age author revision description
13 months ago Juergen Gross 7605:08d58ec85cdd qemu-trad: remove Xen path dependenciesdefault tip
17 months ago convert-repo 7604:8e7f07ba5cbc update tags
17 months ago Maximilian Heyne 7603:20e2704afa62 xen: cleanup IOREQ server on exit
17 months ago Gerd Hoffmann 7602:9f5333852d9c Add exit notifiers.
17 months ago Anthony Liguori 7601:0d381aeddf5f Add support for generic notifier lists
2018-10-24 Andra Paraschiv 7600:f53b0d1bdc12 xen/pt: allow QEMU to request MSI unmasking at bind time
2018-08-23 Paul Durrant 7599:f1d6666b38bb qemu-trad: stop using the default IOREQ server
2017-09-15 Ian Jackson 7598:e9092d02accb qemu-xen-traditional: Link against xentoolcore
2017-03-21 Gerd Hoffmann 7597:1d86f1ed4273 cirrus/vnc: zap drop bitblit support from console code.
2017-02-23 Paul Durrant 7596:ac83c867a704 Request compatibility interface for device model operations
2017-02-23 Paul Durrant 7595:e1a249b9bdc4 Add libxendevicemodel to rpath-link
2017-02-22 Gerd Hoffmann 7594:32bee1df4966 cirrus: add blit_is_unsafe call to cirrus_bitblt_cputovideo
2017-02-22 Li Qiang 7593:6da569e9383e cirrus: fix oob access issue (CVE-2017-2615)
2016-12-07 Ian Jackson 7592:594032978b25 qemu: ioport_read, ioport_write: be defensive about 32-bit addresses
2016-11-29 Jan Beulich 7591:85371ac34f12 xen: fix ioreq handling
2016-09-20 P J P 7590:bbd33b6914e8 virtio: error out if guest exceeds virtqueue size
2016-06-10 Ian Jackson 7589:3a5fe3f0f565 main loop: Big hammer to fix logfile disk DoS in Xen setups
2016-05-18 Wei Liu 7588:04d2122dcbaf Fix build with newer version of GNUTLS
2016-05-10 Stefan Hajnoczi 7587:fa75568a7441 rtl8139: check TCP Data Offset field
2016-05-10 Stefan Hajnoczi 7586:3d9df628cd22 rtl8139: skip offload on short TCP header
2016-05-10 Stefan Hajnoczi 7585:86038a48de51 rtl8139: check IP Total Length field
2016-05-10 Stefan Hajnoczi 7584:c45a0e9fda2c rtl8139: check IP Header Length field
2016-05-10 Stefan Hajnoczi 7583:e8ca59e7e98b rtl8139: skip offload on short Ethernet/IP header
2016-05-10 Stefan Hajnoczi 7582:c54bd6185433 rtl8139: drop tautologous if (ip) {...} statement
2016-05-10 Stefan Hajnoczi 7581:3cde899bdaf4 rtl8139: avoid nested ifs in IP header parsing
2016-05-10 Gerd Hoffmann 7580:e9fbc3c0e310 vga: make sure vga register setup for vbe stays intact (CVE-2016-3712).
2016-05-10 Gerd Hoffmann 7579:cb97f2f02ec7 vga: update vga register setup on vbe changes
2016-05-10 Gerd Hoffmann 7578:a5cf5e7ae810 vga: factor out vga register setup
2016-05-10 Gerd Hoffmann 7577:322f9694a594 vga: add vbe_enabled() helper
2016-05-10 Gerd Hoffmann 7576:76fd29c5a1bd vga: fix banked access bounds checking (CVE-2016-3710)
2016-01-22 Ian Campbell 7575:015af663284b qemu-xen-traditional: Add libxenforeignmemory to rpath-link
2016-01-22 Ian Campbell 7574:19dfc0705933 qemu-xen-traditional: Add libxencall to rpath-link
2016-01-22 Ian Campbell 7573:e0ffe3cc8575 qemu-xen-traditional: Use libxengnttab
2016-01-22 Ian Campbell 7572:197a55b230b2 qemu-xen-traditional: Use libxenevtchn
2016-01-04 Jan Beulich 7571:10def709a933 MSI-X: avoid array overrun upon MSI-X table writes
2015-12-18 Stefano Stabellini 7570:43dce515679f blkif: Avoid double access to src->nr_segments
2015-12-18 Stefano Stabellini 7569:40a4eb4d7184 xenfb: avoid reading twice the same fields from the shared page
2015-12-09 Ian Campbell 7568:5415f1823736 qemu-xen-traditional: Use xentoollog as a separate library
2015-12-09 Ian Jackson 7567:e5aabaaf22e8 net: pcnet: add check to validate receive data size(CVE-2015-7504)
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7566:ed75f38a1d8f block-vvfat: fix resource leaks in read_directory()
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7565:d58d58f79620 block-raw-posix: Fix memory leak in posix_aio_init()
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7564:75268a5e23a6 block-nbd: close sock in nbd_open() error path
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7563:7f70938451c3 ide: don't leak irq array in pci_cmd646_ide_init()
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7562:47f2ddde2d6b net: initialize parameters before use in net_socket_fd_init_dgram()
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7561:956c33928eac virtio-blk: correctly link new request in virtio_blk_load()
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7560:6577d3f6d1c5 block-vvfat: fix memory leak in check_directory_consistency()
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7559:ebfde96caf8d block-vvfat: fix memory/handle leaks in commit_one_file()
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7558:f541934936c2 net: Fix memory/handle leaks in net_socket_listen_init()
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7557:d62daab7fca6 net: don't leak an fd after an error
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7556:7933e71b5c55 hw/ide: fix memory leak from qemu_allocate_irqs()
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7555:4a32296a6635 qemu-char: fix memory leak in qemu_char_open_pty()
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7554:676268572314 hw/device-hotplug: fix test of drive_add() return
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7553:1cc7dca59fbe console: Avoid overrunning the dmask arrays
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7552:7d208344f450 block-cow: don't close cow_fd twice on error
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7551:7cac5c47b910 readline: fix memory corruption when adding history
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7550:3b38ca41df6d hw/msmouse.c: Fix deref_after_free and double free
2015-10-16 Andrew Cooper 7549:5db4c7e3d35b signal: Don't use uninitalised sival_ptr
2015-10-16 Andrew Cooper 7548:8d1228e94865 pic: Don't allocate irq buffers
2015-10-16 Andrew Cooper 7547:016bdc35bd84 smbios: Don't allocate smbus eeprom buffer
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7546:ab878552fdf4 cmdline: Parse -pciemulation before trying to use it