age author revision description
2007-03-05 Hollis Blanchard 33315:04f6ad5d9232 [POWERPC][XEN][LINUX] Undefine DEBUG and clean whitespace.default tip
2007-03-01 Hollis Blanchard 33314:43dcc1cc2dd8 [POWERPC][XEN][LINUX] Support populate_physmap hcalls.
2007-03-01 Hollis Blanchard 33313:763878094419 [POWERPC][XEN][LINUX] Always construct a start_info_t from device tree properties.
2007-03-01 Hollis Blanchard 33312:3e512eaf2a6f Fix potential xencomm memory leaks in the kernel's hypercall translation paths.
2007-03-01 Hollis Blanchard 33311:1abaceb1e6e8 [POWERPC][XEN][LINUX] Update to match xen-unstable.
2007-02-06 Jimi Xenidis 33310:37ea4cf1281a merge
2007-02-06 Jimi Xenidis 33309:8bccc5d192be [POWERPC][XEN] Don't leak frame_list and don'r post process gnttab if OP fails
2007-02-06 Jimi Xenidis 33308:5eca8383a521 [XEN] xencomm fixes for various runtime situations
2007-02-06 Hollis Blanchard 33307:a6adf094e08e [POWERPC][XEN][LINUX] Create a start_info_t structure from devtree if start_info_t is not passed in.
2007-01-21 Jimi Xenidis 33306:ab3b5849331d merge
2007-01-21 Jimi Xenidis 33305:a384dbf50d59 [XEN][POWERPC] Turn on SMP.. Finally.
2007-01-16 jerone 33304:5faafe734b0e [POWERPC][XEN][LINUX] Enable firewall options to avoid breaking init scripts.
2006-12-19 Jimi Xenidis 33303:bbf2db4ddf54 [POWERPC][XEN] Use new Xen based Real Time Clock logic in DomUs
2006-11-22 Jimi Xenidis 33302:c8d1f32fd7de [XEN][POWERPC] Make Linux bail out of IPI vector reset
2006-11-21 Jimi Xenidis 33301:05367b79152a [XEN][POWEPC] build break due to missing <asm/time.h>
2006-11-20 Jimi Xenidis 33300:4e5b95219939 [XEN][POWERPC] Forgot to free foregin page by Xen VM area
2006-11-14 Jimi Xenidis 33299:47cd37e8f8a9 [XEN][POWERPC] HYPERVISOR_memory_op() return value now has meaning
2006-11-11 Jimi Xenidis 33298:01f3c63f0343 [XEN][POWERPC] set NULL to shared in gnttab_suspend.
2006-11-10 Jimi Xenidis 33297:ef51ca28a1fc [XEN][POWERPC] Fixes int he bitmap managment of the Foriegn Map
2006-11-10 Jimi Xenidis 33296:7553b5170236 [XEN] up the XEN_DOMCTL_INTERFACE_VERSION to 4
2006-11-10 Jimi Xenidis 33295:e6688f786b21 [XEN] file is removed upstream
2006-11-08 Jimi Xenidis 33294:15c1ca41a412 [XEN][POWERPC] Driver refresh
2006-11-08 Jimi Xenidis 33293:39d3d1cfe714 [XEN][POWERPC] Use a bitmap to manage the foreign page area
2006-11-03 Jimi Xenidis 33292:2a9c6a23cd12 [XEN] The VIO rewrite
2006-10-25 Jimi Xenidis 33291:f4d382795e57 [LINUX][XEN][POWEPRC] def config changes
2006-10-24 Jimi Xenidis 33290:4ab8b63fcff1 [XEN][POWERPC] Make sure that Xen Linux code can run if Xen is not present
2006-10-24 Jimi Xenidis 33289:298b4a676dae Packport: GSO/Checksum Fix
2006-10-24 Jimi Xenidis 33288:bcd09a8690af Backport the fix in current xen-unstable tree.
2006-10-17 Jimi Xenidis 33287:968ced1469e8 [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] remove mpic pointer hack.
2006-10-17 Jimi Xenidis 33286:ad4044d05821 [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] remove xen_idle()
2006-10-16 Jimi Xenidis 33285:933b1d114a89 [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] update with the lates Xen VIO
2006-10-13 Jimi Xenidis 33284:f0be2cc05103 [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] avoid reseting the MPIC when sharing
2006-10-10 Jimi Xenidis 33283:d2b37a151f5b [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] Enable PowerPC use of netback
2006-10-10 Jimi Xenidis 33282:f18ec562c11c [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] More accurate Grant Table Ops
2006-10-09 Jimi Xenidis 33281:2765c83b576d [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] implement HYPERVISOR_multicall()
2006-10-09 Jimi Xenidis 33280:23cc5f7d71e0 [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] make sure set_phys_to_machine() asserts out memory model
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis 33279:b9e38b262f64 [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] New default configuration
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis 33278:71efe9fd549e merge
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis 33277:116bf9210b61 [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] Alernate interface to get passed missing balloon support.
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis 33276:a49fcec03e36 [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] Still need a few XenPPC specific hacks
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis 33275:4a5cbd892ace backport blkback
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis 33274:1a66de3462c1 [LINUX][XEN] User init_page_count(p) not set_page_count(p,1)
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis 33273:985be3a2501b [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] Xen specific interfaces for grant tables
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis 33272:fb97509af21b Keepin up with Xen changes
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis 33271:6f1645140d99 [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] Keeping up with recent changes
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis 33270:374b41b4f227 [LINUX][XEN] introduce arch specific GNTTAB routines
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis 33269:30abfbe6e047 [LINUX][XEN] Use the arch supplied update_vm_area() function
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis 33268:11ee20d418ea [LINUX][XEN] backport net drivers
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis 33267:fe1a31c06cbe [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] Use PowerPC specific util.c routines
2006-10-08 Jimi Xenidis 33266:28adc79fe774 [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] Use Domain Foreign Map
2006-10-07 Jimi Xenidis 33265:c2f25eb27f24 [LINUX][XEN][POWERPC] use is_initial_xendomain()
2006-10-04 Jimi Xenidis 33264:de401e010c25 implement is_initial_domain()
2006-10-06 Hollis Blanchard 33263:f7363a56e7c7 [POWERPC][LINUX][XEN] fix typo in HYPERVISOR_memory_op() message.
2006-10-04 Jimi Xenidis 33262:933613959bf6 [LINUX][POWERPC] oops on making the short pointer
2006-09-28 Jimi Xenidis 33261:c52ba3176a28 [LINUX][POWERPC] Use Xen property to decide if domain can control power
2006-09-18 Jimi Xenidis 33260:cae64f65891a [POWERPC][XEN] remove redundant xencomm_create()
2006-09-18 hollisb 33259:c150e2e1a696 [LINUX][POWERPC] merge
2006-09-18 hollisb 33258:10243a857f5d [LINUX][POWERPC] Update domctl and sysctl definitions.
2006-09-14 Jimi Xenidis 33257:5a609aa8489b [POWERPC][XEN] should call HYPERVISOR_poll() not HYPERVISOR_block()
2006-09-12 Hollis Blanchard 33256:4a1f58739bc2 [LINUX][POWERPC] Add missing xencomm file.