log configure.ac

age author description
2007-08-13 Jim Fehlig Basis for extrinsic tests using xm-test.
2007-05-30 Jim Fehlig Converted providers to libtool modules. Previously they were libtool libraries.
2007-01-12 Jim Fehlig Versioned all provider libraries. Also some minor cleanup in configure.ac and src/Makefile.am.
2006-12-22 jfehlig Minor fix in configure script to look for libxenapi instead of libxen.
2006-12-08 jfehlig Adjustments to account for new location of libxen headers. When libxen was incorporated into the overall Xen build, headers were installed in /usr/include/xen/api. This patch makes the providers use headers from the new location.
2006-11-13 jfehlig Initial port of all providers to the new Xen API.
2006-10-24 jfehlig Fixed a few compilation warnings, fixed 'make dist' target, and updated release tag in configure.ac to 0.1.1.
2006-10-16 jfehlig Updated postinstall target to install necessary XenCIM schema in Interop and host instrumentation namespaces. Updated README.
2006-10-06 jfehlig Added an option to configure script which allows user to select host instrumentation. Choices are omc and sblim with omc as the default.
2006-08-15 jfehlig Changes to several files to satisfy the SuSE autobuild process, e.g. cleaned up warnings, buffer overflows, etc.
2006-07-17 jfehlig Created convenience lib libXen_utils for common provider code. Changed build to place build products in src directory.
2006-04-27 jfehlig Add checks for libvirt and libxml2 in configure script.
2006-03-22 jbulpin Initial checkin