age author revision description
2015-06-23 Ian Jackson 23612:5fd7262c7d55 QEMU_TAG updatedefault tip
2014-06-17 Jan Beulich 23611:0b5f9c5aa640 page-alloc: scrub pages used by hypervisor upon freeing
2014-04-29 Jan Beulich 23610:cfac7fde3399 x86/HVM: restrict HVMOP_set_mem_type
2014-04-04 Joby Poriyath 23609:7e0492a6ed4d xen/pygrub: grub2/grub.cfg from RHEL 7 has new commands in menuentry
2014-03-25 Jan Beulich 23608:691f21b61f07 x86: enforce preemption in HVM_set_mem_access / p2m_set_mem_access()
2014-02-20 Jan Beulich 23607:9828556e0532 x86/AMD: work around erratum 793 for 32-bit
2014-02-12 Andrew Cooper 23606:67fb8b25d923 libxc: Fix out-of-memory error handling in xc_cpupool_getinfo()
2014-02-06 Jan Beulich 23605:3e351b176b67 flask: restrict allocations done by hypercall interface
2014-01-24 Jan Beulich 23604:b7cc6c51b150 x86: PHYSDEVOP_{prepare,release}_msix are privileged
2013-12-09 Liu Jinsong 23603:34f376d3a988 VMX: fix cr0.cd handling
2013-12-09 Liu Jinsong 23602:586a86b0f1b0 VMX: remove the problematic set_uc_mode logic
2013-12-09 Liu Jinsong 23601:f8d5e6a98266 VMX: disable EPT when !cpu_has_vmx_pat
2013-12-03 Jan Beulich 23600:5ae14868f3aa x86/AMD: work around erratum 793
2013-11-27 Jan Beulich 23599:78432a69097b x86/HVM: only allow ring 0 guest code to make hypercalls
2013-11-27 Jan Beulich 23598:edd9568451d5 x86: restrict XEN_DOMCTL_getmemlist
2013-11-25 Ian Jackson 23597:6f2ff7664f1b QEMU_TAG update
2013-11-04 Andrew Cooper 23596:51f76988ee4a gnttab: correct locking order reversal
2013-10-30 Ian Campbell 23595:703cd5e60a4d tools: xenstored: if the reply is too big then send E2BIG error
2013-10-10 Matthew Daley 23594:0be068be753d x86: check segment descriptor read result in 64-bit OUTS emulation
2013-09-30 Jan Beulich 23593:8aff8c102e4e x86: properly set up fbld emulation operand address
2013-09-30 Jan Beulich 23592:4df56976e4f1 x86: properly handle hvm_copy_from_guest_{phys,virt}() errors
2013-09-25 Jan Beulich 23591:d6bf657419ec x86/xsave: initialize unused register state when restoring for guest
2013-09-10 Jan Beulich 23590:89f894ff8f02 update Xen version to
2013-09-09 Ian Jackson 23589:e3eb305cb48d oxenstored: Fix process.ml build after 070ab4c50593
2013-09-09 Jan Beulich 23588:3fe556ec0d3c update Xen version to 4.1.6
2013-09-06 Jan Beulich 23587:f451777644ef AMD IOMMU: add missing check
2013-09-06 Jan Beulich 23586:c5d7017ba230 VT-d: warn about Compatibility Format Interrupts being enabled by firmware
2013-09-03 Ian Jackson 23585:e09d635867a6 pygrub: add Debian extlinux.conf path
2013-09-03 Ian Jackson 23584:ada4520db11d oxenstored: Protect oxenstored from malicious domains.
2013-08-27 Jan Beulich 23583:4305621f7546 update Xen version to 4.1.6-rc2
2013-08-22 Juergen Gross 23582:faf100e6349c Correct X2-APIC HVM emulation
2013-08-20 Tim Deegan 23581:0eb1ecfed701 xen: Add stdbool.h workaround for BSD.
2013-08-20 Tim Deegan 23580:6ddef9ea04d7 x86/time: fix check for negative time in __update_vcpu_system_time()
2013-08-20 Jan Beulich 23579:5daedab07a88 x86/MTRR: fix range check in mtrr_add_page()
2013-08-20 Jan Beulich 23578:53fc7d770e04 VT-d: protect against bogus information coming from BIOS
2013-08-20 Patrick Welche 23577:34f9920cf54d libelf: Fix typo in header guard macro
2013-08-16 Tim Deegan 23576:fd0546636402 x86: explicit suffix in inline assembler (for clang).
2013-08-08 Andrew Cooper 23575:1fbf6fd33f9b x86/time: Update wallclock in shared info when altering domain time offset
2013-08-08 Andrew Cooper 23574:2fa8b5305736 x86/cpuidle: Change logging for unknown APIC IDs
2013-08-08 Andrew Cooper 23573:1d97ec9ea691 x86/mm: Ensure useful progress in alloc_l2_table()
2013-07-19 Ian Jackson 23572:74545f55787c update Xen version to 4.1.6-rc1
2013-07-17 Daniel Kiper 23571:ecd0ba1e67a1 tools/debugger/kdd: Remove dependencies files during make clean
2013-07-17 Daniel Kiper 23570:d711d88e0ed8 tools/libfsimage: Fix clean and distclean make targets
2013-07-17 Ian Jackson 23569:38211f77ee55 QEMU_TAG update
2013-07-17 Marcel J.E. Mol 23568:7f818b4bdc6f pygrub/GrubConf: fix boot problem for fedora 19 grub.cfg (2nd attempt)
2013-07-11 Suravee Suthikulpanit 23567:92f436d36123 iommu/amd: Workaround for erratum 787
2013-07-11 Suravee Suthikulpanit 23566:018a4f167dce iommu/amd: Fix logic for clearing the IOMMU interrupt bits
2013-07-11 Jan Beulich 23565:6bc7f4b41611 x86: don't pass negative time to gtime_to_gtsc() (try 2)
2013-07-11 Andrew Cooper 23564:d655388ceec8 AMD/intremap: Prevent use of per-device vector maps until irq logic is fixed
2013-07-11 Jan Beulich 23563:8255f160091c libelf: fix printing of pointers
2013-07-11 Tim Deegan 23562:71f86ed92c86 x86/hvm: fix HVMOP_inject_trap return value on success
2013-07-11 Roger Pau Monn? 23561:48789a2a17bf x86/HVM: fix initialization of wallclock time for PVHVM on migration
2013-07-11 Zhenguo Wang 23560:f79c17289ed1 x86/HVM: fix x2APIC APIC_ID read emulation
2013-07-09 Jan Beulich 23559:ade37a459ed7 libxl: suppress device assignment to HVM guest when there is no IOMMU
2013-07-04 Aurelien Chartier 23558:cbb8a8b0cdd5 xsm/flask: Fix XSM support for HVMOP_track_dirty_vram
2013-06-27 Ian Jackson 23557:f154f24bef5a libxl: Restrict permissions on PV console device xenstore nodes
2013-06-27 Jan Beulich 23556:692871c68305 x86: fix emuirq regression from XSA-21 fix
2013-06-26 Jan Beulich 23555:5e4e382d3788 x86: fix page refcount handling in page table pin error path
2013-06-17 Roger Pau Monn? 23554:2da9f4421c9a x86/vtsc: update vcpu_time in hvm_set_guest_time
2013-06-17 Aravindh Puthiyaparambil 23553:a1bed5113361 x86/MCE: disable if MCE banks are not present