age author revision description
2009-10-19 Keir Fraser 20336:f719d9da55a3 Per-domain switch to disable oos shadow page tables
2009-10-19 Keir Fraser 20335:7e02a2cd1618 [IOMMU] clean interrupt remapping and queued invalidation
2009-10-19 Keir Fraser 20334:dcc5d5d954e9 x86: vMSI: Fix msi irq affinity issue for hvm guest.
2009-10-19 Keir Fraser 20333:24dd0e4261a8 gdbsx: malloc extra bye for null char
2009-10-19 Keir Fraser 20332:b84064697e4d xm,xend: Add commands to hotplug usb devices to hvm guests
2009-10-19 Keir Fraser 20331:9482554734fc xm: Fix xm network2-{attach,detach}
2009-10-16 Keir Fraser 20330:0705efd9c69e xend: Implement VBD.media_change
2009-10-16 Keir Fraser 20329:38a20d76cdec xm: Use 'vifname' config option to construct a qemu tap name.
2009-10-16 Keir Fraser 20328:4872dc215d62 xend: Check no VBDs attached on VDI.destroy
2009-10-16 Keir Fraser 20327:7396c20cb26c x86: document tsc_native configuration option in xmexample.hvm.
2009-10-16 Keir Fraser 20326:1ab8978d687f xm,xend: A few fixes for changeset 20314
2009-10-16 Keir Fraser 20325:a20335046ab8 x86: Update powernow.c to latest cpufreq code
2009-10-16 Keir Fraser 20324:bc27fe199094 xend: passthrough: do not check non-page-aligned MMIO BAR if not strict-check
2009-10-16 Keir Fraser 20323:2370e16ab6d3 vt-d: Fixpanic in msi_msg_read_remap_rte with acpi=off
2009-10-16 Keir Fraser 20322:648c674fcc96 x86: Fix ept and vt-d co-existence issue.
2009-10-16 Keir Fraser 20321:7a69f773548e xend: add a description config item for each guest.
2009-10-15 Keir Fraser 20320:2eba302831c4 Remove bogus call to get_domain_by_id() in do_domctl().
2009-10-15 Keir Fraser 20319:de04fe4e472c gdbsx: a gdbserver stub for xen.
2009-10-15 Keir Fraser 20318:6f79f2d5e63b xm: Reuse VDI if location is same
2009-10-15 Keir Fraser 20317:e976deb67899 x86: Remove unused temporay variable 'old_gvec'.
2009-10-15 Keir Fraser 20316:9e24f7f9d7a8 lockprof: Fix x86_32 build and clean up coding style
2009-10-15 Keir Fraser 20315:cc8044c5da4c xend: destroy stubdoms synchronously
2009-10-14 Keir Fraser 20314:18758847bf31 xm,xend: Add new option "change_home_server" to xm migrate
2009-10-14 Keir Fraser 20313:5e2574c2aaca Update QEMU_TAG to 71324566f3b95bb88105659439adaef1d5bd155c
2009-10-14 Keir Fraser 20312:10c0942ed240 Spinlock profiling (enable in build with lock_profile=y)
2009-10-14 Keir Fraser 20311:71c859535c6b minios: fix console end of line: \n\r -> \r\n
2009-10-14 Keir Fraser 20310:b9af4d6d015c xend: call pci_device_configure on the stubdom
2009-10-14 Keir Fraser 20309:8194e594f8df xend: allow a device to be assigned to a guest and its stubdom
2009-10-14 Keir Fraser 20308:a95b55bf6c1a minios: fix minios console
2009-10-14 Keir Fraser 20307:6100b7a34705 Add build option to allow more hypercalls from stubdoms
2009-10-14 Keir Fraser 20306:b3c9f5f9532a stubdom pcilib: define endianness for minios
2009-10-14 Keir Fraser 20305:af81d6f73639 minios pcifront: translate physical into virtual addresses
2009-10-14 Keir Fraser 20304:bc6fe0a7622a pv-on-hvm: Adjust mkbuildtree to handle pv_ops header placement
2009-10-12 Keir Fraser 20303:5d779377a9ae x86: reduce the uses of CONFIG_COMPAT
2009-10-09 Keir Fraser 20302:18e80cd73366 x86: trust new architecturally-defined TSC Invariant bit on Intel systems
2009-10-09 Keir Fraser 20301:1593073ad670 x86: Fix build after ia64 grant-table build fix.
2009-10-09 Keir Fraser 20300:540721f1c0c1 xend: Fix VDI-VBD link for XenAPI
2009-10-09 Keir Fraser 20299:2a67c7e64582 blktap2: Check gcrypt library has MD5() function.
2009-10-09 Keir Fraser 20298:0f43f39ce6a9 Fix the IA64 build of the hypervisor.
2009-10-09 Keir Fraser 20297:0e6c04748fd2 xend: Fix bug in superpage flag handling
2009-10-08 Keir Fraser 20296:1d7221667204 Obtain Linux kernels via git-over-http
2009-10-08 Keir Fraser 20295:cac46b87a695 x86 tsc: Fix check_tsc_warp() bug and add copyright notice
2009-10-08 Keir Fraser 20294:a2ace77e9431 xsm: Correct the usage of XSM_ENABLE after c/s 20285.
2009-10-08 Keir Fraser 20293:c88ecbb1c445 Update QEMU_TAG to a05958b6e32f1748ea70b1efca13394956c0698b
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20292:729567f615c1 x86 shadow: Fix the build.
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20291:5cb466187e1f libxenctrl: Fix non-Linux definitions of xc_gnttab_map_table*().
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20290:42a53969eb7e Fix hypervisor crash with unpopulated NUMA nodes
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20289:e1cac8e4bdeb x86 shadow: fix the check for having killed the guest in the fault handler.
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20288:f9cbb5a274d6 libxenctrl: Build fix after gnttab_v2 changes.
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20287:8b4fa7d997b5 PVUSB: Update public header.
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20286:440d22c01652 x86 hvm: On failed hvm_send_assist_req(), io emulation state should be
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20285:30bfa1d8895d Scattered code arrangement cleanups.
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20284:f254f4a9a02c Tools-side support for creating and destroying netchannel2 interfaces.
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20283:47cf6033d2cc Transitive grant support.
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20282:ef9f401b32ca Implement sub-page grant support.
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20281:95ea2052b41b Introduce a grant_entry_v2 structure.
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20280:7d4f05a65d5a Rename the struct grant_entry to struct grant_entry_v1, so that it
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20279:9130b2b5dc99 Optimize memcpy for x86 arch. If source buffers does not start at a 64
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20278:0faa0b98256e Slightly more accurate dependency tracking for the .c and .h files in
2009-10-07 Keir Fraser 20277:c14b8d395c79 Simplify include/xen/grant_table.h a bit: