Xen Source Repositories

Welcome to xenbits — the Xen Project source and distribution server. You probably want to go to the download system to find links to the various Xen packages available. You can also find downloads of archived projects, logos, mascots and other resources on downloads.xenproject.org.

Xen Hypervisor

Source Reporitories

As of February 2013 Xen's source code is maintained using the git distributed version control system. Previously Xen was maintained using Mercurial and mirrors of the git trees are still maintained in Mercurial. More information on the available repositories is available on the Xen Repositories wiki page.

You can browse the repositories hosted on this server at:


XAPI Project

The source code for the XAPI Project is available on GitHub, which the project uses for development.

You can find a list of XAPI project repositories at

MirageOS Project

The Mirage OS project is a Xen project in incubation. The final location of source repositories is still being discussed. Please go to the Mirage OS project page for more information.



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