age author revision description
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7566:ed75f38a1d8f block-vvfat: fix resource leaks in read_directory()default tip
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7565:d58d58f79620 block-raw-posix: Fix memory leak in posix_aio_init()
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7564:75268a5e23a6 block-nbd: close sock in nbd_open() error path
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7563:7f70938451c3 ide: don't leak irq array in pci_cmd646_ide_init()
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7562:47f2ddde2d6b net: initialize parameters before use in net_socket_fd_init_dgram()
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7561:956c33928eac virtio-blk: correctly link new request in virtio_blk_load()
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7560:6577d3f6d1c5 block-vvfat: fix memory leak in check_directory_consistency()
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7559:ebfde96caf8d block-vvfat: fix memory/handle leaks in commit_one_file()
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7558:f541934936c2 net: Fix memory/handle leaks in net_socket_listen_init()
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7557:d62daab7fca6 net: don't leak an fd after an error
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7556:7933e71b5c55 hw/ide: fix memory leak from qemu_allocate_irqs()
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7555:4a32296a6635 qemu-char: fix memory leak in qemu_char_open_pty()
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7554:676268572314 hw/device-hotplug: fix test of drive_add() return
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7553:1cc7dca59fbe console: Avoid overrunning the dmask arrays
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7552:7d208344f450 block-cow: don't close cow_fd twice on error
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7551:7cac5c47b910 readline: fix memory corruption when adding history
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7550:3b38ca41df6d hw/msmouse.c: Fix deref_after_free and double free
2015-10-16 Andrew Cooper 7549:5db4c7e3d35b signal: Don't use uninitalised sival_ptr
2015-10-16 Andrew Cooper 7548:8d1228e94865 pic: Don't allocate irq buffers
2015-10-16 Andrew Cooper 7547:016bdc35bd84 smbios: Don't allocate smbus eeprom buffer
2015-10-16 Kaifeng Zhu 7546:ab878552fdf4 cmdline: Parse -pciemulation before trying to use it
2015-10-16 Chunjie Zhu 7545:c7a74e156803 dma: fix incorrect bh scheduling
2015-10-16 Chunjie Zhu 7544:11d3f02a41ae ide: cancel dma operations on command abort or error
2015-10-16 Aurelien Jarno 7543:5dc77a1a374f cirrus_vga: fix division by 0 for color expansion rop
2015-10-16 Andrew Cooper 7542:ee760d433269 CVE-2014-3615: vbe: rework sanity checks
2015-10-16 Andrew Cooper 7541:e07e2d59e008 CVE-2014-7815: vnc: sanitize bits_per_pixel from the client
2015-10-16 Andrew Cooper 7540:1f8bcc732a9e CVE-2014-8106: cirrus: fix blit region check
2015-10-16 Jim Paris 7539:a186d958c5cf usb-linux.c: fix buffer overflow
2015-10-16 Andrew Cooper 7538:38a2632a58a1 block-vvfat: fix fat_chksum() buffer overrun warning
2015-10-16 Andrew Cooper 7537:ad40e2919b5c lm832x: don't overrun file buffer on save/restore
2015-10-16 Andrew Cooper 7536:099a60f8b59c cirrus_vga: default all I/O port reads to 0xff
2015-10-16 Yunlei Ding 7535:c2e56c48b3dd virtio-blk: initialise unused blkcfg.size_max field
2015-09-08 Ian Jackson 7534:ca24e0c61f07 Fix build after "ui/vnc: limit client_cut_text msg payload size"
2015-09-08 Peter Lieven 7533:25b0ba0c1a32 ui/vnc: limit client_cut_text msg payload size
2015-08-28 Ian Jackson 7532:994bd00f767a HVM: atomically access pointers in bufioreq handling
2015-07-29 Kevin Wolf 7531:ad99e54447ba ide: Clear DRQ after handling all expected accesses
2015-07-29 Kevin Wolf 7530:5d54174d401b ide: Check array bounds before writing to io_buffer (CVE-2015-5154)
2015-06-23 Petr Matousek 7529:8c823e47d1b4 pcnet: force the buffer access to be in bounds during tx
2015-06-23 Gonglei 7528:e6f0b3ae1d50 pcnet: fix Negative array index read
2015-06-09 Jan Beulich 7527:903c8e62bf80 ... by default. Add a per-device "permissive" mode similar to pciback's
2015-06-09 Jan Beulich 7526:2a52975e474e Since the next patch will turn all not explicitly described fields
2015-06-09 Jan Beulich 7525:3b28cef85be5 The adjustments are solely to make the subsequent patches work right
2015-06-09 Jan Beulich 7524:6953bab3984b xen_pt_emu_reg_pcie[]'s PCI_EXP_DEVCAP needs to cover all bits as read-
2015-06-09 Jan Beulich 7523:11573f2e0db4 This is just to avoid having to adjust that calculation later in
2015-06-09 Jan Beulich 7522:aafacbadc92a xen_pt_pmcsr_reg_write() needs an adjustment to deal with the RW1C
2015-06-09 Jan Beulich 7521:3c380c6912f1 There's no point in xen_pt_pmcsr_reg_{read,write}() each ORing
2015-06-09 Jan Beulich 7520:9e49f702e736 Without this the actual XSA-131 fix would cause the enable bit to not
2015-06-09 Jan Beulich 7519:95cd6cefe8b4 ... to avoid allowing the guest to cause the control domain's disk to
2015-06-09 Jan Beulich 7518:afb9b5f8324c It's being used by the hypervisor. For now simply mimic a device not
2015-06-09 Jan Beulich 7517:caed8c856118 The old logic didn't work as intended when an access spanned multiple
2015-05-27 Petr Matousek 7516:cbf09265ce8b fdc: force the fifo access to be in bounds of the allocated buffer
2015-04-09 Wei Liu 7515:db020fc7000f qemu-trad: xenstore: use relative path for device-model node
2015-03-31 Jan Beulich 7514:dc5b184faaec xen: limit guest control of PCI command register
2015-02-02 Jan Beulich 7513:4c02f56bf506 cirrus: fix an uninitialized variable
2014-10-06 Ian Campbell 7512:03047c3f4ac5 qemu-xen-trad: Switch to $(LIBEXEC_BIN) from $(LIBEXEC)
2014-09-23 Stefano Stabellini 7511:8a6b3c4bf933 qemu-xen-trad: -I tools/libxc/include and tools/xenstore/include
2014-06-25 Zhenzhong Duan 7510:f450bdb3a4fa qemu-xen-trad: free all the pirqs for msi/msix when driver unloads
2013-12-19 Andrew Cooper 7509:69b9b99ace25 qemu-traditional: Fix build warnings on Wheezy
2013-12-04 Matthew Daley 7508:911114824bb5 xen_disk: fix memory leak
2013-11-12 Konrad Rzeszutek Wilk 7507:17b07bff2e82 hw/piix4acpi: Make writes to ACPI_DBG_IO_ADDR actually work.