age author revision description
2011-09-21 Ian Campbell 23159:2112db7c68b3 libxl: do not start a xenpv qemu solely for tap devices if blktap is available
2011-09-17 Jan Beulich 23158:7d13e08b5120 x86/vmx: don't call __vmxoff() blindly
2011-09-17 George Dunlap 23157:c5554f952a82 xen: Move tsc reliability check until after CPUs have booted
2011-09-17 Juergen Gross 23156:4a401bdaeb5b Avoid race in schedule() when switching schedulers
2011-09-17 Keir Fraser 23155:3e1d3c9747f2 x86: Couple of small cleanups after cpuid faulting patch.
2011-09-13 Andrew Cooper 23154:829c4fd73b10 IRQ: IO-APIC support End Of Interrupt for older IO-APICs
2011-09-13 Stefano Stabellini 23153:08568ad1140a xen: if mapping GSIs we run out of pirq < nr_irqs_gsi, use the others
2011-09-08 Keir Fraser 23152:78d8c5227bb1 Update Xen version to 4.1.2-rc3-pre
2011-09-07 Keir Fraser 23151:2376070f6685 Added signature for changeset 3e6a3bf83935
2011-09-07 Keir Fraser 23150:be0040eb0a36 Added tag 4.1.2-rc2 for changeset 3e6a3bf83935
2011-09-07 Keir Fraser 23149:3e6a3bf83935 Update Xen version to 4.1.2-rc24.1.2-rc2
2011-09-07 Jan Beulich 23148:c4172ba1a98b bitmap_scnlistprintf() should always zero-terminate its output buffer
2011-08-31 Stefano Stabellini 23147:6239209bb560 xen: __hvm_pci_intx_assert should check for gsis remapped onto pirqs
2011-08-31 Stefano Stabellini 23146:50496ccde3c3 xen: fix hvm_domain_use_pirq's behavior
2011-08-31 Andrew Cooper 23145:1092a143ef9d IRQ: manually EOI migrating line interrupts
2011-08-31 Dietmar Hahn 23144:2ace86381b97 vpmu: Add processors Westmere E7-8837 and SandyBridge i5-2500 to the vpmu list
2011-06-05 Marek Marczykowski 23143:be4b078e2d08 libxl: Do not SEGV when no 'removable' disk parameter in xenstore
2011-06-05 Marek Marczykowski 23142:e606d167fc00 xen.lowlevel.xl: Return None on empty domain name
2011-06-01 Marek Marczykowski 23141:2acda7c97599 libxl: Allocate memory for strings in libxl_device_disk
2011-06-05 Marek Marczykowski 23140:1fc844ffd99b libxl: Accept disk name in libxl_devid_to_device_disk
2011-06-05 Marek Marczykowski 23139:d4d0621cf325 libxl: Remove frontend and backend devices from xenstore after destroy
2011-08-30 Signed-off-by: Shriram Rajagopalan 23138:e5dd58f9bee1 remus: handle exceptions while installing/unstalling net buffer
2011-08-30 Shriram Rajagopalan 23137:88ac7613a4f9 tools: remus: blktap2/block-remus.c - potential write-after-write race fix
2011-08-30 Shriram Rajagopalan 23136:9a88c2604e59 tools: remus: support DRBD disk backends
2011-08-30 Jinsong Liu 23135:a0fe53f00a7d remus: write circumlocution for try..except..finally
2011-08-30 Shriram Rajagopalan 23134:b29552e599c8 remus: blackhole replication target
2011-08-30 Shriram Rajagopalan 23133:f829cb802b91 remus: fix check for installed qdiscs on ifb
2011-08-30 Ian Jackson 23132:20bc824fde06 Merge
2011-08-30 Ian Campbell 23131:3ecd151a6925 xl: print sxp on dry-run of create.
2011-08-30 Fabio Fantoni 23130:2f2a75df40f6 tools: Improved LSB headers in init.d scripts
2011-08-30 xl: improve compatibility with xm 23129:3cad92b7ac91 /etc/init.d/xendomains relies on simple pattern matching from sructures
2011-08-26 Tim Deegan 23128:4cd50a27f7fb x86/mm: Add iommu=sharept parameter for compatibility with 4.2
2011-08-23 Tim Deegan 23127:19c47a4d7d37 Passthrough: fix iommu_use_hap_pt() to use hap_enabled()
2011-08-23 Tim Deegan 23126:778723e052d5 IOMMU: only try to share IOMMU and HAP tables for domains with P2M.
2011-08-23 Tim Deegan 23125:b42d905cd032 VT-d: Explicitly test EPT capabilities during IOMMU init
2011-08-25 Keir Fraser 23124:007a40379000 Update Xen version to 4.1.2-rc2-pre
2011-08-25 Keir Fraser 23123:3fc53d38e619 Added signature for changeset 1f21da33dea4
2011-08-25 Keir Fraser 23122:d78a122898d5 Added tag 4.1.2-rc1 for changeset 1f21da33dea4
2011-08-25 Keir Fraser 23121:1f21da33dea4 Update Xen version to 4.1.2-rc14.1.2-rc1
2011-08-24 David Vrabel 23120:c7702b73f382 x86: don't limit dom0's maximum reservation by the available memory
2011-08-22 David Vrabel 23119:473d6cd9dddf x86: use 'dom0_mem' to limit the number of pages for dom0
2011-08-22 Kevin Tian 23118:9dd0eb4f20d4 cpuidle: initialize default Cstate information
2011-08-19 Andrew Cooper 23117:a79c1d5b946e x86/KEXEC: disable hpet legacy broadcasts earlier
2011-08-16 Jan Beulich 23116:98c98daab56a x86/PCI-MSI: properly determine VF BAR values
2011-08-16 Andrew Cooper 23115:4797cf482355 x86: IRQ fix incorrect logic in __clear_irq_vector
2011-08-16 Jan Beulich 23114:d52e686e0e2f VT-d: don't reject valid DMAR/ATSR tables on systems with multiple PCI segments
2011-08-16 Keir Fraser 23113:c8987be040d0 Revert 23092:0f2b9b6c5a74
2011-08-12 Tim Deegan 23112:84e3706df07a Passthrough: disable bus-mastering on any card that causes an IOMMU fault.
2011-07-25 Tim Deegan 23111:cb22fa57ff25 VT-d: always clean up dpci timers.
2011-07-23 Roger Pau Monne 23110:4d5c76248de3 xend: remove PCI device listing from NetBSD, since it's Linux
2011-07-23 George Dunlap 23109:8d22d7bc4ed4 xen: Fix sedf scheduler
2011-07-21 Roger Pau Monne 23108:5199c4f6bfab xend NetBSD init script: fixed problem when restarting xend
2011-07-21 Roger Pau Monne 23107:6efaee8812b7 tools: xencommons NetBSD init script: Multiple bugfixes and improvements
2011-07-21 Roger Pau Monne 23106:e164e8d89bb2 xend: NetBSD portability fix for LVM raw volume names
2011-07-21 Mike McClurg 23105:24fa05d9037d tools/ocaml: ask compiler for correct library
2011-07-20 Keir Fraser 23104:1976adbf2b80 hvmloader: Switch to absolute addressing for calling hypercall stubs.
2011-07-20 Ian Campbell 23103:411b38f8f90b libxc: remove obsolete comment.
2011-07-16 Jan Beulich 23102:1c7b601b1b35 x86: fix guest migration after c/s 20892:d311d1efc25e
2011-07-16 David Vrabel 23101:6a9d5d3b1b9e xen/libxc: set CPUID topology leaf as unsupported for PV guests
2011-07-08 KUWAMURA Shin'ya 23100:edd38c84877e [IA64] kexec: fix ia64 build