log src/Xen_NetworkPortSettingData_Resource.c

age author description
2007-04-19 Jim Fehlig This patch moves the providers to the changeset 14542.
2007-03-29 Jim Fehlig Added support for specifying VIF model in Xen_VirtualSystemManagementService.DefineSystem.sles10sp1
2007-01-30 Jim Fehlig Implemented DeleteInstance for class Xen_NetworkPortSettingData.
2007-01-29 Jim Fehlig Removed unused parameters from disk and vif resource abstraction interface.
2007-01-29 Jim Fehlig Changed representation of disk and vif resources. Previously used domain resources to realize disk and vif resources. Now just keep lists of all disk or vif resources.
2007-01-25 Jim Fehlig Changed network port related classes to use the VIF UUID in key properties.
2007-01-17 Jim Fehlig Changed InstanceID property of SettingsData-based classed to use "Xen:<domain name>[:<device name>]". This was needed to correlate SettingsData to their ManagedElements.
2007-01-08 Jim Fehlig First stab at optimizing Xend session handling.
2006-12-08 jfehlig Adjustments to account for new location of libxen headers. When libxen was incorporated into the overall Xen build, headers were installed in /usr/include/xen/api. This patch makes the providers use headers from the new location.
2006-11-13 jfehlig Initial port of all providers to the new Xen API.
2006-10-24 jfehlig Fixed compilation warings throughout the project. Nearly all files touched.
2006-07-17 jfehlig Backed out changes initially made to support InstanceID generation algorithm specified in CIM_SettingData. For now we will not support this algorithm.
2006-06-16 jfehlig First cut of implementing VirtualSystemManagementService and RequestStateChange.
2006-05-31 jfehlig Pulled code from SettingData classes that generated InstanceID in "<orgid>:<localid>"form described in CIM_SettingData.mof. Must decide when/how to support DMTF preferred format.
2006-05-16 jfehlig Updated Xen_*SettingData classes to latest schema from DMTF SPVC working group.
2006-03-22 jbulpin Initial checkin