age author revision description
2012-07-09 Jan Beulich 23319:ff523faf2be1 x86/mm: fix mod_l1_entry() return value when encountering r/o MMIO page
2012-07-09 Christoph Egger 23318:1d437f7fb15d SVM: fix performance decrease with asid assignment
2012-07-09 George Dunlap 23317:c1f43d07dc1e xen: Fix schedule()'s grabbing of the schedule lock
2012-07-09 Jan Beulich 23316:01366a324587 x86/cpuidle: deny access to the I/O port used for EM_SYSIO
2012-07-09 Jan Beulich 23315:3b50ea3909a8 x86/cpuidle: add Westmere-EX support to hw residencies reading logic
2012-07-09 George Dunlap 23314:10d5cc3094d6 xen, vtd: Fix device check for devices behind PCIe-to-PCI bridges
2012-07-09 Jan Beulich 23313:9fe2a77b740d pm: don't truncate processors' ACPI IDs to 8 bits
2012-07-09 Jan Beulich 23312:b394b1f87ebc x86: update Intel CPUID masking code to latest spec
2012-07-09 Zhigang Wang 23311:e8a3797e34d1 tools/pygrub: fix solaris kernel sniff
2012-07-03 Andrew Cooper 23310:3fed2c0a282a xen: Fix off-by-one error when parsing command line arguments
2012-07-03 Andrew Cooper 23309:ce1b489f0543 x86/nmi: Fix deadlock in unknown_nmi_error()
2012-07-03 Andrew Cooper 23308:0b947d466e3e x86_64: Fix off-by-one error setting up the Interrupt Stack Tables
2012-07-03 Zheng Li 23307:32ab8989df67 tools/ocaml: Fix 2 bit-twiddling bugs and an off-by-one
2012-06-20 Keir Fraser 23306:ec75bfd8599c x86: Make asmlinkage explicitly a no-op, and avoid usage in arch/x86
2012-06-20 Keir Fraser 23305:405c651a470f Update Xen version to 4.1.3-rc3-pre
2012-06-18 Keir Fraser 23304:11dfb8e06343 Added signature for changeset acbd36176913
2012-06-18 Keir Fraser 23303:e8ded2fee76f Added tag 4.1.3-rc2 for changeset acbd36176913
2012-06-18 Keir Fraser 23302:acbd36176913 Update Xen version to 4.1.3-rc24.1.3-rc2
2012-06-12 Jan Beulich 23301:a9c0a89c08f2 x86-64: detect processors subject to AMD erratum #121 and refuse to boot
2012-06-12 Jan Beulich 23300:0fec1afa4638 x86-64: fix #GP generation in assembly code
2012-06-12 Jan Beulich 23299:f08e61b9b33f x86_64: Do not execute sysret with a non-canonical return address
2012-05-25 Wei Wang 23298:435493696053 x86/cpuidle: do not flush cache unless entering C3
2012-05-14 Keir Fraser 23297:35248be669e7 blktap2: Fix naked unchecked uses of read/write/chdir.
2012-05-14 Olaf Hering 23296:89c61e66f45f unmodified_drivers: remove inclusion of asm/system.h
2012-05-14 Jan Beulich 23295:bb1ab1475ce8 unmodified drivers: use upstream sync_bitops if available
2012-05-14 Olaf Hering 23294:0c84b48831c8 unmodified drivers: add pfn_is_ram helper for kdump
2012-05-14 Olaf Hering 23293:a427ff3fee5f unmodified drivers: hide xen_cpuid_base() in version 2.6.38+
2012-05-14 Ian Campbell 23292:44161ecfcda3 unmodified_drivers: update README from
2012-05-14 Keir Fraser 23291:5b90064e5375 Update Xen version to 4.1.3-rc2-pre
2012-05-07 Keir Fraser 23290:513ca342fd86 Added signature for changeset da64f68730cf