age author revision description
2007-01-11 anthony 13297:c1978e601667 revert map cachedefault tip
2007-01-11 anthony 13296:84e3412e1216 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13295:0a4c615213ae merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13294:2b63f377b89f merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13293:f29ef6890397 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13292:310f44fb8b65 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13291:6d1d5955a165 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13290:432afcdc96f6 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13289:d7cbdae67809 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13288:17ebfab0dca9 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13287:9a22bb9822bb merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13286:a439bd9db01a merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13285:eb9ce69a00e1 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13284:38004b50a669 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13283:bb639c717786 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13282:a65acbab03c7 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13281:62ec318d99ee merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13280:510dc4e1e8fb merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13279:542f28cbf1e4 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13278:b66174ed4533 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13277:5f63678ae59d merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13276:1d04821c5db4 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13275:6e05d3dd4aa1 merge
2007-01-11 anthony 13274:3c4c1c1653fc merge
2007-01-09 anthony 13273:b766e46b92c6 merge
2007-01-03 anthony 13272:677ccffd22c8 merge
2007-01-02 anthony 13271:384a7d424fbb merge
2007-01-02 Ian Campbell 13270:886f7312257e [PV-on-HVM] blkfront: use %Lu instead of %llu to xenbus_gather.
2007-01-02 Ian Campbell 13269:9c028b3cdb55 Install hvm and arch-x86 subdirectories of xen/include/public
2007-01-02 Ewan Mellor 13268:71eadf04a1f9 Don't canonicalise the resource inside res_security_check if security is off.
2007-01-02 Ewan Mellor 13267:abcd545e7f4c Fix the error handling in acm.policy.
2007-01-02 Ewan Mellor 13266:7cd6c032689e Don't lose the image settings when rebooting domains. This fixes recent HVM
2007-01-02 Tim Deegan 13265:711c31232d71 [HVM] Don't set the shadow allocation to zero if the dom is still shadowed.
2006-12-31 kaf24 13264:4fc6ffff2ac5 [HVM] Change VCPU->LAPIC_ID mapping so that VCPU0 has ID0.
2006-12-31 kaf24 13263:dbddea768e29 [PV-ON-HVM] Update evtchn interface to match new PV Linux interfaces.
2006-12-30 kaf24 13262:d275951acf10 [LINUX] Extend the event-channel interfaces to provide helper methods
2006-12-30 kaf24 13261:63fb88610e1e [HVM] Rationalise OEM and Creator IDs and Table Revisions.
2006-12-30 kaf24 13260:a578c9703416 [HVM] Minor HPET fixes/ and cleanups.
2006-12-29 Ewan Mellor 13259:444315d1ca5a Resurrect cset 13174:766eec31afab, with one fix -- pass the fallback flag to
2006-12-29 Steven Hand 13258:974fb31dcbe9 (temporarily) revert cset 13174:766eec31afab since it seems to break 64-bit;
2006-12-29 Steven Hand 13257:baf59a93800f Revert cset 13181:f087c013cf12 since the event channel is already unbound via
2006-12-29 kaf24 13256:d5d5d3d491d8 Fix libxenstore library dependencies.
2006-12-29 kaf24 13255:89d4e80cd1b7 Explicitly use GNU msgfmt on non-GNU systems.
2006-12-29 kaf24 13254:f0e9c518d0ff [SOLARIS] Fix xentop build.
2006-12-29 Steven Hand 13253:25723963a6b6 Minor clean ups to shadow logdirty peek / clean.
2006-12-29 kaf24 13252:a8b2738a6f7f [HVM] Fix HPET timer to support 8-byte accesses, erroneous updates
2006-12-29 Steven Hand 13251:98271ea55d94 Remove unused #defines.
2006-12-29 Steven Hand 13250:62ef527eb19f Remove 'netbuf race' debug output - we get tons of these for ballooned
2006-12-28 Ewan Mellor 13249:c731c158f63c Remove a few more explicit type conversions, now that stringify is fixed.
2006-12-28 Ewan Mellor 13248:bfa793180cb9 Fix xmlrpclib2's stringify to cope with floats and longs, removing the need
2006-12-28 Ewan Mellor 13247:e2392741cb91 Improve the documentation of the set add/remove methods.
2006-12-28 kaf24 13246:f087c013cf12 [BLK] front: Fix free of event channel.
2006-12-28 kaf24 13245:ede2f5280810 [QEMU] Fix a number of signedness issues plus a typo in the version checking in vnc.c.
2006-12-28 kaf24 13244:a138fabc2120 [HVM][VMX] Fix regs set/get decoding in VMXAssist.
2006-12-28 Ewan Mellor 13243:615109616bb6 Add a 1-PIF-per-network limit.
2006-12-28 Ewan Mellor 13242:b175c2f19e0a Format Xen-API error messages nicely.
2006-12-28 kaf24 13241:91130d1e6006 Revert 13107:04c5f7b71ff4175ae387b93845bb4c83ffb5efa9.
2006-12-28 kaf24 13240:ce83c1896acc [HVM] Fix assumptions that ISA IRQ 0 connects to GSI 0.
2006-12-28 Ewan Mellor 13239:766eec31afab Added __repr__ implementation, initialise last_login_method to None, and
2006-12-28 Ewan Mellor 13238:3f24490932cd Cope if a VIF is not attached to a network.