age author revision description
2007-08-16 Jim Fehlig 143:fc498265d293 Fixed warning (and bug) in Xen_DiskSettingData.default tip
2007-08-16 Jim Fehlig 142:57fe177533bc Fixed cmpilify.h to use CMPI_EXTERN_C from cmpimacs.h or define it properly.
2007-08-13 Jim Fehlig 141:be22f410b2a3 Basis for extrinsic tests using xm-test.
2007-08-10 Jim Fehlig 140:93e1e1824ab0 Slight modifications to patch provided by Raj Subrahmanian.
2007-08-02 Jim Fehlig 139:3ccb96bfe206 Converted profile registration classes to 'Cmpilify' single, read-only interface.
2007-08-02 Jim Fehlig 138:c0beaacf5b03 Add TESTSUITEDIR specified in user's environment to list of directories
2007-07-27 Jim Fehlig 137:26f10941718e Ported Xen_ProcessorPool to 'Cmpilify' interface.
2007-07-27 Jim Fehlig 136:86c5f863cf9d Ported Xen_MemoryPool to 'Cmpilify' interface.
2007-07-26 Jim Fehlig 135:da5a3ccd0c25 Ported Xen_ConsoleSettingData to 'Cmpilify' interface.
2007-07-19 Jim Fehlig 134:3a6f2019ef11 Ported Xen_Console to 'Cmpilify' interface. Removed corresponding resource files
2007-07-19 Jim Fehlig 133:3d8f3aba0dd8 Added property filter in setproperties function of cmpilify providers.
2007-07-19 Jim Fehlig 132:1b777fd695b9 Updated cmpilify.[ch] from SBLIM CVS to include generic provider association interface.
2007-07-18 Jim Fehlig 131:dc1be661c5ee Ported Xen_ComputerSystemSettingData to 'Cmpilify' interface.
2007-07-17 Jim Fehlig 130:e82eeb0764d6 Ported Xen_MemorySettingData to 'Cmpilify' interface.
2007-07-16 Jim Fehlig 129:6494910456a8 Ported Xen_Memory to 'Cmpilify' interface.
2007-07-16 Jim Fehlig 128:0bf03964b16c Ported Xen_ComputerSystemCapabilities to 'Cmpilify' interface.
2007-07-16 Jim Fehlig 127:152ceecb9f39 Moved all providers currently using 'Cmpilr' interface to latest 'Cimplify' interface from sblim cvs.
2007-06-13 Jim Fehlig 126:d1dab4776fed Added support in Xen_VirtualSystemManagementService for specifying VCPU Weight and Limit (cap) in Xen_ProcessorRASD.
2007-06-12 Jim Fehlig 125:ce72210a88c6 Port Xen_ProcessorSettingData to new 'cmpilr' instance interface.
2007-06-11 Jim Fehlig 124:7d3fcd10080c When creating VBD devices through XenAPI, set bootable field to true for all vbds.
2007-06-11 Jim Fehlig 123:3e8654ff41d1 Remove local add_strings_to_map function and start using xen_utils one.
2007-06-11 Jim Fehlig 122:28e8c94e92de Added xen_string_string_map utility function to xen_utils.
2007-06-08 Jim Fehlig 121:4868ace2726b Add initial consistence checks in test suite for Xen_MemoryPool, Xen_ProcessorPool and Xen_VirtualSystemManagementService.
2007-06-08 Jim Fehlig 120:0ea27641bb83 Remove Xen_HostedProcessor and Xen_HostedNetworkPort from list of tested associations.
2007-06-04 Jim Fehlig 119:5a5f465c4191 Converted Xen_Processor to new instance provider resource abstraction interface.
2007-06-04 Jim Fehlig 118:8ecc856bd445 Some optimizations and cleanup in xen_utils.
2007-06-04 Jim Fehlig 117:27a7e302adf7 Fixed memory leak in Xen_Disk.c.
2007-05-30 Jim Fehlig 116:30935f346520 Converted providers to libtool modules. Previously they were libtool libraries.
2007-05-23 Jim Fehlig 115:eed587b5cd47 Renamed some of the recently introduced test input files to better reflect their purpose.
2007-05-23 Jim Fehlig 114:d4e408f44961 Added association stuff so associators, associatorNames, references, referenceNames
2007-05-22 Jim Fehlig 113:060610260121 Xen_ElementConformsToSVProfile.mof and Xen_ElementConformsToVSProfile.mof contained incorrect ManagedElement reference property types.
2007-05-17 Jim Fehlig 112:b2ece8dd1391 Set execute permission on test scripts.
2007-05-17 Jim Fehlig 111:e0f77c47f58a This is the beginning of the test suite. The provider intrinsics
2007-05-14 Jim Fehlig 110:f99d9b081535 Removed Xen_OperatingSystem and Xen_RunningOS from build.
2007-05-11 Jim Fehlig 109:64e363d418df Minor changes to cmpilr interface:
2007-05-11 Jim Fehlig 108:1ada37af7d08 Converted Xen_Disk to use new instance provider interface.
2007-05-11 Jim Fehlig 107:69ad830f2a6e Changed Xen_DiskSettingData and Xen_VirtualSystemManagementCapabilities to use new xen session tracing function.
2007-05-11 Jim Fehlig 106:d5331bc6ed99 Added trace function for tracing error descriptions in XenAPI session object.
2007-05-10 Jim Fehlig 105:05efdeb98072 Fix xen_utils_is_domain_active() to fail when domain does not exist.
2007-05-09 Jim Fehlig 104:b66e845be7e4 Fixed crashes when enumerating Xen_Memory[SettingData], Xen_Processor[SettingData], and Xen_OperatingSystem.
2007-05-09 Jim Fehlig 103:fa1ca0490794 Integrated new 'Cmpilr' instance provider interface into build (Gareth Bestor).
2007-04-30 Jim Fehlig 102:1903faaf4d37 Fixed VirtualSystemManagementService.DefineSystem and AddResourceSetting to work with xen-unstable/3.0.5
2007-04-19 Jim Fehlig 101:e3a930759ffc Fix conversion of processor RASD to xen_vm_record structure in VirtualSystemManagementService.
2007-04-19 Jim Fehlig 100:891f3ab3933b This set of patches allows the providers to be compiled with the tip of the unstable tree.
2007-04-19 Jim Fehlig 99:7ca3bbf0810a This patch moves the providers to the changeset 14542.
2007-04-19 Jim Fehlig 98:aad84ea2d09e Added tag sles10sp1 for changeset c37b7ff52b4f
2007-03-29 Jim Fehlig 97:c37b7ff52b4f Added support for specifying VIF model in Xen_VirtualSystemManagementService.DefineSystem.sles10sp1
2007-03-27 Jim Fehlig 96:e717d287cf85 Implemented support for Reboot in Xen_ComputerSystem.RequestStateChange.
2007-03-21 Jim Fehlig 95:549c7fdf185a Changed syntax of VirtualSystemType property to coincide with the strings
2007-03-20 Jim Fehlig 94:eb8803aa395b Added support for acpi, apic, pae, usb, and usbdevice settings for HVM guests.
2007-03-20 Jim Fehlig 93:44127f60b2da Upstream patch 14341 was added to Xen 3.0.4-testing bits of SLES10 SP1.
2007-03-09 Jim Fehlig 92:66600aae1e53 Added support for receiving type CIMInstance for EmbeddedInstance method parameters.
2007-03-07 Jim Fehlig 91:315d491aec5f Updated Console classes to use Xen APIs Console.location property.
2007-03-02 Jim Fehlig 90:585665e1a296 Fixed regression in Xen_ComputerSystemSettingData.
2007-02-28 Jim Fehlig 89:93600f4355d8 Added support for Xen_ConsoleSettingData.ConsoleConfigInfo
2007-02-26 Jim Fehlig 88:9a96ebba2b60 Added support for localtime, stdvga, OnPoweroff, OnReboot, and OnCrash to Xen_ComputerSystemSettingData.
2007-02-23 Jim Fehlig 87:4ae953dc7f33 Added initial support for creating HVM guests via VirtualSystemManagementService.DefineSystem().
2007-02-23 Jim Fehlig 86:ff99c4398c16 Allow specifying VM UUID on create (DefineSystem).
2007-02-21 Jim Fehlig 85:75019e01e546 Added provider for Xen_ConsoleSettingData class.
2007-02-21 Jim Fehlig 84:e8137fd93139 Remove UUID property from Xen_Console class.
2007-02-20 Jim Fehlig 83:a11f71a8dc62 This patch adds the Xen_Console and the Xen_ComputerSystemConsole providers.
2007-02-12 Jim Fehlig 82:9540b7d05c5b Updated to match recent changes in Xen-API VIF class.
2007-02-09 Jim Fehlig 81:1f5f66bd2212 Implemented workaround for bug in OpenWBEM CMPI interface.
2007-02-02 Jim Fehlig 80:34c227369758 VirtualSystemTypesSupported property of Xen_VirtualSystemManagementCapabilites now contains the supported guests mined from 'xen_caps' field of 'xm info'.
2007-01-31 Jim Fehlig 79:b328bc8e58a4 Fixed segfault due to uninitialized variables.
2007-01-31 Jim Fehlig 78:28127889bbd8 A few adjustments to the rudimentary session validation.
2007-01-31 Jim Fehlig 77:3660145fc845 This patch disables the compiling of Xen_HostedProcessor and Xen_HostedNetworkPort.
2007-01-31 Jim Fehlig 76:be502ff61bca Fixed Xen_VirtualSystemManagementService to handle case of xend being down. If xend is not running, the provider is still functional but sets 'Started' to false and 'EnabledState' to disabled.
2007-01-31 Jim Fehlig 75:c4b60c8b0344 Added rudimentary session validation. Additional attention needed before Xen 3.0.5 but after SLES10 SP1.
2007-01-30 Jim Fehlig 74:91ba4cca4e7f Implemented DeleteInstance for class Xen_NetworkPortSettingData.
2007-01-30 Jim Fehlig 73:9195ac5d125b Implemented DeleteInstance for class Xen_NetworkPort.
2007-01-30 Jim Fehlig 72:81dccf888b4c Implemented SetInstance (ModifyInstance) for class Xen_MemorySettingData
2007-01-30 Jim Fehlig 71:b4a6b0ae9f98 Implemented DeleteResource for Xen_DiskSettingData.
2007-01-30 Jim Fehlig 70:1742d5df86de Implemented DeleteResource for Xen_Disk.
2007-01-30 Jim Fehlig 69:f3e4bed00479 Removed implementation of Xen_VirtualSystemManagementService.[Modify|Remove]ResourceSetting.
2007-01-30 Jim Fehlig 68:7f939e0e7d18 Removed ModifyResourceSetting and RemoveResourceSetting from Xen_VirtualSystemManagementService.
2007-01-29 Jim Fehlig 67:65375d9fcd9b Removed unused parameters from disk and vif resource abstraction interface.
2007-01-29 Jim Fehlig 66:5eca780bf128 Changed representation of disk and vif resources. Previously used domain resources to realize disk and vif resources. Now just keep lists of all disk or vif resources.
2007-01-26 Jim Fehlig 65:5df6a4411aae Plugged memory leak in logging code.
2007-01-25 Jim Fehlig 64:daba2a70671d Added support for RemoveResourceSetting extrinsic method.
2007-01-25 Jim Fehlig 63:1ed37d18b613 Changed network port related classes to use the VIF UUID in key properties.
2007-01-25 Jim Fehlig 62:92a3b51298ab Changed disk related classes to use the disk UUId in key properties.
2007-01-24 Jim Fehlig 61:6911ca3c857d Added support for Xen_VirutalSystemManagementService.ModifyResourceSetting extrinsic method.
2007-01-24 Jim Fehlig 60:fe1e3e259c44 Added support for extrinsic method Xen_VirtualSystemManagementService.AddResourceSetting().
2007-01-19 Jim Fehlig 59:f5aee5f0c44f More cleanup of unnecessary MOF files. Also cleaned up top-level Makefile.am
2007-01-19 Jim Fehlig 58:3154657bb8fd Removed SVPC CIM schema that has either been withdrawn from inclusion
2007-01-18 Jim Fehlig 57:86a324bd9116 Updates to DMTF SVPC schema files following approval of SVPCCR00042.
2007-01-17 Jim Fehlig 56:e6a1f148b01b Xen_ComputerSystem (VMs) should not be associated with Xen_RegisteredSVProfile. Only the host is associated to the System Virtualization Profile.
2007-01-17 Jim Fehlig 55:cc7579061be2 Change version of System Virtualiztion Profile supported to 0.7.3.
2007-01-17 Jim Fehlig 54:0ab270c76de2 Identify memory and processor pools as primordial.
2007-01-17 Jim Fehlig 53:9e7979884fb5 Changed InstanceID property of SettingsData-based classed to use "Xen:<domain name>[:<device name>]". This was needed to correlate SettingsData to their ManagedElements.
2007-01-12 Jim Fehlig 52:d624de31f99f Versioned all provider libraries. Also some minor cleanup in configure.ac and src/Makefile.am.
2007-01-10 Jim Fehlig 51:ab8e99c757f5 Updated to version 0.7.7 of DMTF SVPC Virtual System Profile.
2007-01-09 Jim Fehlig 50:ebf84a861e86 Improve memory cleanup in InvokeMethod code path within VirtualSystemManagementService.
2007-01-09 Jim Fehlig 49:cd21b7e999f3 Updated to latest DMTF SVPC schema.
2007-01-08 Jim Fehlig 48:b5de9129d567 Remove some mof and registration files that are no longer used.
2007-01-08 Jim Fehlig 47:e0f068d0632a First stab at optimizing Xend session handling.
2006-12-22 jfehlig 46:391b3af1a01f Minor fix in configure script to look for libxenapi instead of libxen.
2006-12-22 jfehlig 45:6ec07cc4fe79 Minor changes to README file.
2006-12-21 jfehlig 44:0dde221a96c3 Implementation of HHTP client code that connects to xen-api-server listening on a Unix Domain Socket. Use of libcurl has been removed. We may want to revisit this in the future when/if it is desired to have the providers connect to xend remotely.
2006-12-19 jfehlig 43:b0df13079b16 This patch updates the Xen_NetworkPort_Resource.c and .h files to read the device information. I also changed all references to 'nic' to 'vif' to keep it unifotm. The patch basically follows the Xen_Disk_Resource.c patch that came in yesterday.
2006-12-19 jfehlig 42:4982f113be4a Add support to boot using a bootloader, e.g. pygrub or domUloader.
2006-12-19 jfehlig 41:54d2d23c545b This patch fixes a segfault when Xen_OperatingSystem is enumerated.
2006-12-18 jfehlig 40:7ec3c3a17b78 Update providers to build against Xen 3.0.4 RC3.
2006-12-18 jfehlig 39:94526250c762 Fixed resource interface for Xen_Disk class. Also made fixes to DefineVirtualSystem operation allowing multiple disks to be specified on VM definition.
2006-12-14 jfehlig 38:14ef6944c18c Fixed typo in resource population for class Xen_VirtualSystemManagementService.
2006-12-13 jfehlig 37:739c07210142 Enabled creation of VIF devices on DefineVirtualSystem operation. Previously xend failed to create VIF devices but a patch to fix the issue has been accepted in upstream xen, so enable it in the providers now.
2006-12-08 jfehlig 36:453d2fb8c386 Adjustments to account for new location of libxen headers. When libxen was incorporated into the overall Xen build, headers were installed in /usr/include/xen/api. This patch makes the providers use headers from the new location.
2006-11-17 jfehlig 35:21a449d9e814 Cleanups to the new vm lifecycle code.
2006-11-14 jfehlig 34:70dde628345c Remove extracting resident VMs from host record and retrieve directly using host.get_resident_VMs() RPC. A patch has been submitted upstream that fixes this RPC on the xend side.
2006-11-13 jfehlig 33:acaabfa6fb4a Initial port of all providers to the new Xen API.
2006-10-24 jfehlig 32:75b18359b74d Fixed a few compilation warnings, fixed 'make dist' target, and updated release tag in configure.ac to 0.1.1.
2006-10-24 jfehlig 31:33d4316c01a2 Fixed compilation warings throughout the project. Nearly all files touched.
2006-10-20 jfehlig 30:7c937c187b5e Remove obsoleted CIM class implementations from repository.
2006-10-16 jfehlig 29:f95f149022c3 Added capabilities classes and their associations for representing capabilities of virtual computer systems and virtual system management service.
2006-10-16 jfehlig 28:6137ddada5ca Updated postinstall target to install necessary XenCIM schema in Interop and host instrumentation namespaces. Updated README.
2006-10-06 jfehlig 27:cd38c6aaf924 Added an option to configure script which allows user to select host instrumentation. Choices are omc and sblim with omc as the default.
2006-10-06 jfehlig 26:a4962bb9446a Fixed bugs associated with 'make postinstall' target. We were not deriving from
2006-09-28 jfehlig 25:16d625984bc4 Lots of work on MemoryPool and its associations. Also fixed bugs in various
2006-09-26 jfehlig 24:5ea0266dce26 Implement Xen_ProcessorPoolComponent association.