age author revision description
2011-04-07 Wei Huang 23019:4db893357bab x86, amd, MTRR: correct DramModEn bit of SYS_CFG MSR
2011-04-07 Machon Gregory 23018:bdb1fc99e5a9 xsm: Error code consistency
2011-04-07 Tim Deegan 23017:dc8e2e30af63 x86/mm: fix PSE alignment checks in pagetable walker.
2011-04-02 Christoph Egger 23016:8c372258147b xen: fix reloc.S generation for non-gnu toolchain
2011-04-02 Keir Fraser 23015:952eb1beec07 x86: __pirq_guest_eoi() must check it is called for a fully
2011-04-02 Keir Fraser 23014:da7f8a5fe74d Update Xen version to 4.1.1-rc1-pre
2011-03-25 Keir Fraser 23013:f00d3dc8b13e Added signature for changeset 6a2089f00dc7
2011-03-25 Keir Fraser 23012:86e6d0909d41 Added tag RELEASE-4.1.0 for changeset 6a2089f00dc7
2011-03-25 Keir Fraser 23011:6a2089f00dc7 Update Xen version to 4.1.0RELEASE-4.1.0
2011-03-21 Keir Fraser 23010:fa8b8c8a320f Added signature for changeset 98c580505053
2011-03-21 Keir Fraser 23009:52bc208b5129 Added tag 4.1.0-rc8 for changeset 98c580505053
2011-03-21 Keir Fraser 23008:98c580505053 Update Xen version to 4.1.0-rc84.1.0-rc8
2011-03-18 Jan Beulich 23007:cf66f6d8e41e amd-iommu: remove a stray __init
2011-03-18 Jan Beulich 23006:e84e3c881387 x86/mce: CPU notifiers must not be registered a second time during resume
2011-03-18 Liu, Jinsong 23005:96df40d7aa4b x86: mce cleanup for both Intel and AMD mce logic
2011-03-18 Keir Fraser 23004:9f819d6f6935 Update Xen version to 4.1.0-rc8-pre
2011-03-18 Juergen Gross 23003:6d2308425c89 Avoid endless loop for vcpu migration.
2011-03-16 Keir Fraser 23002:64644ab2c2e3 Added signature for changeset 32203061c1f7
2011-03-16 Keir Fraser 23001:99431ce765ba Added tag 4.1.0-rc7 for changeset 32203061c1f7
2011-03-16 Keir Fraser 23000:32203061c1f7 Update Xen version to 4.1.0-rc74.1.0-rc7
2011-03-16 Allen M Kay 22999:01ac4fa9541e libxl: passthrough: avoid passing through devices not owned by pciback
2011-03-15 Jan Beulich 22998:762155e9debd x86: run-time callers of map_pages_to_xen() must check for errors
2011-03-14 Jan Beulich 22997:cd4d0c5dfa27 _csched_cpu_pick(): don't return CPUs outside vCPU's affinity mask
2011-03-14 Gianni Tedesco 22996:6ac812f16e13 Allow tools to map arbitrarily large machphys_mfn_list on 32bit dom0
2011-03-14 Jan Beulich 22995:9175944daf48 x86: fix cpu_sibling_map initialization when topology CPUID leaf is present
2011-03-14 Wei Gang 22994:5dda35f1f32f x86: add volatile prefix for cpuid asm clauses
2011-03-14 Tim Deegan 22993:842aed720b84 x86_64: fix error checking in arch_set_info_guest()
2011-03-12 Jan Beulich 22992:d4352abf3450 x86/HPET: fix initialization order
2011-03-11 Ian Jackson 22991:4f5534517e08 libxl: do not try to use blktap with qdisk
2011-03-11 Liu, Jinsong 22990:0cd188ac8961 x86: Fix cpu offline bug: add clflush inside dead loop
2011-03-10 Liu, Jinsong 22989:dc902ffeed73 x86: Fix cpuidle bug
2011-03-10 Jim Fehlig 22988:578976db4613 libxl: Call setsid(2) before exec'ing device model
2011-03-10 Stefano Stabellini 22987:943a1d993dcd update README
2011-03-09 Ian Campbell 22986:b147b1cf5793 xl/xm: make pci-list use same BDF format as all other commands
2011-03-09 Ian Jackson 22985:7ce181dd252d Merge
2011-03-09 Stefano Stabellini 22984:16aea83d4719 # HG changeset patch
2011-03-08 Keir Fraser 22983:a378fbfa7219 x86_emulate: FPU 0xda instructions have a 32-bit memory operand, not 64-bit.
2011-03-08 Keir Fraser 22982:961262d35ced x86_emulate: Fix emulation of FIMUL m32i.
2011-03-07 Shriram Rajagopalan 22981:1f5818838aa6 blktap2: fix gap in tapdisk2 disk_type numbering
2011-03-05 Keir Fraser 22980:0f9f2248127e x86: Cache read of cpu_state in __cpu_die() for subsequent BUG_ON check.
2011-03-05 Keir Fraser 22979:9d4cdf7d70b9 x86: On CPU offline, fix master waiting for slave to be fully dead.
2011-03-05 Keir Fraser 22978:51e74954aa8f preempt: Disable preemption support for 4.1.
2011-03-05 Keir Fraser 22977:6af8e01d3e4a credit2: Revert debugging patch 22965:9dfd7ffcd76c for release.
2011-03-04 Keir Fraser 22976:ddc214f425d3 Set debug=n by default.
2011-03-04 Keir Fraser 22975:a3cd99f9606d Update QEMU_REMOTE to qemu-xen-4.1-testing.git
2011-03-04 Ian Jackson 22974:0662bff7dabb Added signature for changeset 6241fa0ad1a9
2011-03-04 Ian Jackson 22973:ba8cc8846eb6 Added tag 4.1.0-branched for changeset 6241fa0ad1a9
2011-03-03 Ian Jackson 22972:6241fa0ad1a9 Merge4.1.0-branched
2011-03-03 Wei Gang 22971:3db8805c4995 tools: gtracestate: fix several problems
2011-03-03 George Dunlap 22970:1484494a3445 libxc: Missed one when replacing read_exact with RDEXACT macro
2011-03-03 Ian Jackson 22969:e567c2eb56b4 libxl: correctly initialise yylineno
2011-03-03 Ian Campbell 22968:a5f8fb109610 xl: add "device_model_args" to pass arbitrary extra arguments to device model
2011-03-03 Shriram Rajagopalan 22967:5bc39222773d libxc: fix incorrect scanning of pfn array in pagebuf during migration
2011-03-03 Keir Fraser 22966:de49500f344a x86, libxc: Fix xc_translate_foreign_address() for PV guests of
2011-03-03 George Dunlap 22965:9dfd7ffcd76c credit2: Add more debugging
2011-03-02 Liu, Jinsong 22964:f71212f712fd x86: Fix cpu online/offline bug: mce memory leak.
2011-03-02 Keir Fraser 22963:666006a3a4ad x86: Disable IRQs and do WBINVD first in play_dead().
2011-03-02 Shan Haitao 22962:bde351b18fd0 x86: Add warning comment explaining restrictions to play_dead().
2011-02-28 Keir Fraser 22961:c5d121fd35c0 Update Xen version to 4.1.0-rc7-pre
2011-02-28 Keir Fraser 22960:f39512f28f37 Added signature for changeset 7b6791dbfecd