age author revision description
2012-03-07 George Dunlap 23259:ed5c1ad51a23 xenoprof: Adjust indentation
2012-03-07 Andrew Cooper 23258:dc7fc50b3594 IO-APIC: Prevent using EOI broadcast suppression if user specified
2012-03-07 David Vrabel 23257:bcf1250a14e8 libxc: remove tests of alloca() return value
2012-03-07 Santosh Jodh 23256:b7efb9e1a041 libxc: Replace malloc with alloca in hot path
2012-03-07 Hui Lv 23255:1f95b55ef427 sched_credit: Use delay to control scheduling frequency
2012-03-07 George Dunlap 23254:1c0f76eea67d xen,credit1: Add variable timeslice
2012-03-07 Keir Fraser 23253:f1b85192dbd8 ns16550: Simplify UART and UART-interrupt probing logic.
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23252:6c3a6fb7013d x86: work around certain Intel BIOSes causing (transient) hangs during
2012-03-07 Wei Huang 23251:f141db2fe4c1 x86: AMD core-pair topology detection code
2012-03-07 Wei Huang 23250:a168569a7659 x86: consolidate cpu_core_id and phys_proc_id into cpuinfo_x86 struct
2012-03-07 Tim Deegan 23249:b5051d40e1cc x86/mm/shadow: adjust early-unshadow heuristic for PAE guests.
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23248:b0bf2fc4eff9 x86/xsave: provide guests with finit-like environment
2012-03-07 Wei Liu 23247:e03aa3794cff Grant table: fix a bug when grant copying a previous grant mapped page.
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23246:8f927378135a passthrough: release assigned PCI devices earlier during domain shutdown
2012-03-07 Tim Deegan 23245:b9e672d78cec x86/mm: Don't check for invalid bits in non-present PTEs.
2012-03-07 Haoyu Zhang 23244:d4ae43e71dcf Fix error recovery path in __gnttab_map_grant_ref
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23243:871ed74bbefd x86/vMSI: miscellaneous fixes
2012-03-07 Dario Faggioli 23242:96db1984e878 Move IOMMU faults handling into softirq for VT-d.
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23241:d21100f1d00e x86/passthrough: don't leak guest IRQs
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23240:0bea45ab39f7 x86/emulator: workaround for AMD erratum 573
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23239:04e5091cc08f x86, amd: Disable GartTlbWlkErr when BIOS forgets it
2012-03-07 Xudong Hao 23238:95f48f40299f tools/firmware: remove "_PS0/3" Method
2012-03-07 Tim Deegan 23237:a6bbda6dc322 x86/mm: Don't lose track of the log dirty bitmap
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23236:ffda50fa20ab x86: small fixes to pcpu platform op handling
2012-03-07 Andres Lagar-Cavilla 23235:dab13447cd8c x86/mm: change return code for log-dirty disabling
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23234:a43a31a97603 x86/IO-APIC: refine EOI-ing of migrating level interrupts
2012-03-07 Olaf Hering 23233:637eaa1421d1 p2m: query/modify p2mt with p2m_lock held
2012-03-07 Shan Haitao 23232:7ee4016eeb9f Fix PV CPUID virtualization of XSave
2012-02-23 Ian Campbell 23231:04d72f81775d xen: add missing unlock from gnttab_get_version
2012-02-23 John McDermott 23230:bc8f88be9e4b mini-os: stop compiler complaint about unused variables
2012-02-23 Jan Beulich 23229:8435c27b3499 gnttab: miscellaneous fixes
2012-02-23 Andrew Cooper 23228:0b0d74c97010 IO-APIC: Reformat IO-APIC RTE debug info (v2)
2012-02-23 David Vrabel 23227:4cb8d9c9d46b x86: avoid deadlock after a PCI SERR NMI
2012-02-23 Daniel De Graaf 23226:3b9b0d4003a3 xen/xsm: fix incorrect handling of XSM hook return
2012-02-13 Ian Campbell 23225:f2543f449a49 xl: Drop -l option to xl cpupool-list
2012-02-02 Ian Jackson 23224:cccd6c68e1b9 Update QEMU_TAG, for CVE-2012-0029
2012-01-31 Stefano Stabellini 23223:00c4b19f2648 xen: do not remap pirqs if !is_hvm_pv_evtchn_domain
2012-01-31 Andrew Cooper 23222:69610d3a7ba7 vesa: flush lfb after zeroing
2012-01-31 Andrew Cooper 23221:31be3984d927 Console: introduce console=none command line parameter
2012-01-31 Keir Fraser 23220:37ef45fe9f97 x86/hvm: Remove unnecessary packed attribute from hvm_hw_cpu_xsave struct.
2012-01-20 James Carter 23219:49bf114c23f5 xen/xsm: Add missing dummy operation
2012-01-17 Jan Beulich 23218:27e959546916 VMX: print Pause Loop Exiting disabled message just once
2012-01-17 David Vrabel 23217:a5a9479b07cc x86: emulate lea with two register operands correctly
2012-01-17 Yongan Liu 23216:c358c4213d23 x86/vIRQ: IRR and TMR race condition bug fix
2012-01-17 Tim Deegan 23215:2fb706161c09 x86: Remove timeouts from INIT-SIPI-SIPI sequence when using x2apic.
2012-01-15 Christoph Egger 23214:e29b7691fefc x86/ucode: fix for AMD Fam15 CPUs
2012-01-10 Michael Young 23213:22ea8496051d pygrub: example grub2 configuration file (fedora-16-with-xen.grub2)
2012-01-10 Michael Young 23212:49d73f014077 pyrgrub: cope with configurations with set default="${saved_entry}" line
2012-01-10 Michael Young 23211:c404dbf9b3c6 pygrub: cope with configurations with submenus
2012-01-10 Michael Young 23210:feb23d232cd9 pygrub: Allow GPT partition references
2012-01-10 Michael Young 23209:d581b9a3c726 pygrub: look in /boot/grub2 (for eg Fedora 16)
2012-01-10 Michael Young 23208:ee80c2ef9400 pygrub: check all GPT partitions
2012-01-10 Roger Pau Monne 23207:95a0e0b47e95 pygrub: fix extlinux parsing
2011-12-18 Roger Pau Monne 23206:14dbd6be46c8 ipxe: fix compilation issues with some gcc versions
2011-12-18 Liu, Jinsong 23205:e2af3c4e4c1d X86-MCE: fix a bug of xen-mceinj tool
2011-12-18 Paul Durrant 23204:6ccf1820fb94 Allow VMs to query their own grant table version.
2011-12-18 Jan Beulich 23203:c62738ea1bb4 x86/AMD: use correct shift count when merging model and stepping
2011-12-15 Tim Deegan 23202:bb365e21314d x86/mm/p2m: fix pod locking
2011-12-08 Olaf Hering 23201:1c89f7d29fbb tools: init.d/Linux/xencommons: load evtchn and gntdev modules
2011-12-08 Olaf Hering 23200:7a4fad2d4b05 tools: init.d/Linux/xencommons: run script only when needed
2011-12-06 Andrew Cooper 23199:d9f8316a8291 KEXEC: fix kexec_get_range_compat to fail vocally.
2011-12-06 Keir Fraser 23198:3f080c79382a tools/libxc: Fix x86_32 build breakage in previous changeset.
2011-12-06 Paul Durrant 23197:89f30356a244 hvm/viridian: Ditch the extra assertions/warnings for non-viridian guests.
2011-12-06 Andres Lagar-Cavilla 23196:005a7f0a2043 Trivial fix for rc val in hap track dirty vram
2011-11-22 Ian Jackson 23195:c613d436ca09 Update QEMU_TAG
2011-11-22 Daniel De Graaf 23194:4f4763690d74 xsm/flask: fix resource list range checks
2011-11-22 Daniel De Graaf 23193:db87ad0b5391 xsm/flask: Use correct flag to detect writable grant mappings
2011-11-22 Keir Fraser 23192:5e37c6f2e5c8 x86,vmx: Remove broken and unused __vmptrst().
2011-11-22 Jan Beulich 23191:2ce06e513e0d x86/vioapic: clear remote IRR when switching RTE to edge triggered mode
2011-11-18 Stefano Stabellini 23190:5a00ccfc6391 x86: re-inject emulated level pirqs in PV on HVM guests if still asserted
2011-11-17 Jean Guyader 23189:e73ada19a69d Hypercall continuation cancelation in compat mode for XENMEM_get/set_pod_target
2011-11-17 Jean Guyader 23188:344dddd4160b xsm: Add support for HVMOP_track_dirty_vram.
2011-11-17 Keir Fraser 23187:1bbf2940ef61 Revert 23183:98ba0aceaf30 (xen-unstable:24007:0526644ad2a6).
2011-11-16 Jan Beulich 23186:51f58b210447 x86-64/test_x86_emulate: fix blowfish test
2011-11-16 Gianluca Guida 23185:efd132eee40c [shadow] Disable higher level pagetables early unshadow only when the "process dying" hypercall is used.
2011-11-16 Ian Campbell 23184:4a91cf045893 xen: avoid crash enabling turbo mode
2011-11-16 Stefano Stabellini 23183:98ba0aceaf30 x86: re-inject emulated level pirqs in PV on HVM guests if still asserted
2011-11-12 Andrew Cooper 23182:9702967e89dd Revert c/s 23666:b96f8bdcaa15 KEXEC: disconnect all PCI devices from the PCI bus on crash
2011-11-12 Mark Langsdorf 23181:55879870fc8f x86/amd: Eliminate cache flushing when entering C3 on select AMD processors
2011-11-02 Ian Jackson 23180:8c2d76193eaf tools/ocaml: unify build process
2011-10-27 Keir Fraser 23179:c33e15835e33 Return -EINVAL when trying to kick/kill a nonexistent domain watchdog
2011-10-27 Boris Ostrovsky 23178:849bf4ab5fe0 x86/AMD: Do not enable ARAT feature on AMD processors below family 0x12
2011-10-27 Wei Wang2 23177:9a38e30e5459 Backport per-device vector map patches to xen 4.1.3
2011-10-24 Keir Fraser 23176:81e39a4978ea Revert xen-unstable:23871:503ee256fecf
2011-10-24 Keir Fraser 23175:247fadffacab Update Xen version to 4.1.3-rc1-pre
2011-10-20 Keir Fraser 23174:d4253bc5418b Added signature for changeset 3eca5bf65e6c
2011-10-20 Keir Fraser 23173:d5bb65d3ec24 Added tag RELEASE-4.1.2 for changeset 3eca5bf65e6c
2011-10-20 Keir Fraser 23172:3eca5bf65e6c Update Xen version to 4.1.2RELEASE-4.1.2
2011-10-07 Keir Fraser 23171:3f8fb62436e6 Added signature for changeset 24041ed83728
2011-10-07 Keir Fraser 23170:f721aba2dc96 Added tag 4.1.2-rc3 for changeset 24041ed83728
2011-10-07 Keir Fraser 23169:24041ed83728 Update Xen version to 4.1.2-rc34.1.2-rc3
2011-10-06 Keir Fraser 23168:460b613596fa Do not re-define XEN_ROOT in hypervisor sub-Makefiles.
2011-10-06 Keir Fraser 23167:2e840539a705 build: Make XEN_ROOT an absolute path.
2011-10-06 Stefano Stabellini 23166:71712ce9190a libxl: Fix segfault in get_all_assigned_devices
2011-10-06 Olaf Hering 23165:1f95ac601974 p2m: use correct p2m_type_t in clear_mmio_p2m_entry
2011-10-03 Ian Campbell 23164:d7e0e9f37874 build: fix grep invocation in cc-options
2011-10-03 Jan Beulich 23163:3ea6112b3a01 x86: ucode-amd: Don't warn when no ucode is available for a CPU
2011-10-03 Jan Beulich 23162:8e6b081e8044 VT-d: fix off-by-one error in RMRR validation
2011-10-03 Igor Mammedov 23161:2a0cd93f7ed9 Clear IRQ_GUEST in irq_desc->status when setting action to NULL.
2011-09-27 Marek Marczykowski 23160:5c395e993fe4 libxl: fix double free at get_all_assigned_devices
2011-09-21 Ian Campbell 23159:2112db7c68b3 libxl: do not start a xenpv qemu solely for tap devices if blktap is available
2011-09-17 Jan Beulich 23158:7d13e08b5120 x86/vmx: don't call __vmxoff() blindly
2011-09-17 George Dunlap 23157:c5554f952a82 xen: Move tsc reliability check until after CPUs have booted
2011-09-17 Juergen Gross 23156:4a401bdaeb5b Avoid race in schedule() when switching schedulers
2011-09-17 Keir Fraser 23155:3e1d3c9747f2 x86: Couple of small cleanups after cpuid faulting patch.
2011-09-13 Andrew Cooper 23154:829c4fd73b10 IRQ: IO-APIC support End Of Interrupt for older IO-APICs
2011-09-13 Stefano Stabellini 23153:08568ad1140a xen: if mapping GSIs we run out of pirq < nr_irqs_gsi, use the others
2011-09-08 Keir Fraser 23152:78d8c5227bb1 Update Xen version to 4.1.2-rc3-pre
2011-09-07 Keir Fraser 23151:2376070f6685 Added signature for changeset 3e6a3bf83935
2011-09-07 Keir Fraser 23150:be0040eb0a36 Added tag 4.1.2-rc2 for changeset 3e6a3bf83935
2011-09-07 Keir Fraser 23149:3e6a3bf83935 Update Xen version to 4.1.2-rc24.1.2-rc2
2011-09-07 Jan Beulich 23148:c4172ba1a98b bitmap_scnlistprintf() should always zero-terminate its output buffer
2011-08-31 Stefano Stabellini 23147:6239209bb560 xen: __hvm_pci_intx_assert should check for gsis remapped onto pirqs
2011-08-31 Stefano Stabellini 23146:50496ccde3c3 xen: fix hvm_domain_use_pirq's behavior
2011-08-31 Andrew Cooper 23145:1092a143ef9d IRQ: manually EOI migrating line interrupts
2011-08-31 Dietmar Hahn 23144:2ace86381b97 vpmu: Add processors Westmere E7-8837 and SandyBridge i5-2500 to the vpmu list
2011-06-05 Marek Marczykowski 23143:be4b078e2d08 libxl: Do not SEGV when no 'removable' disk parameter in xenstore
2011-06-05 Marek Marczykowski 23142:e606d167fc00 xen.lowlevel.xl: Return None on empty domain name
2011-06-01 Marek Marczykowski 23141:2acda7c97599 libxl: Allocate memory for strings in libxl_device_disk
2011-06-05 Marek Marczykowski 23140:1fc844ffd99b libxl: Accept disk name in libxl_devid_to_device_disk