age author revision description
2005-09-20 djm 38:cfff68042da8 Make multiple domains working again, howeverdefault tip
2005-09-15 djm 37:5eb8af90aeb5 Various fixes to catch up with xen-unstable
2005-09-14 djm 36:c9522a6d03a8 Merge in changes from latest xen-ia64-unstable and xen-unstable
2005-09-13 djm 35:abe9a30da70b Fix console startup for ia64
2005-09-13 djm 34:17d43b41a976 More catching up with xen-unstable
2005-09-13 djm 33:c1c5afd0a5cc Catch up xenia64_init with xen-unstable
2005-09-13 djm 32:b91f1670717c Implement all synch_xxx_bit as xxx_bit
2005-09-13 djm 31:793f85bd56cc Track core changes to synch_bitops.h and xenstored.h
2005-09-12 djm 30:4f9bce94ab52 xenbus driver was in inconsistent state when cloned. Updated.
2005-09-12 djm 29:76f22907b237 Add files missed on last commit
2005-09-12 djm 28:a2f9c1beb30d Update to latest xen drivers/includes (part 2a of 2)
2005-09-12 djm 27:5d59e5790176 Update to latest Xen drivers/public-includes (phase 1 of 2)
2005-09-07 djm 26:2dcba6cd96ed Catchup with core Xen drivers and xenbus/xenstore (thanks Kevin and John!)
2005-08-25 djm 25:c8c09ba4d98a Update to latest -unstable, xenbus/xenstore. Multiple domains known broken.
2005-08-24 djm 24:878494390c80 More complete cleanup for 'make clean'
2005-08-12 djm 23:84356b86adf0 Avoid manual copy of asm-xsi-offsets from Xen core
2005-08-12 djm 22:9f85481d7148 Update to latest version of upstream linux xen patch
2005-08-09 djm 21:3dcc6214c790 Ignore xen-public when committing
2005-08-09 djm 20:bd08594cd804 Use Xen's xen-public directory
2005-08-04 root 19:e02a6763767b Sync with xen-unstable drivers
2005-07-28 djm 18:702be27094f5 Fixes to accomodate VTi merge
2005-07-27 djm 17:c736df4cda03 Add default config file for Intel tiger boxes
2005-07-22 djm 16:8c7a3bbe1f08 Turn off virtual terminal configuration
2005-07-18 djm 15:0d245364bf19 Make privop.h "more symmetric" per linux patch feedback
2005-07-17 djm 14:6998eef13bf2 Catch up with xen-unstable (plus a few fixes)
2005-07-15 djm 13:f5bf4288df69 Handle NaTs properly for kernel exit
2005-07-14 djm 12:5dd79abad455 ia64_trace_syscall needs abstraction too because of internal branch
2005-07-13 djm 11:5fcf5a856e25 Oops, remove underscores for strace_leave_kernel
2005-07-08 djm 10:daca7aac5129 Oops, xen drivers weren't enabled in drivers/Makefile!
2005-07-07 djm 9:ea6d1ddcb5ed Added tag xenlinux-ia64-stable for changeset c173be3171a95395a354e4e5503a1212960c8763
2005-07-07 djm 8:c173be3171a9 Enable CONFIG_XEN=y by default (else config turns it off even if in .config)xenlinux-ia64-stable
2005-07-07 djm 7:9490df40420c More housekeeping
2005-07-07 djm 6:464c19e60cba hg housekeeping
2005-07-07 djm 5:6edda874e403 A couple more necessary misc changes
2005-07-07 djm 4:696427ba544d Week-old snapshot of ia64-specific version of xen/drivers
2005-07-07 djm 3:aa2cc6705eca Older snapshot of include/asm-xen/ header files with some ia64 changes
2005-07-07 djm 2:f5d7e82bffb1 Additional xen-specific non-driver files
2005-07-07 djm 1:33dfc322dc3b Patch for existing linux-2.6.12 to accomodate Xen/ia64
2005-07-07 djm 0:f0a52cbbf4b3 Official kernel.org linux-2.6.12