age author revision description
2006-08-25 jfehlig 21:d41f84e91f1d Initial implementation of System Virtualization and Virtual System Profile registration.
2006-08-24 jfehlig 20:efe4945dbfd0 Updated RequestStateChange() method to Virtual System Profile 0.7.1.
2006-08-21 jfehlig 19:c6ef1b7774ef Updated properties of class Xen_ComputerSystem to reflect current Virtual System Profile (v0.7.1).
2006-08-18 jfehlig 18:8485e8704003 Added DMTF SPVC mof files to the repository.
2006-08-15 jfehlig 17:1faa76de765e Changes to several files to satisfy the SuSE autobuild process, e.g. cleaned up warnings, buffer overflows, etc.
2006-07-28 jfehlig 16:94fc22b52c5d Switched ProcessorPool to using SMASH providers for host processor instrumentation.
2006-07-27 jfehlig 15:b41cd972b2fe Removed remaining references to Linux_* classes. Now using CIM_* equivalents. Also updated Xen_MemorySettingData to conform to latest CIM_RASD.
2006-07-26 jfehlig 14:d086bab6deb9 Reworked Xen_ProcessorPool and its associations to conform to latest profiles and schema from SVPC.
2006-07-17 jfehlig 13:39ebe2d9be05 Backed out changes initially made to support InstanceID generation algorithm specified in CIM_SettingData. For now we will not support this algorithm.
2006-07-17 jfehlig 12:fd9074cc89e6 Created convenience lib libXen_utils for common provider code. Changed build to place build products in src directory.
2006-07-17 jfehlig 11:b56bc8499ffc Initial integration with SMASH providers from OMC project - http://www.omc-project.org. Other providers integrating with SMASH should follow this pattern.
2006-06-27 jfehlig 10:8e52de626fb5 Removed association Xen_HostedVirtualizationManagementService and replaced with an updated Xen_HostedVirtualSystemManagementService.
2006-06-16 jfehlig 9:3b565b599c83 First cut of implementing VirtualSystemManagementService and RequestStateChange.
2006-06-02 jfehlig 8:00129d9fb639 Added temporary support for writing / reading config in libxm shim. This facilitates implementation of DefineVirtualSystem and reading recorded settings.
2006-05-31 jfehlig 7:620c83169325 Pulled code from SettingData classes that generated InstanceID in "<orgid>:<localid>"form described in CIM_SettingData.mof. Must decide when/how to support DMTF preferred format.
2006-05-19 jfehlig 6:7c8d92923475 Added '/usr/local/include/openwbem' path to CHECK_CMPI macro - submitted by Raj Subrahmanian.
2006-05-18 jfehlig 5:546080df8a77 Cleanup of Xen_ComputerSystem and Xen_HostedComputerSystem provided by Raj Subrahmanian.
2006-05-17 jfehlig 4:76f6001a7372 Removed "Domain-0" from the list of domains returned by libxm. Fixed
2006-05-16 jfehlig 3:72ce17d5b848 Updated Xen_*SettingData classes to latest schema from DMTF SPVC working group.
2006-04-27 jfehlig 2:17b5de70c6ab Add checks for libvirt and libxml2 in configure script.
2006-04-26 jfehlig 1:bdf24cd56bed Initial change to make the provider work with libvirt and openwbem.
2006-03-22 jbulpin 0:72b83cde6b72 Initial checkin