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2010-06-15 Nikola Nikov 7:b9279d8aaa76 Some cleaning
2010-06-15 Nikola Nikov 6:fa572caf2edc The interface template and the login part almost ready :)
2010-06-07 Nikola Nikov 5:3029bf4a2887 Tabs Design
2010-05-26 Nikola Nikov 4:1c27514d61a1 The submenus are ready
2010-05-24 Nikola Nikov 3:fdb07e066bc0 Some mercurial tests
2010-05-24 root 2:4857e0ca0450 some very basic things
2010-05-24 root 1:723e4abed581 test pushing
2010-05-24 David Scott 0:5cdb9a84f3d8 add README