age author revision description
2013-07-22 David Vrabel 150:24308507be1d xenalyze: indent multicall subcalls in dump-all viewdefault tip
2012-11-07 George Dunlap 149:71eeac989efc xenalyze: Make eip_list output more useful
2012-10-04 Boris Ostrovsky 148:2080678babbf xenalyze: Use correct length when copying record into buffer
2012-10-10 David Vrabel 147:c02cd0695011 xenalyze: decode PV_HYPERCALL_SUBCALL events
2012-10-10 David Vrabel 146:e9994d3d395e xenalyze: decode PV_HYPERCALL_V2 records
2012-10-03 George Dunlap 145:393e0ead61a5 xenalyze: Analyze populate-on-demand reclamation patterns
2012-10-03 George Dunlap 144:703cd2301a0a xenalyze: Handle 64-bit MMIO
2012-10-03 George Dunlap 143:344f6609af33 xenalzye: Also strip write bit when processing a generic event
2012-10-03 George Dunlap 142:6e0e841283e5 xenalyze: Make the warnigns in hvm_generic_postprocess more informative
2012-10-03 George Dunlap 141:3aad48bd6ca3 xenalyze: Don't warn about switching paging levels unless verbosity>=6
2012-10-03 George Dunlap 140:4ea8fb7197ff xenalyze: Process NPFs as generic for summary purposes
2012-10-03 George Dunlap 139:3230041f50a5 xenalyze: Add HVM_EVENT_VLAPIC
2012-06-20 George Dunlap 138:4d47a8934b40 xenalyze: Fix dump time calculation overflow
2012-06-07 George Dunlap 137:567396067e6c xenalyze: move struct record_info into a header
2012-06-07 George Dunlap 136:191bc979b511 xenalyze: correctly display of count of HW events
2012-06-07 George Dunlap 135:7dcb8448db25 xenalyze: update trace.h to match xen-unstable
2012-06-07 George Dunlap 134:e41484ced2cf xenalyze: Remove vestigal HW_IRQ trace records
2012-06-07 George Dunlap 133:b8b2899669c4 xenalyze: Remove decode of PV_UPDATE_VA_MAPPING
2012-06-07 George Dunlap 132:c9a17878546f xenalyze: automatically generate dependencies
2012-06-07 George Dunlap 131:8338ed390e01 xenalyze: add .hgignore
2012-01-26 George Dunlap 130:84d9c7ac3cbf xenalyze: Get rid of redundant hvm dump_header
2012-01-26 George Dunlap 129:f86ebfe66384 xenalyze: Introduce more efficient read mechanism
2012-01-26 George Dunlap 128:108d02354403 xenalyze: Eliminate unnecessary cycles_to_time calculation
2012-01-26 George Dunlap 127:4b3639bd3255 xenalyze: Rework math to remove two 64-bit divisions
2012-01-26 George Dunlap 126:0663e3e8f69d xenalyze: Enable -O2 optimization level
2012-01-26 George Dunlap 125:6772e9e46ab2 xenalyze: Remove --dump-cooked
2012-01-26 George Dunlap 124:2ab3da778828 xenalyze: Remove spurious dump_header construction
2012-01-26 George Dunlap 123:f8c3c44be309 xenalyze: Improve record-sorting algorithm
2012-01-12 Olaf Hering 122:d8c1c4df4535 xenalyze: Use long to cast into and out of pointers
2011-11-28 George Dunlap 121:223e8ad4c755 xenalyze: Make max_active_pcpu calculation smarter
2011-11-28 George Dunlap 120:b7d88a8858b7 xenalyze: Optimize pcpu_string
2011-11-28 George Dunlap 119:dab5ba28630a xenalyze: Enable more cr3 output
2011-11-28 George Dunlap 118:46c366d71c74 xenalyze: Sort cr3 enumerated values by start time
2011-11-28 George Dunlap 117:3c6da152c844 xenalyze: Add option to skip vga range in MMIO enumeration
2011-11-28 George Dunlap 116:c9f583c65e07 xenalyze: Handle MMIO records from different vmexits
2011-11-28 George Dunlap 115:910605f7ade3 xenalyze: Relocate pio and mmio enumaration structs to their own sub-struct
2011-11-28 George Dunlap 114:463ac7003722 xenalyze: Handle new hvm_event traces
2011-11-28 George Dunlap 113:844117c5a51e xenalyze: Introduce generic summary functionality
2011-11-28 George Dunlap 112:47d436ca14d1 xenalyze: Function-ize setting of h->post_process
2011-11-28 George Dunlap 111:6650e492be5d xenalyze: Reorganize cr trace handling
2011-11-28 George Dunlap 110:2e85d4c4042e xenalyze: Allow several summary handlers to register on a single vmexit
2011-10-07 George Dunlap 109:288573cb0f11 xenalyze: Get rid of all tabs in xenalyze.c
2011-10-07 George Dunlap 108:4833fe142a4f xenalyze: Handle new IRQ tracing
2011-10-07 George Dunlap 107:21e56bad8f2c xenalyze: Decrease verbosity
2011-10-07 George Dunlap 106:a2044b64720b xenalyze: Print exit reason number if no string is available
2011-10-07 George Dunlap 105:9a2c804a8a6f xenalyze: Fix minor summary issue
2011-10-07 George Dunlap 104:3556b140d851 xenalyze: Add string for TPR_BELOW_THRESHOLD
2011-07-20 George Dunlap 103:e11e13e66c62 xenalyze: Raise MAX_CPUS to 256 cpus.
2011-07-14 George Dunlap 102:405fc96c0ec2 xenalyze: Add --report-pcpu option to report physical cpu utilization.
2011-07-12 Olaf Hering 101:1d7a842aecc5 xenalyze: increase MAX_CPUS
2011-07-05 George Dunlap 100:275dd17a6a36 Handle RUNSTATE_INIT in domain_runstate calculation
2011-05-18 Olaf Hering 99:54ed57e63047 xenalyze: fix compile errors with gcc 4.6
2011-03-02 George Dunlap 98:df4a4a3e8a60 xenalyze: Unify setting of vcpu data type
2011-03-02 George Dunlap 97:3ef6e80faa45 xenalyze: Unify record size checks
2011-03-02 George Dunlap 96:cf2f412606b3 xenalyze: Fix cr3_switch not to access hvm struct before it's initialized
2011-01-17 George Dunlap 95:3448fc7df966 tracedata are units of u32, so make sure the sizeof() gets the correct
2011-01-17 George Dunlap 94:7be501228482 Add missing newline to fprintf.
2011-01-17 George Dunlap 93:b8eac6390baa George,
2010-12-07 George Dunlap 92:ea6076da8918 xenalyze: Add more vmx vmexit reasons
2010-12-01 George Dunlap 91:d8690ca24f39 xenalyze: Break down "runnable" into "wake" and "preempt"