age author revision description
2007-08-16 Jim Fehlig 143:fc498265d293 Fixed warning (and bug) in Xen_DiskSettingData.default tip
2007-08-16 Jim Fehlig 142:57fe177533bc Fixed cmpilify.h to use CMPI_EXTERN_C from cmpimacs.h or define it properly.
2007-08-13 Jim Fehlig 141:be22f410b2a3 Basis for extrinsic tests using xm-test.
2007-08-10 Jim Fehlig 140:93e1e1824ab0 Slight modifications to patch provided by Raj Subrahmanian.
2007-08-02 Jim Fehlig 139:3ccb96bfe206 Converted profile registration classes to 'Cmpilify' single, read-only interface.
2007-08-02 Jim Fehlig 138:c0beaacf5b03 Add TESTSUITEDIR specified in user's environment to list of directories
2007-07-27 Jim Fehlig 137:26f10941718e Ported Xen_ProcessorPool to 'Cmpilify' interface.
2007-07-27 Jim Fehlig 136:86c5f863cf9d Ported Xen_MemoryPool to 'Cmpilify' interface.
2007-07-26 Jim Fehlig 135:da5a3ccd0c25 Ported Xen_ConsoleSettingData to 'Cmpilify' interface.
2007-07-19 Jim Fehlig 134:3a6f2019ef11 Ported Xen_Console to 'Cmpilify' interface. Removed corresponding resource files
2007-07-19 Jim Fehlig 133:3d8f3aba0dd8 Added property filter in setproperties function of cmpilify providers.
2007-07-19 Jim Fehlig 132:1b777fd695b9 Updated cmpilify.[ch] from SBLIM CVS to include generic provider association interface.
2007-07-18 Jim Fehlig 131:dc1be661c5ee Ported Xen_ComputerSystemSettingData to 'Cmpilify' interface.
2007-07-17 Jim Fehlig 130:e82eeb0764d6 Ported Xen_MemorySettingData to 'Cmpilify' interface.
2007-07-16 Jim Fehlig 129:6494910456a8 Ported Xen_Memory to 'Cmpilify' interface.
2007-07-16 Jim Fehlig 128:0bf03964b16c Ported Xen_ComputerSystemCapabilities to 'Cmpilify' interface.
2007-07-16 Jim Fehlig 127:152ceecb9f39 Moved all providers currently using 'Cmpilr' interface to latest 'Cimplify' interface from sblim cvs.
2007-06-13 Jim Fehlig 126:d1dab4776fed Added support in Xen_VirtualSystemManagementService for specifying VCPU Weight and Limit (cap) in Xen_ProcessorRASD.
2007-06-12 Jim Fehlig 125:ce72210a88c6 Port Xen_ProcessorSettingData to new 'cmpilr' instance interface.
2007-06-11 Jim Fehlig 124:7d3fcd10080c When creating VBD devices through XenAPI, set bootable field to true for all vbds.
2007-06-11 Jim Fehlig 123:3e8654ff41d1 Remove local add_strings_to_map function and start using xen_utils one.
2007-06-11 Jim Fehlig 122:28e8c94e92de Added xen_string_string_map utility function to xen_utils.
2007-06-08 Jim Fehlig 121:4868ace2726b Add initial consistence checks in test suite for Xen_MemoryPool, Xen_ProcessorPool and Xen_VirtualSystemManagementService.
2007-06-08 Jim Fehlig 120:0ea27641bb83 Remove Xen_HostedProcessor and Xen_HostedNetworkPort from list of tested associations.
2007-06-04 Jim Fehlig 119:5a5f465c4191 Converted Xen_Processor to new instance provider resource abstraction interface.
2007-06-04 Jim Fehlig 118:8ecc856bd445 Some optimizations and cleanup in xen_utils.
2007-06-04 Jim Fehlig 117:27a7e302adf7 Fixed memory leak in Xen_Disk.c.
2007-05-30 Jim Fehlig 116:30935f346520 Converted providers to libtool modules. Previously they were libtool libraries.
2007-05-23 Jim Fehlig 115:eed587b5cd47 Renamed some of the recently introduced test input files to better reflect their purpose.
2007-05-23 Jim Fehlig 114:d4e408f44961 Added association stuff so associators, associatorNames, references, referenceNames