log src/Xen_ProcessorPool.c

age author description
2006-10-24 jfehlig Fixed a few compilation warnings, fixed 'make dist' target, and updated release tag in configure.ac to 0.1.1.
2006-10-24 jfehlig Fixed compilation warings throughout the project. Nearly all files touched.
2006-09-28 jfehlig Lots of work on MemoryPool and its associations. Also fixed bugs in various
2006-07-28 jfehlig Switched ProcessorPool to using SMASH providers for host processor instrumentation.
2006-07-26 jfehlig Reworked Xen_ProcessorPool and its associations to conform to latest profiles and schema from SVPC.
2006-04-26 jfehlig Initial change to make the provider work with libvirt and openwbem.
2006-03-22 jbulpin Initial checkin