age author revision description
2011-02-28 Keir Fraser 22959:a2e18b70f58f Added tag 4.1.0-rc6 for changeset 7b6791dbfecd
2011-02-28 Keir Fraser 22958:7b6791dbfecd Update Xen version to 4.1.0-rc64.1.0-rc6
2011-02-28 Juergen Gross 22957:c5c4688d5654 Avoid possible live-lock in vcpu_migrate
2011-02-25 Ian Jackson 22956:8af88ff698ff xl: allow config filename to precede options
2011-02-25 Stefano Stabellini 22955:3060ba3983ce xl: fix tap:aio disk parsing
2011-02-25 George Dunlap 22954:846c53ec8b58 libxc: Handle failed xc_get_hvm_param in domain save
2011-02-25 Shriram Rajagopalan 22953:d9065311f76d remus: fix incorrect disk_info_t initialization
2011-02-25 Ian Jackson 22952:d6bd6e2c5ce1 libxl: Multi-device passthrough coldplug: do not wait for unstarted guest
2011-02-25 Ian Jackson 22951:23fd149c0d76 libxl: do not ignore errors from libxl_device_pci_add_xenstore in do_pci_add
2011-02-25 Ian Campbell 22950:0ddaa54ae3db xl/libxl: treat vif "ip" fields as a simple string
2011-02-25 Stefano Stabellini 22949:54fe1011f86b x86 NMI: continue in case of PCI SERR erros
2011-02-25 Juergen Gross 22948:2d35823a86e7 cpupool: Avoid race when moving cpu between cpupools
2011-02-24 Keir Fraser 22947:598d1fc295b6 amd-k8-mce: remove a stray break statement
2011-02-24 Keir Fraser 22946:6d451b9cbead x86: Fix mwait usage when doing cpu offline
2011-02-21 Wei Gang 22945:13a7d1f7f62c x86: add strictly sanity check for XSAVE/XRSTOR
2011-02-18 Christoph Egger 22944:dac86c85222e libxl regression: don't require vncpasswd when password is empty string
2011-02-18 Ian Campbell 22943:d210f43decdf libxl/xl: enable support for routed network configurations.
2011-02-18 Stefano Stabellini 22942:fb83c89d80cb libxl: fix cd insert/eject
2011-02-18 KUWAMURA Shin'ya 22941:d12a28ef91b9 [IA64] fix missing header: asm/fpswa.h
2011-02-17 Signed-off-by: Jim Fehlig 22940:5a4710640f81 libxl: Clear file object on successful munmap()
2011-02-17 Stefano Stabellini 22939:54b0749d9f46 libxl: remove the entries from xenstore when destroying a disk
2011-02-17 Stefano Stabellini 22938:fd6170875718 libxl: create xenstore backend for empty disks
2011-02-17 Stefano Stabellini 22937:0e52f58dead5 xl: fix cdrom_insert parsing
2011-02-17 Ian Jackson 22936:acec8a178796 docs: vbd-interface.txt: correct behaviour for modern Linux pv-on-hvm
2011-02-17 Ian Campbell 22935:946962830c45 libxl: do slow resume after failed migration attempt
2011-02-17 Juergen Gross 22934:2afa06e1f103 xl cpupool-numa-split: reduce number of Dom0 vcpus
2011-02-17 Stefano Stabellini 22933:2ad66067784d xl daemon: fix some memory leaks
2011-02-17 Keir Fraser 22932:30baafb3250a tools/examples: Remove obsolete bochsrc example file.
2011-02-16 Keir Fraser 22931:c0a46434347b Update Xen version to 4.1.0-rc6-pre
2011-02-16 Keir Fraser 22930:0557ba3b3ce8 Added signature for changeset d2d27d989ebc
2011-02-16 Keir Fraser 22929:dfa333ad3e15 Added tag 4.1.0-rc5 for changeset d2d27d989ebc
2011-02-16 Keir Fraser 22928:d2d27d989ebc Update Xen version to 4.1.0-rc54.1.0-rc5
2011-02-16 Keir Fraser 22927:09d22ec44756 x86 p2m: Reinstate || errneously removed by 22924:86000076dcee
2011-02-16 Ian Campbell 22926:72470de157ce MAINTAINERS: Explicitly list architecture maintainers and lists.
2011-02-16 Tim Deegan 22925:2e70ed5e7f51 x86/shadow: unconditionally set the p2m/log-dirty allocation functions.
2011-02-16 Tim Deegan 22924:86000076dcee x86/mm: partially revert 21093:4a3e131f7498
2011-02-15 Kamala Narasimhan 22923:e2fb56dfebda docs: document disk configuration string syntax (particularly, xl's syntax)
2011-02-15 Kamala Narasimhan 22922:2ede5d793493 libxl: disk specification: special case vhd
2011-02-15 Kamala Narasimhan 22921:ae4799bdd425 libxl: disk specification interface change
2011-02-15 George Dunlap 22920:a3c58347ab34 tools: Include cpupool example in /etc/xen
2011-02-14 Ian Campbell 22919:137ad3347504 libxl: fix migrate for HVM guests
2011-02-14 Juergen Gross 22918:f8097fe3cf05 xl: Support more than 32 vcpus for xl vcpu-set
2011-02-14 Juergen Gross 22917:0e7a10dc7617 xl: correct xl cpupool-create with extra parameters
2011-02-14 Stefano Stabellini 22916:51bd89ca047d libxl: implement trigger s3resume
2011-02-14 Wei Gang 22915:af84691a6cf9 x86: Fix S3 resume for HPET MSI IRQ case
2011-02-14 Ian Campbell 22914:218b5fa834aa MAINTAINERS: Update Remus paths
2011-02-14 Keir Fraser 22913:4ea36cce2519 MAINTAINERS: Add Remus maintainer.
2011-02-14 Keir Fraser 22912:157874138879 Revert 22900:a0ef80c99264
2011-02-11 Ian Jackson 22911:67f2fed57034 QEMU_TAG update
2011-02-11 Ian Jackson 22910:d4bc41a8cecb tools/hotplug/Linux: Use correct device name for vifs in setup scripts
2011-02-11 Ian Campbell 22909:6868f7f3ab3f libxl/xl: improve behaviour when guest fails to suspend itself.
2011-02-11 Ian Campbell 22908:c4b843d0b5f4 libxl: allow guest to write "control/shutdown" xenstore node.
2011-02-11 Stefano Stabellini 22907:9280f1674705 libxl: do not call libxl__file_reference_unmap twice
2011-02-11 Ian Jackson 22906:4376c4f0196f libxc: increase lzma max memory constant to 128Mby
2011-02-11 Tim Deegan 22905:6c22ae0f6540 x86/mm: fix typo in 22897:21df67ee7040
2011-02-10 Keir Fraser 22904:c64dcc4d2eca Update Xen evrsion to 4.1.0-rc5-pre
2011-02-10 Keir Fraser 22903:dda768e3023f Added signature for changeset 8df0c7f9cda6
2011-02-10 Keir Fraser 22902:3a71c54f97a7 Added tag 4.1.0-rc4 for changeset 8df0c7f9cda6
2011-02-10 Keir Fraser 22901:8df0c7f9cda6 Update Xen version to 4.1.0-rc44.1.0-rc4
2011-02-10 Keir Fraser 22900:a0ef80c99264 x86: suppress HPET broadcast initialization in the presence of ARAT