age author revision description
2012-03-07 George Dunlap 23259:ed5c1ad51a23 xenoprof: Adjust indentation
2012-03-07 Andrew Cooper 23258:dc7fc50b3594 IO-APIC: Prevent using EOI broadcast suppression if user specified
2012-03-07 David Vrabel 23257:bcf1250a14e8 libxc: remove tests of alloca() return value
2012-03-07 Santosh Jodh 23256:b7efb9e1a041 libxc: Replace malloc with alloca in hot path
2012-03-07 Hui Lv 23255:1f95b55ef427 sched_credit: Use delay to control scheduling frequency
2012-03-07 George Dunlap 23254:1c0f76eea67d xen,credit1: Add variable timeslice
2012-03-07 Keir Fraser 23253:f1b85192dbd8 ns16550: Simplify UART and UART-interrupt probing logic.
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23252:6c3a6fb7013d x86: work around certain Intel BIOSes causing (transient) hangs during
2012-03-07 Wei Huang 23251:f141db2fe4c1 x86: AMD core-pair topology detection code
2012-03-07 Wei Huang 23250:a168569a7659 x86: consolidate cpu_core_id and phys_proc_id into cpuinfo_x86 struct
2012-03-07 Tim Deegan 23249:b5051d40e1cc x86/mm/shadow: adjust early-unshadow heuristic for PAE guests.
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23248:b0bf2fc4eff9 x86/xsave: provide guests with finit-like environment
2012-03-07 Wei Liu 23247:e03aa3794cff Grant table: fix a bug when grant copying a previous grant mapped page.
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23246:8f927378135a passthrough: release assigned PCI devices earlier during domain shutdown
2012-03-07 Tim Deegan 23245:b9e672d78cec x86/mm: Don't check for invalid bits in non-present PTEs.
2012-03-07 Haoyu Zhang 23244:d4ae43e71dcf Fix error recovery path in __gnttab_map_grant_ref
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23243:871ed74bbefd x86/vMSI: miscellaneous fixes
2012-03-07 Dario Faggioli 23242:96db1984e878 Move IOMMU faults handling into softirq for VT-d.
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23241:d21100f1d00e x86/passthrough: don't leak guest IRQs
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23240:0bea45ab39f7 x86/emulator: workaround for AMD erratum 573
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23239:04e5091cc08f x86, amd: Disable GartTlbWlkErr when BIOS forgets it
2012-03-07 Xudong Hao 23238:95f48f40299f tools/firmware: remove "_PS0/3" Method
2012-03-07 Tim Deegan 23237:a6bbda6dc322 x86/mm: Don't lose track of the log dirty bitmap
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23236:ffda50fa20ab x86: small fixes to pcpu platform op handling
2012-03-07 Andres Lagar-Cavilla 23235:dab13447cd8c x86/mm: change return code for log-dirty disabling
2012-03-07 Jan Beulich 23234:a43a31a97603 x86/IO-APIC: refine EOI-ing of migrating level interrupts
2012-03-07 Olaf Hering 23233:637eaa1421d1 p2m: query/modify p2mt with p2m_lock held
2012-03-07 Shan Haitao 23232:7ee4016eeb9f Fix PV CPUID virtualization of XSave
2012-02-23 Ian Campbell 23231:04d72f81775d xen: add missing unlock from gnttab_get_version
2012-02-23 John McDermott 23230:bc8f88be9e4b mini-os: stop compiler complaint about unused variables