age author revision description
2009-09-29 Keir Fraser 20259:24117d67661c mce: Support machine check logging left over from previous reset.
2009-09-28 Keir Fraser 20258:1e33261a814f xend: Fix save/restore after previous changeset.
2009-09-28 Keir Fraser 20257:3e0675c57933 x86: Allow TSC mode (emulate vs native) to be configured per domain.
2009-09-28 Keir Fraser 20256:d74302fc00e6 AMD IOMMU: Fix boot output on non-iommu system
2009-09-25 Keir Fraser 20255:623aa5c2eaa4 x86 hvm: *really* fix missing ticks bug of c/s 20218
2009-09-25 Keir Fraser 20254:731ea5884f8b ia64: Fix build for xen/ia64
2009-09-25 Keir Fraser 20253:e1bcf240e330 x86: Make assigned devices' interrupts delivery to right vcpu.
2009-09-25 Keir Fraser 20252:fa41a706d018 PoD: Allocate 4k pages if 2 meg allocation fails
2009-09-25 Keir Fraser 20251:dc72e4fbab27 xend: Unlink VDI instances and VBD instances
2009-09-25 Keir Fraser 20250:c7ee30ba186d x86, mce: Control Machine Check Log output verbosity
2009-09-23 Keir Fraser 20249:0f8376078dc1 x86: minor cleanup of code that writes to TSC
2009-09-23 Keir Fraser 20248:401dc67572a2 Update QEMU_TAG to 743edef44f1d0da792aeb38a33bf468a4596f730
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20247:8b1567102cf3 EPT: Assert p2m is locked in ept_sync_domain().
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20246:6a931ed48f19 x86: Support more than 256 pins of ioapic.
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20245:4ad29157dcd7 x86: Fix the build.
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20244:5094980f9e16 EPT: More efficient ept_sync_domain().
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20243:8c4685fc198e mca: Fix several issues for MCA UCR error handling
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20242:bcb6b95b30b1 tboot: fix tboot memory mapping for 32b
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20241:be747c582738 x86: allow IRQs to work without APIC again
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20240:8de13ae0a4ee Improve CSE in grant table code
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20239:fed2dd73980f Introduce new flavour of map_domain_page()
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20238:51152e4f995f x86: map M2P table sparsely
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20237:d9b50ae2bf18 x86: map frame table sparsely
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20236:d6f4089f0f8c x86-64: reduce range spanned by 1:1 mapping and frame table indexes
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20235:e3eb0a6ed463 x86-64: extend manageable memory range to 5Tb
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20234:d10abcae5958 vpmu_core2: support newer processors
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20233:473cba2fa7fe x86 hvm: small cleanup in vpmu
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20232:f30bf6b03ce7 pv_ops: Build xen/master branch rather than xen-tip/master
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20231:8f7a984605f3 Update QEMU_TAG to f09a5ba89434bb3f28172640354258d1d6cd8579
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20230:aa32a8edbf03 x86: Fix memory leak in mce_wrmsr
2009-09-22 Keir Fraser 20229:6c178ba4d86a x86 hvm: fix missing ticks bug of c/s 20218
2009-09-18 Keir Fraser 20228:3a71e070e3c5 Revert 20221:fc94d586d02f
2009-09-18 Keir Fraser 20227:50acb4dff678 iommu: Fix pirq conflict issue when guest adopts per-cpu vector.
2009-09-18 Keir Fraser 20226:7969c14c93fa xend: Implement VIF.get_network
2009-09-18 Keir Fraser 20225:438c440f2a7f AMD IOMMU: Extend the loop counter for polling completion wait bit.
2009-09-18 Keir Fraser 20224:0f05e956957d AMD IOMMU: Remove unused definitions.
2009-09-18 Keir Fraser 20223:1d503a3e65a0 AMD IOMMU: If interrupt remapping is disabled, then do not update
2009-09-18 Keir Fraser 20222:9c8f9de68a13 AMD IOMMU: Allow enabling iommu debug output at run time.
2009-09-18 Keir Fraser 20221:fc94d586d02f xend: Unlink VDI instances and VBD instances
2009-09-18 Keir Fraser 20220:d2b76e218c28 Revert 20194:582970a2d2dc
2009-09-16 Keir Fraser 20219:72d130772f36 x86 hvm: suspend platform timer emulation while its IRQ is masked
2009-09-16 Keir Fraser 20218:0c83979c1b56 x86 hvm: don't set periodical timer again until its IRQ is delivered.
2009-09-16 Keir Fraser 20217:a35a1ac91230 Remove "buffer half full" check from guest_console_write
2009-09-16 Keir Fraser 20216:6f719ff43b42 xend: Consider ioemu devices for inactive managed domains
2009-09-16 Keir Fraser 20215:efec419f6d3e AMD IOMMU: Rework of interrupt remapping
2009-09-16 Keir Fraser 20214:000e038014a5 x86: irq ratelimit
2009-09-16 Keir Fraser 20213:7655448090c8 x86 hvm: Guests should scan CPUID range 40000000-4000ff00 for Xen leaves.
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20212:58ef1439ca98 xenoprof: force use of architectural perfmon instead of the CPU
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20211:15f5cff84adf xenoprof: support Intel's architectural perfmon registers.
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20210:65968459de75 xenoprof: add support for Core i7 and Atom.
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20209:c23ed85f247b x86: Free unused pages of per-cpu data.
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20208:9d3308d7be90 x86: Re-increase size of percpu area
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20207:515f333a1b3c p2m: Fix debug build.
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20206:aeec94b1ed59 Update QEMU_TAG to 3de6cb51b19c46967cbc88ceb202b240c736eeca
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20205:8f8338828000 xend: Fix VDI.get_record
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20204:56595ee2720a x86 mce: Fix panic in mcheck_mca_logout
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20203:5eb189704690 Vt-d: queued invalidation cleanup
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20202:98e80c3adeb6 x86: Remove PSE flag from PV guest CR4 and CPUID.
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20201:67f1b8b32585 pygrub: Correct pygrub return value
2009-09-15 Keir Fraser 20200:045b2b8b5227 xend: Receive error message of migration from destination server