age author revision description
2007-07-13 Hollis Blanchard 137:14c48f11619e [POWERPC][XEN][LINUX] Enable performance monitoring.default tip
2007-07-13 Hollis Blanchard 136:696817986e68 [XEN][LINUX][POWERPC] Implement xencomm translation for ACM hypercalls.
2007-07-13 kfraser 135:9debaf360905 Remove unusued xen_xlate_dev_mem_* macros.
2007-07-13 kfraser 134:cc33c63a5afe Revert xen-unstable 12513 (changes to xen devmem for ia64).
2007-07-13 kfraser 133:e9dea8b7fde7 blktap: Fix page reference count/file rss count leak when auto-translate is enabled.
2007-07-13 kfraser 132:2ecb16be42b4 xen: remove unnecessary inclusion of kthread.h
2007-07-13 kfraser 131:3baca673faeb xen: move swiotlb.c to lib/swiotlb-xen.c
2007-07-13 kfraser 130:50477b1b3016 linux: adjust make logic for -xen files.
2007-07-12 kfraser 129:670f8d5305d2 Fix PV-on-HVM driver build.
2007-07-12 kfraser 128:c9cbeaa47140 balloon: Fix building as a module (totalhigh_pages is not exported to
2007-07-12 kfraser 127:5557a81f0376 Merge with ia64 xen tree.
2007-07-10 Alex Williamson 126:86ac3059ab67 [IA64] Map cpu_to_node table with xencomm for physinfo sysctl
2007-07-10 Alex Williamson 125:e57b5bec937f merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg
2007-07-09 Alex Williamson 124:56e84a427523 [IA64] Support special guest optimizations in the hypervisor
2007-07-05 Alex Williamson 123:e9426682eb0c [IA64] Make some of xen hyperprivops transparent
2007-07-05 Alex Williamson 122:b13d92a565ba [IA64] Inline xen hyperprivops to eliminate branch call.
2007-07-05 Alex Williamson 121:39a32fbd0abb [IA64] White space clean up of privop.h
2007-07-05 Alex Williamson 120:20ad114fc427 [IA64] Call xen_get_ivr hyperprivops directly in interrupt handler
2007-07-05 Alex Williamson 119:3c66f3eb713d [IA64] Fix xen_eoi() prototype.
2007-07-05 Alex Williamson 118:a52d392e18e7 [IA64] linux header inclusion clean up.
2007-07-05 Alex Williamson 117:7357f635cc41 [IA64] Add more __read_mostly and add const to running_on_xen.
2007-07-05 Alex Williamson 116:7063c3087b2f [IA64] Remove xen_pal_halt_light
2007-07-05 Alex Williamson 115:0795de25670e [IA64] Fix xen_setup() call condition
2007-07-05 Alex Williamson 114:5b6d54e42d11 [IA64] Typo in linux-2.6-xen-sparse/arch/ia64/xen/hypervisor.c
2007-07-05 Alex Williamson 113:6e16fa7e3f20 [IA64] swiotlb: clean up. avoid unnecessary address conversion
2007-07-05 Alex Williamson 112:52ec41fa9cd1 [IA64] Remove 'may be uninitialized' warning
2007-07-02 Alex Williamson 111:291e24787f8b merge with linux-2.6.18-xen.hg
2007-07-02 Alex Williamson 110:fbbd06d74324 [IA64] Update arch-ia64.h
2007-07-02 Alex Williamson 109:e6fdf92458f3 [IA64] Update arch-ia64.h
2007-07-02 Alex Williamson 108:ad87b0f9d5ca [IA64] Update arch-ia64.h
2007-06-18 Alex Williamson 107:3df04f34c4aa [IA64] Dom0 kernel - sn2 use ioremap for PCI registers
2007-07-11 kfraser 106:9942e31a3ec5 Fix a stale comment.
2007-07-10 kfraser 105:b3c2f84be0bb swiotlb: dma_addr_to_phys_addr() should be static.
2007-07-10 kfraser 104:06cd871a5a98 xebus: Do not avoid state transitions on shutdown in kernels for which
2007-07-10 kfraser 103:a70de77dd8d3 pciback: Allow DomU to restore address bars if needed.
2007-07-10 kfraser 102:e9c0b1c11587 Synchronise sysctl.h with Xen public master header.
2007-07-09 kfraser 101:5684370b1c4d swiotlb: Allow sync on arbitrary offsets into dma-mapped region.
2007-07-09 kfraser 100:5a4e93508aa0 swiotlb: Keep offset in a page strictly smaller than PAGE_SIZE.
2007-07-09 kfraser 99:f15643dab1ca swiotlb: Handle sync invocations on subregions of a mapped region.
2007-07-09 kfraser 98:d9af7736dee4 Frontend net driver acceleration.
2007-07-09 kfraser 97:1def4dc6afbc Backend net driver acceleration.
2007-07-09 kfraser 96:729fa35e1e3b Add xenbus_for_each_[back,front]end functions to iterate each bus.
2007-07-09 kfraser 95:21d5238ee2ec privcmd: Take write lock on mm semaphore when calling
2007-07-09 Ian Campbell 94:d36fd1c5db16 Reduce log level of informational message.
2007-07-09 kfraser 93:08cf42135056 x86: dma_map_sg() must handle multi-page segments.
2007-07-07 Keir Fraser 92:f833757672a7 Revert ARCH_HAS_DEV_MEM change in drivers/xen/char/mem.c
2007-07-07 Keir Fraser 91:3ac668c7e1ae Revert unnecessary locking changes in privcmd_ioctl().
2007-07-06 Hollis Blanchard 90:a2acc03e8a4d [XEN][LINUX][POWERPC] Add PowerPC Xen architecture support.
2007-07-06 kfraser 89:e5f633c33025 Add 32-bit privcmd ioctl conversion for 64-bit kernels.
2007-07-06 kfraser 88:22c388bfd719 Refactor grant table allocation into arch-specific code.
2007-07-06 kfraser 87:4a08141e62ca Add "#ifdef ARCH_HAS_DEV_MEM" to archtecture specific file_operations.
2007-07-06 kfraser 86:9e66b8728bd3 [PPC] Invert #ifdef for x86-specific *_vm_area().
2007-07-06 kfraser 85:0dc0d418483e [PPC] Add architecture-generic xencomm infrastructure.
2007-07-06 kfraser 84:3af06a6f06c2 [PPC] Create Xen-specific interface for xlate_dev_mem_*
2007-07-06 kfraser 83:dabb3289da97 [PPC] Add Kconfig option for the balloon driver.
2007-07-06 Christian Limpach 82:11483a00c017 Delay wait for block devices until after the disk is added.
2007-07-02 Ian Campbell 81:cb040341e05a Do not call clock_was_set() from interrupt context.
2007-07-02 kfraser 80:4a284f968015 blktap/blkback: Tear down sysfs nodes before freeing blkdev structures.
2007-07-01 kfraser 79:57ab8dd47580 Stop low memory from appearing -ve in /proc/meminfo when ballooned.
2007-06-27 Ian Campbell 78:0be610b725fa Fix kexec compatibility with highmem.