log src/Xen_VirtualSystemManagementService.c

age author description
2007-02-28 Jim Fehlig Added support for Xen_ConsoleSettingData.ConsoleConfigInfo
2007-02-26 Jim Fehlig Added support for localtime, stdvga, OnPoweroff, OnReboot, and OnCrash to Xen_ComputerSystemSettingData.
2007-02-23 Jim Fehlig Added initial support for creating HVM guests via VirtualSystemManagementService.DefineSystem().
2007-02-23 Jim Fehlig Allow specifying VM UUID on create (DefineSystem).
2007-02-12 Jim Fehlig Updated to match recent changes in Xen-API VIF class.
2007-01-31 Jim Fehlig A few adjustments to the rudimentary session validation.
2007-01-31 Jim Fehlig Added rudimentary session validation. Additional attention needed before Xen 3.0.5 but after SLES10 SP1.
2007-01-30 Jim Fehlig Removed implementation of Xen_VirtualSystemManagementService.[Modify|Remove]ResourceSetting.
2007-01-25 Jim Fehlig Added support for RemoveResourceSetting extrinsic method.
2007-01-24 Jim Fehlig Added support for Xen_VirutalSystemManagementService.ModifyResourceSetting extrinsic method.
2007-01-24 Jim Fehlig Added support for extrinsic method Xen_VirtualSystemManagementService.AddResourceSetting().
2007-01-09 Jim Fehlig Improve memory cleanup in InvokeMethod code path within VirtualSystemManagementService.
2007-01-09 Jim Fehlig Updated to latest DMTF SVPC schema.
2007-01-08 Jim Fehlig First stab at optimizing Xend session handling.
2006-12-19 jfehlig Add support to boot using a bootloader, e.g. pygrub or domUloader.
2006-12-18 jfehlig Update providers to build against Xen 3.0.4 RC3.
2006-12-18 jfehlig Fixed resource interface for Xen_Disk class. Also made fixes to DefineVirtualSystem operation allowing multiple disks to be specified on VM definition.
2006-12-13 jfehlig Enabled creation of VIF devices on DefineVirtualSystem operation. Previously xend failed to create VIF devices but a patch to fix the issue has been accepted in upstream xen, so enable it in the providers now.
2006-12-08 jfehlig Adjustments to account for new location of libxen headers. When libxen was incorporated into the overall Xen build, headers were installed in /usr/include/xen/api. This patch makes the providers use headers from the new location.
2006-11-17 jfehlig Cleanups to the new vm lifecycle code.
2006-11-13 jfehlig Initial port of all providers to the new Xen API.
2006-10-24 jfehlig Fixed compilation warings throughout the project. Nearly all files touched.
2006-09-28 jfehlig Lots of work on MemoryPool and its associations. Also fixed bugs in various
2006-08-31 jfehlig Bug fixes related to VM lifecycle management.
2006-06-16 jfehlig First cut of implementing VirtualSystemManagementService and RequestStateChange.