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2007-05-22 Jim Fehlig Xen_ElementConformsToSVProfile.mof and Xen_ElementConformsToVSProfile.mof contained incorrect ManagedElement reference property types.
2007-05-14 Jim Fehlig Removed Xen_OperatingSystem and Xen_RunningOS from build.
2007-02-21 Jim Fehlig Added provider for Xen_ConsoleSettingData class.
2007-02-20 Jim Fehlig This patch adds the Xen_Console and the Xen_ComputerSystemConsole providers.
2007-01-31 Jim Fehlig This patch disables the compiling of Xen_HostedProcessor and Xen_HostedNetworkPort.
2007-01-19 Jim Fehlig More cleanup of unnecessary MOF files. Also cleaned up top-level Makefile.am
2007-01-10 Jim Fehlig Updated to version 0.7.7 of DMTF SVPC Virtual System Profile.
2006-10-24 jfehlig Fixed a few compilation warnings, fixed 'make dist' target, and updated release tag in configure.ac to 0.1.1.
2006-10-16 jfehlig Added capabilities classes and their associations for representing capabilities of virtual computer systems and virtual system management service.
2006-10-16 jfehlig Updated postinstall target to install necessary XenCIM schema in Interop and host instrumentation namespaces. Updated README.
2006-10-06 jfehlig Fixed bugs associated with 'make postinstall' target. We were not deriving from
2006-09-28 jfehlig Lots of work on MemoryPool and its associations. Also fixed bugs in various
2006-09-26 jfehlig Implement Xen_ProcessorPoolComponent association.
2006-08-25 jfehlig Initial implementation of System Virtualization and Virtual System Profile registration.
2006-08-18 jfehlig Added DMTF SPVC mof files to the repository.
2006-08-15 jfehlig Changes to several files to satisfy the SuSE autobuild process, e.g. cleaned up warnings, buffer overflows, etc.
2006-07-26 jfehlig Reworked Xen_ProcessorPool and its associations to conform to latest profiles and schema from SVPC.
2006-07-17 jfehlig Created convenience lib libXen_utils for common provider code. Changed build to place build products in src directory.
2006-07-17 jfehlig Initial integration with SMASH providers from OMC project - http://www.omc-project.org. Other providers integrating with SMASH should follow this pattern.
2006-06-27 jfehlig Removed association Xen_HostedVirtualizationManagementService and replaced with an updated Xen_HostedVirtualSystemManagementService.
2006-06-16 jfehlig First cut of implementing VirtualSystemManagementService and RequestStateChange.
2006-04-27 jfehlig Add checks for libvirt and libxml2 in configure script.
2006-04-26 jfehlig Initial change to make the provider work with libvirt and openwbem.
2006-03-22 jbulpin Initial checkin