to-HVM prep for maddr.h
2006-08-23 awilliam 35850:de989ef19cf5 [IA64] split parts of page.h into maddr.h
2006-08-23 awilliam 35849:f3880ca22c0d [IA64] only setup extra vga console support on dom0
2006-08-22 awilliam 35848:d275a9cd0896 [IA64] Add stubs to Linux/IPF for the new hvm_op hypercall.
2006-08-16 awilliam 35847:05250cd396b8 [IA64] fix non-CONFIG_XEN sparse tree build
2006-08-14 awilliam 35846:7ef7cc4b9fac [IA64] copy_from/to_guest
2006-08-30 kaf24 35845:35ca082cb3c2 [NET] front: move register_netdev() + sysfs attribute registering from create_netdev() into the new open_netdev() function.
2006-08-30 kaf24 35844:d4f7faf9018d [XEN] Add a start_pfn field in xen_domctl_getmemlist.
2006-08-30 kaf24 35843:8129e2652ce7 Revert powerpc build break after dom0_ops split.
2006-08-30 kaf24 35842:32498b6e4272 [XEN] Reserve hypercall number for kexec operations.
2006-08-30 kaf24 35841:a8fa84c7e671 [LINUX][X86_64] P2M map must be allocated on page aligned boundary.
2006-08-29 akw 35840:e9fa89327d17 Small blktap cleanups.
2006-08-25 kfraser 35839:3813c4e03e7f Replace dom0_ops hypercall with three new hypercalls:
2006-08-24 kfraser 35838:894eabd742f7 [LINUX] Remove hypercall permission checks from privcmd driver.
2006-08-23 kfraser 35837:14910a92d267 Remove all traces of the obsolete BVT scheduler.
2006-08-23 Ian Campbell 35836:edc16cab158a [XEN/LINUX] Define Xen ELF notes in kernel header and update dom0 builder.
2006-08-23 Ian Campbell 35835:c5f85ec38597 [XEN] Define the types to be used with Xen in the ELF notes section.
2006-08-23 Ian Campbell 35834:5de4bbd2683e [LINUX] Define ELFNOTE as a preprocessor macro rather than an assembler macro
2006-08-22 kfraser 35833:f1df025ad28c [SHADOW] Clean up the DOM0_SHADOW_OP interface.
2006-08-22 kfraser 35832:76903e4a002d [HVM] Clean ups for PV-on-HVM drivers. In particular, platform-pci
2006-08-22 Ian Campbell 35831:ffac0a9326cd [LINUX] Update x86/64 ELF note patch to version accepted upstream.
2006-08-22 kfraser 35830:d2d5d54d5ff6 [x86_64] Guests no longer set _PAGE_USER on kernel mappings.
2006-08-22 Ian Campbell 35829:047882627de1 [LINUX] Support creating ELF note segments in the kernel ELF image.
2006-08-22 Ian Campbell 35828:3248840a5329 [LINUX] Revert bits of cset 11202 since they break the -xenU build for x86/64.
2006-09-20 chrisw 35827:deae080c8cf7 Merge with upstream Linux 2.6.18 cset dc1d277d06e0
2006-09-20 convert-repo 35826:dc1d277d06e0 update tags
2006-09-20 Linus Torvalds 35825:dfa2f283f060 Linux v2.6.18. Arrr!v2.6.18
2006-09-20 Linus Torvalds 35824:866edfb4dca1 Merge
2006-09-20 Al Viro 35823:4ac83d9e20e4 [IPV4] fib_trie: missing ntohl() when calling fib_semantic_match()
2006-09-20 Patrick McHardy 35822:8100193a49c7 [NETFILTER]: xt_quota: add missing module aliases
2006-09-20 Chas Williams 35821:27152ca785df [ATM]: [he] don't hold the device lock when upcalling
2006-09-19 Linus Torvalds 35820:3fa5ab23fee7 Merge branch 'fixes' of git://
2006-09-19 Trond Myklebust 35819:17d9ef36f8ae NFS: Fix nfs_page use after free issues in fs/nfs/write.c
2006-09-19 Trond Myklebust 35818:7e390a8c8ec7 NFSv4: Fix incorrect semaphore release in _nfs4_do_open()
2006-09-19 Trond Myklebust 35817:30e020d3fc2d NFS: Fix Oopsable condition in nfs_readpage_sync()
2006-09-19 Linus Torvalds 35816:a2c36d03daa0 Revert mmiocfg heuristics and blacklist changes
2006-09-19 Linus Torvalds 35815:4ded9313371e Merge git://
2006-09-17 Josef 'Jeff' Sipek 35814:b3fff774ccc0 [MTD] Use SEEK_{SET,CUR,END} instead of hardcoded values in mtdchar lseek()